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Animal Welfare News & Blogs - July 2021

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Woman Makes Friends With Wild Blue Jays
23rd Jul 2021, by PetFinder.my

Woman makes friends with wild blue jays — and is surprised when she has to move to a new home 💙

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Updated - 23/7/2021. Since We Posted This On Monda..
23rd Jul 2021, by TNRM Malaysia

Updated - 23/7/2021. Since we posted this on Monday, we have received Rm250 from a single donor. We really more people would contribute so we can continue this cause. We still need Rm11,770.65 to cover all the bills. No amount is too small. Your kind contributions are very much appreciated. Please comment or pm us so we can keep track. Thanks so much in advance. Account name : TRAP NEUTER RELEASE MANAGE SOCIETY OF KUALA LUMPUR AND SELANGOR. MAYBANK Account Number 512558325774 Swift Code ...

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Pet Food Drive Eng Ver. 3000. 3000. 15kgrm3 2400. ..
23rd Jul 2021, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

Pet Food Drive (eng ver. 👇) 希望护生园 【 粮 食 筹 募 】 🙏 好久没见了大家,园区里的3000+多 毛小孩也得被迫举白旗了! :( 为3000++只收留的流浪狗狗、猫咪筹 庞大的粮食量 🐱🐶 疫情打击、捐款削减,我们也苦撑了 近一年半,园区的储备基金已用尽, 近更晴天霹雳的接到狗粮供应商的通 ... 每包15KG狗粮起价了RM3 😭 我们每个月需购买最少2400包狗粮,负 比以往更...

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Meet Jolly, Female, 4 Months Old, Friendly Calico ..
23rd Jul 2021, by SPCA Penang

Meet Jolly, female, 4 months old, friendly calico cat, likes attention! If you're interested in adopting her, please call for more information or to make an appointment 042816559.

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We Had Gone Through A Nightmarish Week When One Of..
23rd Jul 2021, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

We had gone through a nightmarish week when one of our volunteers who does rescuing and transportation tested positive for Covid-19. She had received her first dose at a mass vaccination center, which was shutdown for disinfection a day after she had been there because more that 200 personnel there had tested positive. She had come in contact with some of our staff whom we had to also send for screening. Luckily, they were negative. To make matters worse, Gasing Veterinary Clinic has also been s...

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7/24 8pm. 100. 8/14shopee. Shopee. Shopee.com.my/h..
23rd Jul 2021, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

🐶🐶 : 明天星期六 (7/24) 的晚上8PM我们有开直播义卖哟!而且 特别的七夕情人节义卖 ~ (毛孩们好想念有访客的日子 ~ 🥲 疫情严峻,园区的储备基金已见 您的支持和购买,能100%直接受惠园区 里的三千多只毛小孩 🙏 8/14是七夕情人节,我们在Shopee的 善小铺有为期两星期的限时上架,售 卖可爱的七夕情人节义卖品 ~ 明天会在直播中和大家一一介绍售卖 而且而且!!! ...

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Mylo Is A Chill And Playful Boy, While Libby Is A ..
23rd Jul 2021, by PetFinder.my

Mylo is a chill and playful boy, while Libby is a sweet, sensitive, and affectionate girl. These siblings thoroughly enjoy each other's company and are best adopted together! Adopt Mylo & Libby at Ampang, Selangor: https://PetFinder.my/pets/108287

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Have You Ever Encountered People Saying "It's Just..
23rd Jul 2021, by Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia

Have you ever encountered people saying "it's just a straw" when you refused plastic straws from stalls or cafes or whenever you talk about plastic pollution? . If you have, share with us your experience! #plasticfreejuly #SayNoToPlastics #plasticawareness #zerowaste #sustainableliving #environmentalconservation

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My086 - Pet Lost & Found System Through Image Processing With Aws And Ai Technology (Plfs)
23rd Jul 2021, by SPCA Penang

A group of Inti students visited in April to do some research and take photos for their project - Pet Lost & Found System Through Image Processing with AWS and AI Technology (PLFS). Delighted that they have been shortlisted for the Best Demo Video Award. Do support them by "Like"ing here https://www.facebook.com/156291974430010/posts/432 3518387707327/ You can view their full video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NonjC2vijWg

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Can You Imagine A Day Without Your Best Buddy
23rd Jul 2021, by PetFinder.my

Can you imagine a day without your best buddy? 🥰

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Investigation: How The Meat Industry Is Climate-Washing Its Polluting Business Model - Desmog
23rd Jul 2021, by SPCA Selangor

“DeSmog conducted a five-month investigation into the meat industry’s PR and lobbying, reviewing hundreds of documents and statements by companies and trade associations. Our research shows how the industry seeks to portray itself as a climate leader by: •Downplaying the impact of livestock farming on the climate; •Casting doubt on the efficacy of alternatives to meat to combat climate change; •Promoting the health benefits of meat while overlooking the industry’s environmental foot...

