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Animal Welfare News & Blogs - October 2019

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Meet Ruby, Aka New Girl. Ruby Was Abandoned At The..
27th Oct 2019, by Langkawi Animal Shelter & Sanctuary Foundation

Meet Ruby, aka New Girl. Ruby was abandoned at the shelter last month by a Langkawi resident. Our shelter is full so she would be the ideal candidate for adoption. She has been neutered, is friendly, young and very energetic! Can you give Ruby a loving home? Please contact us for more details ✨

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Kejamnya... [metrotv]
27th Oct 2019, by Malaysia Animal Association

Insiden video seorang pemuda beri beruk minum arak kini mendapat perhatian Jabatan Perlindungan Hidupan Liar dan Taman Negara Semenanjung Malaysia (PERHILITAN) Negeri Perak. Animal Malaysia mengucapkan terima kaseh kepada seluruh rakyat negeri Perak terutama di kawasan Bidor atas maklumat pelaku, pemilik beruk dan alamat kediaman tempat beruk disimpan. Seluruh warga pencinta haiwan di Malaysia harap sang beruk dapat keadilan mengikut peruntukkan Akta Pemuliharaan Hidupan Liar 2010. Satu siasa...

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Digi Deepavali 2019
27th Oct 2019, by PetFinder.my

May the light of kindness inspire all of us. Happy Deepavali! ❤️

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A 4th Shelter To Be Included And It’s All About Gratitude
27th Oct 2019, by AnimalCare

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s announcement: https://myanimalcare.org/2019/1 0/26/to-all-donors-an-important-announcement/ We would like to further elaborate on why the initial three shelters were chosen and now, a fourth one will be included in our stopgap to use up excess funds. Through the years, these four shelters have helped us before and we are very grateful for their unconditional goodwill. Now that we have excess funds, we would very much like to reciprocate their kindnes...

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May This Festival Of Lights Bring You And Your Fam..
27th Oct 2019, by SPCA Selangor

May this festival of lights bring you and your family blessings and joy! Happy Deepavali from all of us at SPCA Selangor!

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Kangaroo Evades Rescue Attempts
27th Oct 2019, by PetFinder.my

This kangaroo just wants to go for a swim 😂

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May The Lights Of Diwali, Fills Your Home With Wea..
27th Oct 2019, by Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia

“May the lights of Diwali, fills your home with wealth, happiness and everything that brings you joy.” Happy Deepavali and happy long holidays to all!

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Roots Shoots Malaysia Wishes All Of You A Happy An..
27th Oct 2019, by Roots & Shoots Malaysia

Roots & Shoots Malaysia wishes all of you a Happy and Blessed Deepavali! 🎆 With the oil lamps, colourful kolams and bright fireworks, we hope that the Festival of Lights guides you to goodness and contentment in life 💖

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Photos From Soi Dog Foundation's Post
27th Oct 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Karina has been stealing people’s hearts since 2016. Found on the streets with an injured back leg and wounds in her mouth, Karina was struggling to survive on the street. Luckily, someone called Soi Dog and she was brought in for treatment. Despite her funny stance and wobbly walk, she has since made a full recovery and is no longer in any pain. Karina is still looking for her furever home, will you let her wobble into your heart? A kind supporter has given her some much needed hope by dona...

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Photos From Soi Dog Foundation's Post
26th Oct 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Living on the streets was awful. I had no one to care for me and every day was a struggle to find shelter and food. One day I was hit by a car. Thankfully, a kind lady found me and brought me to Soi Dog. My name is Tana Chard, and I'm looking for a sponsor. Will you be a very special person and fund my ongoing care? Please go to https://bit.ly/Sponsor-Tana-Chard to sign up to sponsor me. Sadly, my leg couldn’t be saved, and this traumatic experience has left me scared of people. I’ve ne...

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Stealing The Carrots.
26th Oct 2019, by PetFinder.my

This carrot is mine now, thank you. 🥕

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100 Volunteers Volunteering Event Eng Version Belo..
26th Oct 2019, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

100 Volunteers Volunteering Event (eng version below) 今天的【百人义工活动】成功进 ~ 👊 最近园区天天都很热闹 🐶🐱😊 除了帮狗狗们用沐浴露洗澡 今天义工们也帮忙清理猫咪的房间、 遛狗、打扫,辛苦你们了 ❤ 非常感激拉美士青狮会和新山城市青 狮会的爱心发起和主办,非常感激所 参与的百人义工们 青狮会目前帮园 筹获了60包15KG狗粮 (感恩),筹粮食活动继续到这个...

