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Animal Welfare News & Blogs - February 2019

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Photos From Soi Dog Foundation's Post
28th Feb 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

My owner abandoned me in a locked house when he moved. My name is Pichai and the trauma of that experience still haunts me. Will you please sponsor me? >>> https://bit.ly/Sponsor_Pichai I am not very good with other dogs and my horrific past means that I do not trust people I don’t know. I will only allow one person here to walk me and I need a lot of time and patience before I will be ready for a home of my own. Soi Dog Foundation won’t give up on me but I need your help. Sadly, caring f...

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The Dodo
28th Feb 2019, by PetFinder.my

Heroes swim to flooded house where a dog's been stranded for a week.

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Updates On 28th Feb 2019
28th Feb 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

FLIGHT VOLUNTEERS WANTED! Are you travelling from Thailand (Phuket or Bangkok airports) to CHICAGO, U.S.A. in the coming months? Do you have a confirmed booking on Thai Airways, All Nippon Airways (ANA), China Airlines, Qatar, Asiana, JAL, EVA, Lufthansa, Aeroflot, Finnair, Swiss Air, Austrian Airlines,Air France or KLM? Please consider helping us get our adopted dogs and cats to their forever homes at no extra cost to you. Soi Dog handles all the paperwork and logistics; you just need to tur...

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Leo The Wildlife Ranger Animal Diaries - Smooth-Coated Otter
28th Feb 2019, by Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES)

As we commemorate World Wildlife Day this Sunday on 3 March, here is a snippet from the edutainment series that ACRES had helped to develop, Leo the Wildlife Ranger from Omens Studios! Here’s to raising awareness about animals among the little ones: https://bit.ly/2XsHbZj #WorldWildlifeDay #BeAnimalConscious

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Underwater Noise
28th Feb 2019, by WWF Malaysia

Whales use clicks, whistles and songs to locate food, raise calves, and find mates. Noise from oil and gas exploration and shipping makes life harder in Arctic seas. Help us protect Arctic whales from underwater noise - let their governments know you want a quieter ocean! http://panda.org/noise

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Thank You Very Much (February 2019 Donors)
28th Feb 2019, by AnimalCare

As far as the neutering aid is concerned, this month is the slowest moving month since we started in May 2009! Reasons for this, as reported earlier, could be due to (1) Chinese New Year, (2) the graduation of many long-time applicants and (3) the requirement for ear-notching for females. We have had to turn down quite a number of female animal claims this month because their applicants just assumed that leeway would be given to them for not notching the female animals’ ears (among the rea...

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Carl Safina: What Animals Are Thinking And Feeling, And Why It Should Matter
28th Feb 2019, by AnimalCare

Such an incredible and important talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wkdH_w luhw I have often been told not to anthropomorphise, but now, Prof Carl Safina, an ecologist and conservationist who has done extensive studies on animals, says, it is probably our best guess on how animals are feeling. Please listen to the whole talk.

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Updates On 28th Feb 2019
28th Feb 2019, by SPCA Selangor

Jailbreak! Someone's a smarty pants.... 😂 We have already locked Cameron's cage so he can't escape during the night but we can't help but be impressed. #lol #sweetescape

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Updates On 28th Feb 2019
28th Feb 2019, by SPCA Selangor

This is April (Aiko's sibling), 4-5 years old. A very friendly dog who will not stop trying to get your attention. April also loves to be petted and will come cuddle next to you. She is very protective of her sister, Aiko. ____________________ SPONSOR-A-DOG @ RM90/MONTH Please sponsor our longer-staying dogs who have been here for 2+ years like April, and are still waiting for new families and homes! Donate securely online via credit card/ direct banking: bit.ly/DonateSPCASelangor **Please ...

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Crazy Creatures
28th Feb 2019, by PetFinder.my

These animals have beauty, brains, and especially brawn. And they are certainly stronger than your average body builder.

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Good News! The Return Of Our Vaccination Aid!
28th Feb 2019, by AnimalCare

Good news for all feeders and rescuers of street animals in Malaysia! We are restarting our Vaccination Aid on 1st March 2019! We had this before, but had to close it in December 2014 due to the overwhelming number of neutering claims. It’s back now! For details, please refer to the policy page: www.myanimalcare.org/vacc/. Applicants are eligible to claim a maximum of RM25 each for the 1st and 2nd vaccinations of their animals, up to 3 animals per week, subject to fund availability. T...

