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Animal Welfare News & Blogs - February 2021

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Spca Selangor Is A Member Of The Open Wing Allianc..
25th Feb 2021, by SPCA Selangor

SPCA Selangor is a member of the Open Wing Alliance and has joined the global campaign to pressure Hard Rock International, which has 3 cafes (KL, Melaka, and Penang) and 1 hotel (Desaru Coast) in Malaysia, to make the switch to cage-free eggs as a step towards more sustainable sourcing and higher farm animal welfare standards! Join us in letting the global leadership of Hard Rock know that we want higher welfare standards by signing the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/hard-rock-hard-roc...

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These Two Male Cats Were Rescued From Putra Perdan..
25th Feb 2021, by TNRM Malaysia

These two male cats were rescued from Putra Perdana when they were kittens ( pictures 3 & 4 ). There were 3 siblings together with their mother, their sister didn’t make it, she passed away a few days after that. They had eye infection, mange, very bad diarrhoea and emaciated. These two were lucky. Their mother were spayed after we got them and she’s with them at our cattery. These two males were sent for neutering last Thursday and we need your help to sponsor their neutering costs. 1. M...

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Meow There My Name Is Namfon And As A Kitty With A..
25th Feb 2021, by Soi Dog Foundation

Meow there! My name is Namfon and as a kitty with a contagious feline disease, I am completely dependent on wonderful animal lovers like you to ensure I get the special care I need. Will you please become my sponsor today? Living on the streets of Thailand as a young kitty was horrific. Every day was a battle to find scraps to eat and a safe place to sleep. By the time I was just one-year-old, I had already experienced more trauma and suffering than most cats will in a whole lifetime. Read my ...

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This Is The Tiniest Baby Bunny In The World
24th Feb 2021, by PetFinder.my

Such a tiny little bunny! πŸ₯°

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Get Ready For March 1 2021. Spca Singapore Will Be..
24th Feb 2021, by SPCA Singapore

GET READY FOR MARCH 1 2021! πŸ₯³πŸΎ SPCA Singapore will be welcoming you again from March 1 onwards. Our animals have been waiting as patiently as you have, and are excited to see you again! Walk-ins will be allowed on WEEKDAYS (except Thursday, unless it is a public holiday), from 11AM to 3PM. No booking is required. For WEEKEND visits, an appointment booking is still compulsory β€” slots will only be released 7 days beforehand. Booking page: http://bit.ly/SPCABooking Adoption gallery: ht...

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Blackie Boy Was Abandoned At An Apartment Car Park..
24th Feb 2021, by PetFinder.my

Blackie Boy was abandoned at an apartment car park, looking forlorn and scavenging for food. This handsome boy has mesmerizing yellow eyes with long ebony fur. He is healthy, litter-trained and lives comfortably indoors. Adopt Blackie Boy at Cheras, KL: https://PetFinder.my/pets/104059

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Tangkap Kucing. Masuk Dalam Kotak. Lekat Pita Pele..
24th Feb 2021, by Malaysia Animal Association

"Tangkap kucing. Masuk dalam kotak. Lekat pita pelekat sekuatnya. Tiada saluran udara dan arahkan kotak berisi kucing ini dibuang dalam rumah sampah jenis Press Rubbish Dustbin." Inilah perbuatan tidak bertanggungjawab oleh kakitangan dan pengurusan JMB di sebuah kondominium Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur. Kucing ini dapat diselamatkan saksi yang merakam video ini dan melepaskannya di tempat lain. JMB yang punya peruntukkan boleh menunjukkan contoh dan tauladan baik kepada generasi muda terha...

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Casino Was Afraid To Walk And Was Dragging Himself..
24th Feb 2021, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Casino was afraid to walk and was dragging himself to move. Less than two weeks and he has gained enough confidence to try walking.

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The Bond Between Our Lovebirds Teia And Benji Is G..
24th Feb 2021, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

The bond between our lovebirds Teia and Benji is growing stronger by the second. Paralysed Benji has swelling of the elbows and Teia is apparently consoling him. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•π Ÿ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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Kooper Is A Gentle, Playful Boy With A Unique Shap..
24th Feb 2021, by PetFinder.my

Kooper is a gentle, playful boy with a unique ❀ shape on his body! This intelligent boy is toilet-trained and understands basic commands, walking obediently on leash. Adopt Kooper at Masai, Johor: https://PetFinder.my/pets/104588

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Para Pembenci Dan Musuh Anjing. Pamerkan Kekuatan ..
24th Feb 2021, by Malaysia Animal Association

Para pembenci dan musuh anjing! Pamerkan kekuatan komuniti anda. Seluruh negara mahu lihat sejauh mana kelompok anda benar-benar terganggu dan berapa ramaikah anda yang benar-benar diancam anjing jalanan? Atau hanya hasad dengki dan kebencian peribadi anda terhadap anjing ? 1. Sila like sebagai menzahirkan kewujudan anda. 2. Share dibenarkan tetapi dilarang meroyan dikomen. 3. Fake akaun dilarang menyibuk 4. Komen dengan hanya bahasa yang sopan tanpa makian dan kutukan kebencian. Undian in...