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Updates On 26th Oct 2019
26th Oct 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Can you help an adopted dog get home? Are you travelling from Thailand (Phuket or Bangkok airports) to NEW YORK, U.S.A. in the coming months? Do you have a confirmed booking on Korean Air,Thai Airways, All Nippon Airways (ANA), China Airlines, Qatar, Asiana, JAL, EVA, Lufthansa, Aeroflot, Finnair, Swiss Air, Austrian Airlines,Air France or KLM? Please consider helping us get our adopted dogs and cats to their forever homes at no extra cost to you. Soi Dog handles all the paperwork and logisti...

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To All Donors (an Important Announcement)
26th Oct 2019, by AnimalCare

Updated on 27th Oct 2019:  To all our dear donors, As already announced previously, there has been a significant reduction in neutering claims since March 2019 and there seems to be a downward trend. So, we are now channeling our excess funds to support the following four shelters with petfood:PAWS, Petaling Jaya Mun Mun Furry Sanctuary, Bestari JayaImm’s Shelter, IpohCK Shelter, Hulu Selangor  We would also like to announce that since we have enough reserve funds to provide for ...

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Indy’s Food Trials
26th Oct 2019, by AnimalCare

The quest continues… Indy has been back on ID ever since his loose stools started again. But this afternoon, things took a turn for the worse. Right after a lunch of ID, Indy went straight to the sandpit and passed out a patch of very thick brown liquid. It reminds me of how we sometimes get diarrhoea where whatever we eat, the gut just rejects it and everything comes out. So, that’s it with ID.  No more. After about an hour, I steamed some chicken fillet with soup for him. Of ...

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Sesi Casting Oleh Pelajar-Pelajar Jurusan Diploma ..
26th Oct 2019, by Malaysia Animal Association

Sesi Casting oleh pelajar-pelajar jurusan Diploma Filem Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Puncak Perdana bersama Presiden Animal Malaysia Arie Dwi Andika. Tajuk filem diskusi berdurasi 15 minit adalah "KUCING BUKAN HAIWAN MAKANAN". Filem diskusi ini akan menyertai Festival Filem Universiti dan semoga banyak mesej kesedaran melindungi haiwan akan sampai kepada generasi pelajar di peringkat universiti atau kolej sebagai kesinambungan generasi bertamadun yang menyantuni haiwan. Animal Malaysia a...

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The Princess And The Pea And The Queen
26th Oct 2019, by AnimalCare

Doesn’t this remind you of your childhood fairy tale of the Princess and the Pea? “The leg”. The Queen’s leg, of course.

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Hi. Anyone Has A Potential Cat For Blood Donor?. A..
26th Oct 2019, by MDDB & MCCP Penang

Hi. Anyone has a potential cat for blood donor? An owner needs a donor cat. Currently her cat is at Pet Wellness Vet Clinic in Mak Mandin. If anyone can help, pls contact her directly, Emira 013-457 2249 or contact Pet Wellness for arrangement.

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英国大自然探险队访挽华 学环保与文化交流长知识|中國報
26th Oct 2019, by Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia

A short write-up about the recent programme between students from SJKC Chukai and Longfield Academy, UK. The 17-member team, led by Tom Tuckwood of Venture Force Expedition, participated in our 5D4N Nature Discovery Trip, and we brought them to the school for a little cultural exchange session :) We ended up making 9 sets of ecobricks stools too!

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2019 Ispca 世界动物日 (park 1)
26th Oct 2019, by SPCA Ipoh

ISPCA 亲子宠物大冒险 日期 : 2019年10月20日(星期日) 地点 : Bandar Seri Botani Eco Park 2, Ipoh Its World Animal Day! ISPCA is organising a wonderful event for both pets and family to join and have fun together. Parent/owner will have to search for treasure located around the park with their children/pets, and play a series of games in order to achieve game points. The higher your score, the better the prize! 配合世界动物日,ISPCA (怡保防止虐畜协会) 举办一...

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