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Animal Welfare News & Blogs - January 2020

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When She Was Only Days Old, Dreambun Was Dumped. P..
31st Jan 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

Her name is Dreambun. She’s been living at the Soi Dog shelter since she was found dumped on the street with her mother and siblings. She was just days old. Will you sponsor her? https://bit.ly/Yes_I_Will_Sponsor_Dreambun Dreambun is all grown up now, but the trauma of those early days on the streets remains. She finds it difficult to trust humans. If you get too close or make her feel threatened, she might even bite you. All this means that our little girl is not yet ready to be adopted. ...

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These Family Of Dogs Lives In Perfect Harmony.
31st Jan 2020, by PetFinder.my

This family lives in perfect harmony!

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Police Dog Finds Wedding Ring Thrown Out In Rage
31st Jan 2020, by PetFinder.my

A police dog tracked down a wedding ring thrown out by a man after a row with his wife. 😄

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We Received A Message From A Group Of Foreigners T..
31st Jan 2020, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

We received a message from a group of foreigners that some puppies are in need of homes. The visitors, from Europe, had visited SPCA Selangor and found these puppies. They say given that SPCA is a kill shelter, they feared the puppies would be euthanised. They have given MDDB RM500 to go towards the puppies vaccinations when they are adopted. We assured them that SPCA Selangor would not put these beautiful puppies to sleep. Since we have the RM500, we are urging people to adopt these puppies. Pl...

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Soi Dog Foundation's Cover Photo
31st Jan 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

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Thank You Very Much (January 2020 Donors)
31st Jan 2020, by AnimalCare

As always, it’s time to thank all donors for supporting us in our efforts to help animals. To all applicants of our neutering and vaccination aid, we thank you for embracing and practising One-Street CNRM as this is the most compassionate and sustainable method to stabilise street animal colonies while ensuring that the neutered animals are well cared for. Please remember to keep it small and manageable so that you do not burn out. Caring is for life. This month’s neutering...

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Neutering Aid For 2 Dogs In Cheras Jaya (Ng Choy Har’s) & Updates
31st Jan 2020, by AnimalCare

We have provided an aid of RM300 for the neutering of these 2 dogs. I would like to apply for neutering aid, please see below little write-up about them. 2 stray female I am feeding them nearby Cheras Jaya, they are friendly and allowed me to touch them. After getting their trust, I have sent them to neuter. After recovered, I have release them back to the original spot and I will still continue to feed them. Attached of their photo before and after neuter. Previous dogs: Adopted. Photos sho...

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Please Help To Find This Cat By Sharing. If You St..
31st Jan 2020, by TNRM Malaysia

Please help to find this cat by sharing. If you stay around the clinic in Putra Perdana Puchong. Please be on the lookout for this cat. Thank you.

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Putra Perdana Puchong Neutering Project - We Went ..
31st Jan 2020, by TNRM Malaysia

Putra Perdana Puchong Neutering Project - We went back to Putra Perdana on Wednesday and manage to catch these two cats for neutering. That makes the total number of cats neutered from this area alone to 19 and counting. We need your help to sponsor their neutering costs. Please comment or pm us if you can sponsor. We’d really appreciate it. 1. Female cat Rm235. 2. Male cat Rm215. Account name : TRAP NEUTER RELEASE MANAGE SOCIETY OF KUALA LUMPUR AND SELANGOR. MAYBANK Account Number 512...

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Wwf Statement In Support Of Chinas Temporary Ban O..
31st Jan 2020, by WWF Malaysia

WWF Statement in support of China’s temporary ban on wild animal trade over suspected link to Coronavirus: We are deeply saddened by the loss of lives through the Coronavirus outbreak and our thoughts are with the families who have lost loved ones, or who are sick. The Chinese National Forest & Grassland Administration (NFGA) has recently deployed a series of epidemic prevention and control measures. And we welcome the announcement by the NFGA and relevant departments in China to implement a s...