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Mungkin Pemilik Kucing Oren Yang Membuang Kucingny..
24th Feb 2021, by Malaysia Animal Association

Mungkin pemilik kucing oren yang membuang kucingnya ini tidak tahu bahawa dia telah melanggar dua undang-undang berkaitan haiwan : 1. Undang-undang haiwan 2. Undang-undang tuhan Akta Kebajikan Haiwan 2015 Membuang haiwan peliharaan adalah satu kesalahan jenayah dan boleh didenda serta dihukum penjara jika sabit kesalahan. Hukuman Tuhan Ia sifat tidak bertanggungjawab dan meletakkan perbuatan ini sebagai zalim. Hukuman dari tuhan tetap menanti untuk manusia zalim dan berbuat aniaya terhadap ma...

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Sos. Has Anyone Seen Zai Zai?. Please Call 0166348..
24th Feb 2021, by SPCA Selangor

‼️SOS‼️ Has anyone seen Zai Zai? 🐢 Please call 0166348368 if you have any information πŸ™ ____________________________________________ ___________________ Gender: Male Species: Mixed -get lost since between Ampang Dagang Jaya and Taman Watan area last Sunday morning... -he was wearing a brownish leathered collar with MPAJ yellow license card

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Octopus With An Ingenious Way To Escape | Blue Planet Ii
24th Feb 2021, by PetFinder.my

The octopus has an ingenious escape plan!

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Do You Remember Face-Off, A Tvt Case That We Poste..
24th Feb 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

Do you remember Face-Off, a TVT case that we posted on 28th January? Look how fast he has recovered. He is doing well at clinic, and according to Dr Davies, his eyes are not affected! He is a turn-over-a-new-leaf adorable kid. Anyone is willing to foster him, by giving him a caring loving home? https://www.facebook.com/130773574431/posts/1015 9123253874432/

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Ready And Raring To Go, Rudiger Isn't Just A Prett..
24th Feb 2021, by Soi Dog Foundation

Ready and raring to go, Rudiger isn't just a pretty face.🀩 At just over a year old, this handsome boy has gone through some tough moments. He was abandoned on the streets as a puppy, then he contracted the terrible Parvovirus. Rudiger did not give in and pulled through these trying times of his life. Read more here: https://www.soidog.org/adopt/rudiger-2343 When he emerged on the other side, we saw a handsome and intelligent boy who couldn't wait to live life to the fullest. Rudiger is de...

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Super Adorable Pups For Adoption. Three Puppies An..
24th Feb 2021, by TNRM Malaysia

🟣Super Adorable Pups For Adoption🟣 Three puppies and their mummy & daddy have been living on a hill, the parents have dug holes for their babies to take shelter in. Kind passers-by have been feeding them. (There were 6 originally) These puppies are incredibly playful and cute as you can see from the pictures. One of the pups appears to have a disabled hind leg but is able to climb and walk just fine. If you're able to give one (or more) of them a home, please reach out to us. ADOPT, DO...

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Urgent Urgent Urgent. Kucing Ni Selalu Datang Maka..
24th Feb 2021, by SCRATCH


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Please Sign To Help Get Dog Meat Off The Menu In Vietnam!
24th Feb 2021, by Soi Dog Foundation

πŸ’ͺ Let’s get dog and cat meat off the menu in Vietnam. Sign our letter today! It is a truly cruel, barbaric and outdated practice. Animals spend days crushed together in cages before they are tortured - often skinned or boiled alive. Please, sign our letter urging the Vietnamese government to ban this trade. Please, act now and help stop this horror. https://links.soidog.org/no-dog-meat

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Spay And Neuter. Does It Really Make A Difference?
23rd Feb 2021, by Soi Dog Foundation

Celebrating #WorldSpayDay With over half-a-million stray animals in Thailand have been spayed/neutered, your donations are supporting Soi Dog's spay and neuter programme of Catch I Neuter IVaccinate I Return (CNVR), the largest spay/neuter programme anywhere in the world. We think that is something worth celebrating on this special day, by not just boasting about numbers, but also providing hard evidence that CNVR is making a meaningful difference. Watch the video to find out more about ho...

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