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Animal Welfare News & Blogs - September 2020

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Thanks To Your Wonderful Support, Soi Dog Canadas ..
30th Sep 2020, by Soi Dog Foundation

Thanks to your wonderful support, Soi Dog Canada’s Mutt March ended with a BANG! 🎆 The virtual fundraiser "Mutt March - Shake It Off" met their group target but you can continue to help raise much needed funds on John Dalley’s individual fundraiser here: https://links.soidog.org/donate-and-save-lives Th e remarkable story of Soi Dog rescue Calvyn captured the hearts of many kind and generous animal lovers. It’s not too late to make a difference. We need your help to gets dogs like Cal...

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Please Share Widely. Thank You. More Puppies Looki..
30th Sep 2020, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY. THANK YOU. More puppies looking for homes. We have 35 puppers with us at the moment. Please share as widely as possible. MDDB ADOPTION DRIVE DATE: SUNDAY, OCT 4 VENUE: THE SQUARE, JAYA ONE, JALAN 13/6, PETALING JAYA. TIME: 11.00AM TO 6.00PM SEE YOU THERE.

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Dog Is Really, Really, Really Into Water
30th Sep 2020, by PetFinder.my

This dog absolute loves the water! Does your dog get as excited? 😆

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Repost Janegoodallinst. Welcome To Ig Davidattenbo..
30th Sep 2020, by Roots & Shoots Malaysia

#Repost @janegoodallinst ・・・ Welcome to IG @davidattenborough. It's a pleasure to be in your company to share the wonders of this world and the urgent need to protect them. Instagram family, how will you join JGI, Dr. Goodall, and David Attenborough in speaking out for those who cannot speak for themselves? Photo via ANDREW CROWLEY | #janegoodall #drjanegoodall #drgoodall #davidattenborough #wildlife #wildlifeconservation #communityledconservation #environment #wednesdaywisdom

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Tomorrow Is Mid Autumn Festival. Gin Gin The Pet N..
30th Sep 2020, by Second Chance

Tomorrow is Mid Autumn Festival 🎉🎉🎉 Gin Gin (the pet name) is also the Boss of Gin Gin homemade treats , sponsored 10 boxes of mooncakes made by Christina, her paws mum to us . Hope we can raise some funds to feed her fur friends in the shelter. An anonymous donor knew & gave RM500 for the mooncakes .👏👏👏💞💞💞 She wishes the mooncakes will bring abundance of joys & good health to our ground work volunteers & workers😇😇😇🥰🥰🥰 Thanks to Gin Gin, her ...

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Crab , 1 Month Old Female Pup. Would Like To Wish ..
30th Sep 2020, by Second Chance

Crab , 1 month old female pup Would like to wish everyone here “ HAPPY MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL 中秋快乐

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Oct Adoption Drive Schedule. The Pet Safari, Toppe..
30th Sep 2020, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

十月份领养会日期出炉! (OCT Adoption Drive Schedule 👇) 我们在 The Pet Safari, Toppen 的领养会将在10月份改成每个星期六举 办哟 ~ 3/10, 10/10, 17/10, 24/10, 31/10 (12pm-6pm) è€Œè¿™äº›æ˜¯è¿‘æœŸåœ¨å›­åŒºé¢†å…»å‡ºçš „孩子 ❤ 如无法参与领养会的朋友,您仍然 å¯é€šè¿‡é¢„çº¦æ–¹å¼ï¼Œè¿›æ¥å›­åŒºæŽ¢è®¿æˆ‘ä»¬é‡ Œå¤´3000++åªçš„çŒ«å’ªã€ç‹—ç‹—ï¼Œé¢†å…»å’Œä½ æœ‰ç ¼˜çš„孩子 æ¯æ¬¡æœ€è®©æˆ‘ä»¬å—é¼“èˆžçš„æ˜¯å¬å ˆ°é¢†å…»äººè¯´ï¼Œ 『本来打算要去å®...

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Free Pet Care Webinars Oct 2020. In Line With Worl..
30th Sep 2020, by SPCA Singapore

FREE PET CARE WEBINARS (OCT 2020) In line with World Animal Day, SPCA presents a series of pet care webinars for you and your companions. Click the Zoom links below to register! There will be Q&As for all the sessions. Visit https://spca.org.sg/webinars2020/ for full details including World Animal Day deals in October (pet portraits, embroidery & more). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 3 OCT, 11:00AM — BASIC DOG TRAINING Speaker: Angie Tan, Puppylove Dog Training Zoom link: http://bit.ly/basicd...

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Aimed At Creating Awareness Of The Thrash Problem ..
30th Sep 2020, by WWF Malaysia

Aimed at creating awareness of the thrash problem in our rivers and inspiring people to take action, WWF-Malaysia and Inspirasi Kawa (IK), a local youth group who champions river conservation efforts in downstream Sg. Selangor, conducted a river plogging on 26 September 2020. Held in conjunction with World Cleanup Day and World Rivers Day 2020, the plogging by boat to collect rubbish in the river was undertaken together with mangrove seed sowing and a sharing session on IK’s citizen science in...