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Photos From Soi Dog Foundation's Post
28th Feb 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Robinson’s story: A journey in photos… These pictures speak volumes. They are a powerful reminder of the difference a small monthly gift can make. Will you please join other animal lovers in saving more suffering animals like Robinson? Please pledge what you can at https://bit.ly/Saving_Robinson Can you believe that someone stabbed this beautiful boy? His suffering was truly horrific, as can be seen in the first few pictures. He was in a world of pain when found lying in the street, a wou...

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February Super Six Arrive!
28th Feb 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Just a few days ago, the 'Super 6' arrived in the UK & were met by their excited new mums & dads. Lucky dogs Cadillac, Manoga, Sanika, Yob, Melah, and Mositoe made the epic journey across the globe, travelling all the way from Thailand to their new loving homes. From the streets of Phuket to lush lives in the UK, it is clear the long trip was well worth it. Nothing makes us happier to see dogs that have suffered in the past, now living the lives they so deserve. Thank you to everyone that made...

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Join The Care For Cats Club To Help Homeless Cats!
28th Feb 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Without people like you, thousands of cats in Thailand would be left to suffer from illness, malnutrition, and injuries caused by road accidents or cruelty. If you love cats, please go to https://bit.ly/help-cats-now to join the Care for Cats Club now. Your membership will provide medical treatment and shelter for cats with nowhere else to turn. Please go to https://bit.ly/help-cats-now to join now. Without you, these cats will suffer on the streets, never having known a kind touch. Please giv...

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'Frozen And Unresponsive' Cat Brought Back To Life By Veterinarians In Montana - Geek.com
27th Feb 2019, by PetFinder.my

An “essentially frozen and unresponsive” cat found completely buried under a mountain of snow has been brought back to life.

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Adopt Mooouan!
27th Feb 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Mooouan is one of the many dogs who are injured from road traffic accidents each year. Fortunately for her, she is one of the lucky ones! She survived and has been given a second chance at life. This beautiful girl has braved two surgeries and is on her way to a full recovery. While Mooouan works hard to get back to her normal self, she is hoping to find her furever home. At just over a year old, she has a whole life ahead of her. Can you help us make sure her life is filled with the endless l...

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“Vincent Has Perked Up” (says The Vet!)
27th Feb 2019, by AnimalCare

Let’s start the story from this morning. Just like yesterday, Vincent wanted to eat, but the pain from the mouth and tongue ulcers must be preventing him from eating. Last night I tried very hard to recall what was it that turned him around in July/August 2018 when his mouth ulcers were SO bad (like craters on the moon) and he lost weight until less than 2.5kg. Then, I remembered! It was the painkiller (cream applied on the inside of the ear) – Tramadol! So I quickly texted the vet ...

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Photos From SPCA Singapore's Post
27th Feb 2019, by SPCA Singapore

SPCA DOGS FEATURED IN EXPAT LIVING SG Isn't Yora (the dog pictured) just so adorable? She is available for adoption, so you can find out more about her and four of our lovely dogs featured in Expat Living Singapore's March 2019 issue, which also happens to be their 200th issue! A huge congratulations to Expat Living Singapore! Grab your copy at newsstands, or online now: expatliving.sg/el-shop/. - *Image of magazine credit to Expat Living Singapore Facebook page.

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Kementerian Tenaga, Sains, Teknologi, Alam Sekitar Dan Perubahan Iklim (MESTECC)
27th Feb 2019, by WWF Malaysia

Hot weather is expected until the end of March 2019 during the end of the Northeast Monsoon. The reduction in rainfall causes an increase in hot and dry weather. The public are advised to be cautious when doing outdoor activities. Don't practice open burning. Drink enough water.

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Updates On 27th Feb 2019
27th Feb 2019, by SPCA Selangor

Back to the hustle! Finally the human slaves are back to clean my litter box! Enough slack!!! *whiplash 铲屎官放假回来ler! 偷懒够了继续铲屎吧你! Adoption is available for all our animals from Tuesday to Sunday 10am-4pm. 我们星期二至日(早上十点至下午四 点)都开放领养。

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