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Animal Welfare News & Blogs - April 2019

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Kota Damansara Community Forest Society's Cover Ph..
25th Apr 2019, by Roots & Shoots Malaysia

The mission of the Kota Damansara Community Forest Society is to engage and involve members of the community to become advocates and volunteers for the protection and joint management of the Kota Damansara Forest Reserve, and to promote safe and responsible hiking and forest use 🌳. Our goal is to equip participants with the skills, knowledge and hands-on experience for #goingbeyondawareness and becoming protectors and allies of community forests and urban green lungs 🌿🌍 🌱 Apply here...

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Neutering Aid For 1 Cat In Kepong (Wong Kun Tai’s)
25th Apr 2019, by AnimalCare

We have provided an aid of RM60 for the neutering of this cat. Ms Agnes Wong is a new applicant. Dear Dr Chan, TATO is a stray cat living around my apartment and I have been feeding him over a year. I am going to move out the apartment soon so now I decided to send him to neutering. After nuetering i will keep feeding him until I move out, and already arranging another Aunty to feeding him and other cats afterwards. Kindly find the below attachments for reference. Sincerely, Agnes

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Happy World Penguin Day This Day Is Celebrated On ..
25th Apr 2019, by Roots & Shoots Malaysia

Happy World Penguin Day ! 😊 This day is celebrated on the 25th of April as this is around the time when the penguins start their northward migration. Penguins are flightless aquatic birds and they have a striking colour as a matter of camouflage. Penguins are also considered the fastest swimming of all birds and the deepest divers of all bird species ! 🐧 Let’s honor these incredible species with their own special day by taking the time to know more about these cute creatures ❣ #Worl...

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Tanah Bencah Setiu Telah Diwartakan Sebagai Taman ..
25th Apr 2019, by WWF Malaysia

Tanah Bencah Setiu telah diwartakan sebagai Taman Negeri yang pertama di Terengganu pada tahun 2018.🤗 Tahukah anda, advokasi untuk pewartaan ini telah memakan masa selama 22 tahun? ⏳ WWF-Malaysia pertama kali mengusulkan agar ia dilindungi sepenuhnya pada tahun 1996.👨‍🏫👩‍🏫 #SetiuWetlands #tswet c #GanuKite #SetiuDihatiku #Connect2Earth #Togethe rPossible

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If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To G..
25th Apr 2019, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

一个人能走很快,但一群人能走很远〠‚ If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. (Eng version below) 这是这次五条港下乡结扎的义工 团队 - å…½åŒ»ã€ä¹‰å·¥ã€å½“åœ°å±…æ°‘ï¼Œæ¯ä¸ªäººéƒ½æ˜¯ä¸ €ä¸ªé½¿è½®ï¼Œå°‘一个都不行 大家请假的请假、关店的关店,来自 ä¸åŒåœ°åŒºé½èšä¸€å ‚ï¼Œä¸æ”¶å–åˆ†æ¯«ä¸ºæµªæµ ªå‡ºåŠ›ï¼ŒçœŸçš„再多的感谢都不够 🙏 #下次下乡结扎希望也有你的参与 ..............................

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Bola, Hero Sushi For Adoption Puchong. 3 Extremely..
25th Apr 2019, by PetFinder.my

Bola, Hero & Sushi For Adoption — Puchong https://PetFinder.my/pets/93435 3 extremely adorable and affectionate pups that will flourish your day with love! These active and intelligent siblings are eager for new homes. Adopt a loyal lifetime companion now!

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Thank You To The Ministry Of Water, Land And Natur..
25th Apr 2019, by WWF Malaysia

Thank you to the Ministry of Water, Land and Natural Resources for supporting the Malayan Tiger Run. http://www.wwf.org.my/malayan_tiger_run_2019/

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Ketua Pasukan Air Tawar Wwf-Malaysia, Datin Daria ..
25th Apr 2019, by WWF Malaysia

Ketua Pasukan Air Tawar WWF-Malaysia, Datin Daria Mathew, berucap selaku Ketua Juri T-SWetC. Di sini beliau berkongsi aspirasi dan harapannya untuk bakal saintis dan pemimpin negara di kalangan para peserta kem tanah bencah ini. #SetiuWetlands #tswetc #GanuKite #SetiuDihat iku #Connect2Earth #TogetherPossible

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We Are So Excited For Sembangwwf 2019 Happening Th..
25th Apr 2019, by WWF Malaysia

We are so excited for #Sembangwwf 2019 happening this weekend! Check our events page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/2408015959229077/

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Ispca Has Recently Represented Malaysia To Attend ..
25th Apr 2019, by SPCA Ipoh

ISPCA has recently represented Malaysia to attend the Animal Protection Forum in Taiwan. The main agenda of the forum is to encourage further enforcement of laws in protecting stray dogs and to stop dog-eating in the world. In Asia, there are approximately more than 30 million dogs that are killed and eaten, and based on the data obtained, about 70% of these are pet dogs which are stolen. In Taiwan, this matter is seriously taken care by government and in 2017, Taiwan government has already adde...

