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Animal Welfare News & Blogs - February 2021

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We Conclude Spayandneuterawarenessmonth2021 With A..
28th Feb 2021, by Soi Dog Foundation

We conclude #SpayandNeuterAwarenessMonth2021 with a look back at what was achieved in the last 17+ years by Soi Dog's Catch I Neuter I Vaccinate I Return programme. 🧡🖤 Read more via our website: https://www.soidog.org/content/spay-neuter-and-vac cination-cnvr Soi Dog's spay and neuter programme has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years as the programme expanded to Bangkok and many other areas around the country. Each project within the programme is carried out after a careful ...

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Dogs Are Great For Mental Health
28th Feb 2021, by PetFinder.my

Scout has helped Eilidh's mental health after she had surgery. 🥰

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Eng Version. Kimmy. _. _. We Drove Back To The She..
28th Feb 2021, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

(eng version 👇🏻) 晚上忙完了驾车回园区,惊见 面车道一只浪浪孤身惨死路上,倒在 一大片血泊中 ... 听到隔壁坐着的负责人Kimmy心痛大喊 『那是我每天晚上喂的浪浪啊!』 😭 真的极度厌恶不负责任的黑心驾 ! 狗狗流了好多血,可想而知当时车速 多快、撞击有多猛,捡拾尸首时,狗 狗体温还是温温的,相信才刚走不久 ... 愿她安息 😢 (狗狗已带回园区长眠) 如果...

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Kitty Lovin'
28th Feb 2021, by Soi Dog Foundation

It is a blessing to have 'furiends' who look after you so well. Your #Caturday fix from the rescue moggies at Soi Dog Foundation. 🧡🖤 Fewa and Haroldy are both three-legged kitties who once had no one and lived on the streets of Thailand. They met with two different tragedies, but they both survived thanks to the support of kind animal lovers like you. If you love cats and want to help cats like Fewa and Haroldy, visit our website for more details. You can donate, sponsor or even adopt ...

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Anjing Juga Haiwan Khazanah Amanah Tuhan. Haiwankh..
28th Feb 2021, by Malaysia Animal Association

Anjing juga Haiwan Khazanah Amanah Tuhan! #haiwankhazanahamanahtuhan #dvs #perhilitan #pbt #animals #stray #wildlife #wild #wildanimals #dogs #cats #strayanimals #saveouranimals #cruelty #animalcruelty #saveourstray #animalfeeder #law #justice #voice #advocacy #animallaw #animaladvocacy #animalvoice #animaljustice #malaysiaanimals #animalmalaysia #malaysiaanimalassociation #aktakebajikanhaiwan201 5 #aktapemuliharaanhidupanliar2010

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28th Feb 2021, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Simon - just neutered wants to break free from e-collar and being confined. We won't allow him to have his way because the last thing we want is for the stitches in his scrotum to open up.

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This Male Pup Is Looking For His Forever Home Agai..
28th Feb 2021, by TNRM Malaysia

This male pup is looking for his forever home again! We thought he found one but the adopters changed their minds about adopting and returned him and his brother. Location Jalan Ipoh. Kindly contact 016-2663305 or 012-9696573 to adopt. SERIOUS ADOPTERS ONLY. Must agree to neuter. Adoption fee will be charged (prepay neutering fees). And please don’t ask us what breed it is. Kindly help share!

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A Very Successful Cat Trapping Day Today With A To..
28th Feb 2021, by TNRM Malaysia

A very successful cat trapping day today with a total of 9 cats trapped and sent to our panel vet for neutering/spaying, vaccinations and eartipping. The first 4 pictured were caught in Bukit Damansara, fed by Shahirah and the last 5 were caught in Wangsa Maju, fed by Shahida. They will be released to their respective locations after post-op recovery.

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Updated 28/2/21. Dear All,. Today Is The Last Day ..
28th Feb 2021, by TNRM Malaysia

Updated 28/2/21. Dear all, Today is the last day of February, the total collected amount now stands at Rm5,587.49, we still need Rm3,331.4 to cover all the expenses. Please continue to help us so we can continue with our cause. No amount is too small. Your kind contributions are very much appreciated. Please comment or pm us so we can keep track. Thanks so much in advance. Account name : TRAP NEUTER RELEASE MANAGE SOCIETY OF KUALA LUMPUR AND SELANGOR. MAYBANK Account Number 512558325774 ...