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This Is Not The News We Wish We Were Sharing. Poor..
23rd Jul 2021, by Soi Dog Foundation

This is not the news we wish we were sharing... 😢💔 Poor Rudyard has sadly passed away, after a long struggle against his multiple health issues. Thanks to you, Rudyard has had the chance to spend his last weeks in the best hands possible. Rudyard was old and ill, despite all our best efforts he couldn't find the strength to pull through. We cannot let any more dogs suffer the consequences of human cruelty. Rudyard was abandoned and neglected, and that costed him his life 😥😥. Sadly,...

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Sheep And Goats And Cows, Oh My. One Lesser Known ..
22nd Jul 2021, by The Great Animal Rescue Chase

Sheep and Goats and Cows, Oh My! One lesser known aspect of our work is our farm animal rescue program. This month, we’re jumping in to help in Italy where a farm with 500 animals is closing. Our partners at the Rifugio Jill Phipps farm sanctuary are helping coordinate the rescue mission to prevent mass slaughter and will be taking in a large number of sheep and goats. “We cannot put them together with the ones we already have,” rescue coordinator Daniela explains. “They are very de...

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12 Animal Rights Groups Drag Kulim Council To Court Over Alleged Dog Abuse
22nd Jul 2021, by Save A Stray

https://www.thevibes.com/articles/news/35581/12-an imal-rights-groups-drag-kulim-council-to-court-ove r-alleged-dog-abuse

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His Name Is Earth Hes Shy But Sweet, And Hell Gaze..
22nd Jul 2021, by Soi Dog Foundation

His name is Earth🌎 He’s shy but sweet, and he’ll gaze at you from a distance in the hope you’ll understand his past and give him a chance. Read more about this boy here: https://links.soidog.org/Invite-Earth-into-your-wo rld Earth came into our care when he was only three months old. He was living at a construction camp at the time where he was fed by a kind local man. As a stray pup, it was the only place he could go. The man reached out for help after noticing Earth was sick and losi...

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Puppy Gets In The Tub Whenever His Baby Sister Gets A Bath
22nd Jul 2021, by PetFinder.my

Growing up with a baby sister 🥰

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Blessing Keep Coming In This Pandemic. A Kind Hear..
22nd Jul 2021, by Second Chance

Blessing keep coming in this pandemic 💞💞💞 A kind hearted supporter, Vincent arranged the courier to deliver 6 bottles of Himalaya Immunol to our fur kids 😇😇😇 Immunol is an immunity booster when the immune system is compromised during the time on vaccine 💪💪💪 He even said “if there is any item which the shelter needs, please feel free to me know ...will prompt more people to contribute as well" Thanks to Vincent, our furbies can have a stronger immune system away ...

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Adopted. Thank You So Much To This Cute Couple Shi..
22nd Jul 2021, by TNRM Malaysia

Thank you so much to this cute couple Shi You and Kenneth from Taman Desa for adopting newly named Mochi! This cat almost got killed by a pack of dogs last week as she wandered into one of our member’s compound looking for food and was cornered. Luckily she was saved and sent in for spaying, vaccination and eartipping. In that time she was put up for adoption and was very lucky to have found this lovely home! They are first time cat owners but we can tell already that they’re going to be...

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Dog Blood Donor Urgently Needed In Butterworth Are..
22nd Jul 2021, by SPCA Penang

Dog Blood Donor urgently needed in Butterworth area (Pet Wellness Veterinary Clinic). Can your dog help Sam - a nasal cancer patient. Please contact: +60 12-430 0337

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This Is Finch Male, About 7 Months Old. Super Frie..
22nd Jul 2021, by SPCA Penang

This is Finch! Male, about 7 months old. Super friendly, playful but calm, loves cuddles and head scratches. If you're interested in adopting him, do call us for an appointment or more information on 04 2816559.

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