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Happy Thaipusam From Our Furry Friends. Please Be ..
31st Jan 2020, by PAWS

Happy Thaipusam from our furry friends! ✨ . Please be informed that the shelter will be closed for Thaipusam on Saturday (8th February 2020). We will be open as usual on Sunday (9th February 2020). . Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience caused. . . #paws #pawspj #animal #animals #adoption #petrescue #adoptdontshop #opttoadopt #nonprofitorganization #cat #cats #dog #dogs #sheltercat #sheltercats #shelterdog #shelterdogs #pet #pets #stray #strays #catsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #straysof...

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Good Morning Piggies!
31st Jan 2020, by PetFinder.my

Watch these adorable piggies come out of their room to explore the sanctuary's barnyard! 🐷

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Thats My Spot. For Now ;. Hawkeye The Endangered F..
31st Jan 2020, by Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES)

THAT’S MY SPOT! For now ;) Hawkeye the endangered Forsten’s Tortoise easily relates to the Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, and it may just be some of us too! Hawkeye is always found at her favourite hiding spot of her enclosure. It is the perfect spot to receive sunlight for a few hours AND take shelter during heavy downpours. Because it is a trench, her spot offers her optimal cooling temperatures from the heat and exclusive private space from caregivers. But it won’t be her...

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Libby Knows This To Be Purr-Fectly True. P.s. This..
31st Jan 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

Libby knows this to be purr-fectly true! P.S.: This little girl is now available for adoption. Click here to learn more about this lovely one-and-a-half year old: https://www.soidog.org/adopt/libby-1837

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Flight Volunteers Wanted. Are You Booked To Fly Fr..
31st Jan 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

Flight volunteers wanted! Are you booked to fly FROM Thailand to Canada, the U.S. or Europe? We have a number of rescued animals that have been adopted and are waiting to get to their forever homes. Can YOU help us get them there by being a FLIGHT VOLUNTEER? We organise everything and there is NO COST to you. Previous flight volunteers have described it as the most rewarding experience of their lives! If you are travelling FROM Thailand on BOOKED tickets with Thai Airways, Qatar, JAL, EVA, ...

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Pole’s News
31st Jan 2020, by AnimalCare

Yesterday, I finally managed to get Pole to eat her raw food again. Maybe enough time has passed for her to associate the smell of Cubgrub and Coco&Joe’s with the pain in her mouth. She will finish her antibiotics today and since she is able to eat normally, I don’t think a trip to the vet’s is necessary at this juncture. Meanwhile, I am giving Pole Orozyme 1-2 times daily with the hope that it can soften the tartar.

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Sweet Chalerm Came To Us With A Maggot Wound Aroun..
31st Jan 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

Sweet Chalerm came to us with a maggot wound around his neck caused by owner negligence – unintended cruelty we’ve been able to save him from, thanks to our wonderful supporters. Unfortunately, we have noted an uptick in these troubling cases recently. Will you please pledge a small monthly donation to help us care for Chalerm and abused animals like him, and to educate more people so we will hopefully see fewer of these awful occurrences? https://emergency.soidog.org/ert Chalerm had a w...

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This Older Blind Lady Has Suffered So Much. Will Y..
30th Jan 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

My name is Fairytale - but sadly, my life has been anything but. I arrived here severely malnourished and bleeding from my nose and mouth. I am also blind. Will you please sponsor me? https://bit.ly/Sponsor_Fairytale The vets here said I had many health problems. Weak and dehydrated, I could barely stand. I had muscle wastage in both my hind legs and a deformity of the spine. I am doing so much better now, having received the medical treatment and care I needed. But I am an older lady and my...

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Doris Hasn't Regained Trust In Humans After All She's Been Through. Please Help By Sponsoring Her!
30th Jan 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

Her name is Doris. When she was just weeks old, she was snatched from her mother and thrown over the wall of a Soi Dog volunteer’s house. Will you please sponsor her? https://bit.ly/Yes_I_Will_Sponsor_Doris The trauma of that early separation and abandonment still haunts Doris to this day. Sadly, she remains very fearful of humans. She is curious and will sometimes approach a person, but if they move, Doris is spooked and runs away. She needs a lot of time, love, and patience before being re...

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Teeny Tiny Baby Mouse Grows Up To Be A Boss
30th Jan 2020, by PetFinder.my

Teeny tiny baby mouse grows up to be a boss!

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