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Tnrm. Ispca Tnrm Program. 1. Try To Trap The Stray..
30th Sep 2020, by SPCA Ipoh

怡保防止虐待动物协会 TNR(M) 节育流浪狗回放计划. ISPCA TNR(M) program. 1. 诱捕小浪送到指定兽医诊所为牠节育. Try to trap the stray animals sand it to Vet. 2. 为节育后的小浪耳朵剪记号. Neuter and mark on ear. 3. 植注晶片(跟据义工/监督员资料) , 再配带ISPCA红色颈带. Injection Microchip and Wear ISPCA TNR(M) red collar and licensed tag 4. 回放原地 (需符合条件) 由义工/监督员管理. Release and continue ...

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2,13. Perginya 'Sarjan Tho' Tinggalkan Seribu Kena..
30th Sep 2020, by SPCA Ipoh

警犬中士~杜~服务警队2å¹´,因13å²é«˜é½¡è€ Œç¦»å¼€æˆ‘们. PERGINYA 'SARJAN THO' TINGGALKAN SERIBU KENANGAN 'Sarjan Tho' dari Unit Anjing Pengesan (K9), Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen Pahang telah selamat dikebumikan berdekatan seksyen baharu Unit K9, Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah, Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen (IPK) Pahang oleh penyelianya, Sarjan Patrick Sandai, semalam. Tho anjing pengesan jenis Labrador yang berusia 12 tahun lapan bulan itu telah mati pada 19 September lalu kerana sakit tua. P...

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After Rescued Eng Version. _. Rescued Doggie Bruce..
30th Sep 2020, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

After rescued (eng version 👇) 三只脚的李小龙弟弟笑了! 😍 只能说,这就是爱的力量阿阿阿 ( 早前被铁线缠手, æ‰‹ä¸¥é‡åæ­»è€Œæˆªè‚¢ç š„浪浪李小龙 https://bit.ly/36kkXPR) å°é¾™ä ¹‹å‰å‡ºé™¢åŽå°±ç”±ä¸€å¼€å§‹å‘现它的爱心妈 å¦ˆç…§é¡¾ï¼Œå°é¾™åœ¨çˆ±å¿ƒå¦ˆå¦ˆç»†å¿ƒå’Œæ¸©æš–çš „ç…§é¡¾ä¸‹ï¼Œä¼¤å£ä¸æ­¢å¤åŽŸè‰¯å¥½ï¼Œæ˜Žæ˜Žå‰ä ¸ä¹…他还是个会凶人的山狗,现在变得 好亲人、好开朗,怎么摸都可以 ❤ #留言区有他的可爱...

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Lionel Was Abandoned With A Leg Injury. He Has Rec..
30th Sep 2020, by PetFinder.my

Lionel was abandoned with a leg injury. He has recovered well, and is now a super affectionate and friendly boy who loves cuddles, treats and belly rubs! Adopt Lionel at Cyberjaya, Selangor: https://PetFinder.my/pets/100144

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Bukan Semua Penjenayah Kezaliman Haiwan Menghidap ..
30th Sep 2020, by Malaysia Animal Association

"Bukan semua penjenayah kezaliman haiwan menghidap masalah gangguan jiwa. Ada bersikap panas baran yang spontan kerana ia adalah sifat semulajadi diri pelaku. Akibatnya haiwan jadi mangsa jenayah keganasan Individu ganas." - Arie Dwi Andika - https://www.facebook.com/100881615091404/posts/ 140047237841508/

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Did You Know That The Social Media Platforms That ..
30th Sep 2020, by WWF Malaysia

Did you know that the social media platforms that you use in your daily lives are also used by irresponsible individuals who are looking to make a quick fortune by advertising and selling helpless wildlife online? Be an advocate for our wildlife. Do your part to halt illegal wildlife trade online. . #SabahLandscapesProgramme #illegalwildlifetrade #wildlifeprotection

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Only 2 Cats Have Been Sponsored. Please Help Them ..
30th Sep 2020, by TNRM Malaysia

Only 2 cats have been sponsored. Please help them by sponsoring their spaying costs so we can help more. Thank you.

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Thanks So Much To All The Donors, So Far, We Have ..
30th Sep 2020, by TNRM Malaysia

Thanks so much to all the donors, so far, we have collected Rm7,175. We still need Rm996,53 . Please contribute if you can so we can continue to help them. Thank you.

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Lost Oreo Is A Lovely Boy From Cyberjaya That Has ..
30th Sep 2020, by PetFinder.my

[LOST] Oreo is a lovely boy from Cyberjaya that has likely been stolen and dumped elsewhere. Owner suspects possible areas are Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Dengkil, Kota Warisan, Puchong and Nilai. Help reunite Oreo and receive a RM500 reward. More details on Oreo: https://PetFinder.my/pets/101580

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Humane Education Learning All About Ssssssnakes. A..
30th Sep 2020, by Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES)

HUMANE EDUCATION: LEARNING ALL ABOUT SSSSSSNAKES A huge thanks to our awesome wildlife rescue and outreach volunteer Julia Julia Waters Polo for sharing about snakes of Singapore, dos and don’ts and why these wild animals should not be kept as pets. What better way than to learn – when Julia shared her own exciting rescue stories with passion and compassion! We would like to thank Claire Seabrook, the founder of Wildlings Forest School Wildlings at Core Collective SG for this opportunit...

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Rosie Went To Little Paws Today And Her Bad Tooth ..
30th Sep 2020, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Rosie went to Little Paws today and her bad tooth has been successfully extracted.

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