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We Have More Good News For This New Year. Micco Wh..
28th Feb 2021, by Second Chance

We have more good news for this new year!!! Micco who was adopted by Mr & Mrs Martin Yim last year, just before MCO kicked in, has returned to the shelter, with Micco, for her to see her friends, and to bring a sister home! They chose Bessie, an adult dog of about 6-7years old. She is such a good fit for the family as her temperament is gentle, and we look forward to more delightful update from the family. Mr & Mrs Yim chances upon Micco, an adult dog, very much overlooked at the shelter, when ...

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The Roots Shoots Malaysia Award Rasma Is A Once In..
28th Feb 2021, by Roots & Shoots Malaysia

The Roots & Shoots Malaysia Award (RASMA) is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Malaysian youths to get to know the Malaysian environmental and wildlife landscape on a whole new level. Over 5200 hours of volunteer work were clocked in last year by our amazing youth volunteers all over Malaysia. Applications for new youth volunteers with a passion for the planet will be opening soon. Stay tuned for more details! #RASMA2021

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Kato Was Last Spotted At Sierramas West, Sungai Bu..
28th Feb 2021, by PetFinder.my

Kato was last spotted at Sierramas West, Sungai Buloh. Blue-green eyes, white coat with brown-orange markings and a striped tail, wearing a pink collar with bell. A RM 1,000 reward awaits if you can reunite Kato with her distressed owner. More info on Kato: https://PetFinder.my/pets/87508

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This Poor Dog Was Shot Yesterday. Unfortunately It..
28th Feb 2021, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

This poor dog was shot yesterday. Unfortunately it succumbed to its injuries. Vet conducting a post-mortem now to determine cause. Shooter unknown.

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Starburst, A Second Chance. While Undergoing Sedat..
28th Feb 2021, by SPCA Singapore

STARBURST, A SECOND CHANCE 🌠 While undergoing sedation for sterilisation at the SPCA's Community Animal Clinic, Starburst had an adverse reaction to the drugs and went into cardiac arrest. Emergency resuscitation was immediately conducted and his heart started beating again! He was under a manual oxygen ventilator for 2 hours after, until he was conscious. A kind vet fostered him and managed to nurse him back to health! He has since been sterilised at SPCA’s clinic, and has fully recovere...

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We Received This Bunch Today. We Had Asked The Res..
28th Feb 2021, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

We received this bunch today. We had asked the rescuer to also catch the mother but they were not able to. Puppies need to be on their mother's milk for at least seven weeks to build their immunity. These puppies are too young to be separated from their mother. Please keep them in your thoughts and hope for their long term survival.

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Haiwan Ini Juga Punya Hak Di Dunia Yang Wajib Dipe..
28th Feb 2021, by Malaysia Animal Association

HAIWAN INI JUGA PUNYA HAK DI DUNIA YANG WAJIB DIPENUHI ! Saya berada di satu lokasi untuk memulakan 'stray feeding'. Ada anjing dan ada kucing. Kesemua mereka hidup merempat di jalanan. Saya sering berpesan kepada kedua-dua bangsa ini. "Kalian janganlah bergaduh sesama sendiri dan saling berbunuhan. Ini kerana kalian semua ada hak hidup berkongsi di muka bumi ini." Syukur pada tuhan kedua-dua bangsa anjing dengan kucing ini paham apa yang saya maksudkan supaya mereka semua berada dalam kehidup...

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Blast From The Past. This Is Lester And He Came To..
28th Feb 2021, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

BLAST FROM THE PAST This is Lester and he came to us in Feb 2010. A char koay vendor at the PJ Old Town market splashed Lester with hot oil and we were alerted of his plight. We admitted him at Gasing Vet where he underwent treatment for several months. He was adopted by a family in PJ and we chanced upon his human mother late last year and were told that he is still going strong.

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Porcupine Nolina Takes A Walk Through The Snow
28th Feb 2021, by PetFinder.my

Nolina took a slushy, snacky stroll as Portland thaws out.

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Goldie A.k.a Kerm Doing Morning Exercises. Goldie ..
28th Feb 2021, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Goldie a.k.a Kerm doing morning exercises. Goldie was rescued from a drain in Nov 2019 with a massavi mammary gland tumour. Pucs in the comment section. She recovered well and is doing fine.

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Looking For Companion?. Plenty Of Furkids Waiting ..
28th Feb 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

Looking for companion? Plenty of furkids waiting for home. Drop by Barkpark Borneo from 10am to 2pm today.

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