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Understand Where Your Food Comes From And Do Your ..
25th Apr 2019, by WWF Malaysia

Start a sustainability team ♻️ - be it your family members at home 🏠, your friends at school 🚸, or your colleagues at work ⚙️. Together we can do so much! 💪 Going green doesn't have to be done alone. #Connect2Earth #EarthDay Take the complete challenge: https://lp.panda.org/30-day-challenge

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Share The Good News. Spot Vaccination At Green Hei..
25th Apr 2019, by SPCA Sarawak

🙏 SHARE the GOOD NEWS 🤩 Spot Vaccination at Green Height Mall! 🐶💉 🗓 Date: 26th April 2019 (Friday) ⏰ Time: 9:00am - 6:00pm Thanks to the Green Height & Borneo Garden Neighbourhood Commitee (GHBG).

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Elephants Are The Latest Wildlife Species To Face ..
25th Apr 2019, by Roots & Shoots Malaysia

“As of today, there are an estimate of 1,100 elephants remaining in Malaysia “ “With the Sumatran rhino extinct, which animal would be next? The ball is in your court, Malaysia. “

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Microplastics Are Raining Down From The Sky
25th Apr 2019, by PetFinder.my

Microplastics are raining down from the sky.

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Nampaknya Adik-Adik Yang Menyertai Terengganu's Se..
25th Apr 2019, by WWF Malaysia

Nampaknya adik-adik yang menyertai Terengganu's Setiu Wetlands Camp (T-SWetC) agak sibuk pagi ini menyiapkan buku skrap masing-masing. 💪 Kem yang berlangsung selama tiga hari dua malam ini dianjurkan oleh WWF-Malaysia dan @psktofficial dengan sokongan Jabatan Pendidikan Terengganu. Ia melibatkan seramai 80 orang pelajar dan 19 orang guru pengiring daripada 19 buah sekolah menengah di Terengganu.👨‍🎓👩‍🎓 Majlis penutupan pada petang ini akan disempurnakan oleh YB Dr Haji Alias ...

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25th Apr 2019, by SPCA Selangor

Repost from Cellnique Paramedical: Cellnique created DNA12 to address the lack of high quality, fair-pricing, an anti-aging product that is completely vegan. We know that you'll love it as much as we do. On top of that, Cellnqiue will donate RM 5 for every trail kit sold to fund SPCA's projects. Support us @ http://bit.ly/2DhppzL #Cellnique #SPCA #DNA12 #BeautyWithoutCruelty #CrueltyFree #VeganSkinCare

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Test Your Environmental Knowledge On Dooit Live Th..
25th Apr 2019, by WWF Malaysia

Test your environmental knowledge on Dooit Live this week. Trivia: Did you know we used to have 3,000 Malayan tigers in Malaysia in the 1950s? Now, we have less than 200. 😢 It is time we do something - let’s start with supporting conservation efforts! 🐅 This Global Tiger Day in July, lend your voice and #Roar4Life with us at the Malayan Tiger Run 2019. Register: http://www.wwf.org.my/malayan_tiger_run_2019/ 🏃‍♀🐯 #jomdooit #EarthDayErrDay #EarthDay #TheMalayanTigerProject #W...

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Photos From Soi Dog Foundation's Post
25th Apr 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Just when you think you’ve seen it all… WARNING- distressing images! Sometimes we’re lost for words. Julian and Rojor were only weeks old when they arrived at our shelter. They have been subjected to incomprehensible cruelty that truly defies belief. One evening, a kind lady was walking home and heard the unmistakable sound of puppies crying. It did not take long for her to search and find four defenseless and severely injured pups. To her disbelief, someone had inflicted deliberate cuts...

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Updates On 25th Apr 2019
25th Apr 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

LAST CHANCE TO VOTE! Soi Dog Foundation is a finalist in the Charity Film Awards with a short film featuring the very special Molido. The winning films will be chosen by a panel of judges, but the People's Choice Award is decided by people like you! Voting closes at midnight on April 25th (UK time). To vote for Soi Dog Foundation now, please go to https://www.charityfilmawards.com/videos/a-story-o f-hope If you have previously registered to vote, you will be asked to log in with the email ad...

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Here's How You Can Have Your Donation Doubled!
24th Apr 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Donate now and have your donation doubled, meaning it goes twice as far to help suffering animals! A kind supporter has pledged to double all donations made to fund the new Humane Education Centre at the Soi Dog shelter. But only the first US$25,000 will be matched so please donate now to ensure your donation is matched and has twice the impact! Click below to read more and make your donation. Thank you.

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