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Thank You
20th Jun 2012, by Second Chance

 Chiwa was waiting from 11am till late evening for her 2nd chance (to be adopted) when Mr. Albert Cheng came.   He gave Chiwa a surprise gift and it really made her day, see how cheerful her face was (Kim was holding her)!Thank You , Mr Cheng for your generous food donation to Second Chance!Second Chance volunteers were  thrilled to receive 200 kg of pet food donation at the Pet World Malaysia 2012, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.  This pet food do...

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Seesmic Photos
20th Jun 2012, by Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES)

At the flower garden getting expert advice on creating our butterfly garden. Can you spot the sunbird? :)

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Neuter Your Dogs, People!
20th Jun 2012, by Second Chance

Malaysian generally are very defensive when comes to neutering their dogs, they have so many excuses for not doing this great favor to our canine friends. As a results, many unwanted puppies are born. When that happens, dog owners dispose their problems by throwing out the puppies from their homes, their factories, their farms etc. Some of these puppies are barely few weeks old and  still require their mother's tender care, not to mention the nutritio...

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An Abandoned Dog Starves Itself To A Slow Death
20th Jun 2012, by SPCA Sarawak

She has hardly touched food for more than a week and been lying in the same corner for quite long before she moved to another corner and stayed there for another few days.

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What Actually Happens To Animals Brought In By The Councils
20th Jun 2012, by SPCA Sarawak

Over in Kuching, the SSPCA has a special relationship with the 3 town councils, MBKS (Majlis Bandaraya Kuching Selatan), DBKU (Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara) and MPP (Majlis Perbandaran Padawan). Animals brought in by them are automatically transferred to the care of the SSPCA and becomes our property which saves them from CERTAIN death after 48 hours as is stated under MBKS' by-law of 1990, Section 5, The City of Kuching South (Dog License). For the other two councils, the animals are brou...

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Bobby Hangs Out In The Garden
19th Jun 2012, by AnimalCare

I suspect Bobby’s seizures may have been triggered by over-exercise. Two days prior to the first seizure, we tried leaving him in the pantry instead of the room and he was not able to find a comfortable spot to rest, so he walked non-stop. Maybe that over-exertion caused the seizures? Anyway, he has been fine today until this evening when he passed out pasty stools again. There was also streaks of blood in them. He seems fine otherwise, so I’ve given him Gentle Digest for now.  I l...

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Another Escape Artist In The Making?
19th Jun 2012, by AnimalCare

Now, who could it be? Someone idolises Tabs and wants to emulate her? Who??  Baggy?? Yes, it’s Baggy. She has become really confident now and this evening, she made her way out of the grille when it was open. I thought I’d let her come out under supervision so that at least she knows what the garden looks like. I didn’t think she would dash off onto the road. She’s not the mischievous type…I think?  As you can see, Mr G is still there!  Baggy ventures cautious...

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Mr G Spends The Whole Day Here Nowadays
19th Jun 2012, by AnimalCare

Looks like the barricade does not deter Mr G from coming over! For those uninformed about Mr G, he is a neighbour’s cat but there seems to be too many cats in his household, so he comes over to our house. There is a wired barricade in his house, but it looks like Mr G has found a way to get pass it and still come over. We don’t mind, of course, because he is good company and he is a very easy-going fellow with very good manners.  Here he is this afternoon, on the patio, after getti...

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Catfood For Maslinda Abd Talib’s Community Cats
19th Jun 2012, by AnimalCare

We have sponsored RM60 worth of canned food for Maslinda’s cats. This sponsorship comes from our Food Fund and a reader who has donated in memory of Orange Boy, Socks, Elmo, Otis, Bella, Harry Boy, Requeim, St. Coppertone, Lady Grey, Belle’s Mama, St. Dogsire, Spoty Hachiko, G-Boy, Boy-Grey, Mister Tux, Leroy.

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Medical Subsidy For Dottie, Rescued Dog With Vertebrae Fracture And Spinal Compression (Meiji’s)
19th Jun 2012, by AnimalCare

Meiji rescued a dog, now named Dottie, who had severe injuries. Dottie was brought to the UPM vet and he was diagnosed with 2nd lumbar vetebrae fracture and spinal compression. According to the vet, this condition leads to both hind limbs paresis (partial loss of voluntary movement), urinary incontinence, phimosis (unable to retract foreskin over penis) and may also lead to loss of digits if the hindlimbs are dragged and injured. For now, Meiji needs to clean the wounds daily and bandage them. T...

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Medical Subsidy For Heartworm Dog, Tan An Poh (Meiji’s)
19th Jun 2012, by AnimalCare

Meiji brought a dog, affectionally named “Tan An Poh” for heartworm treatment at the UPM vet. We have subsidised RM49 for it. The dog only has one eye, hence, “Tan An” or “tan ngan” which means “one eyed” in Cantonese. Tan An Poh has heartworm Stage 1 and the recommended treatment is Ivermectin jabs for 6 months.    Get well soon, Tan An Poh! Meiji’s other heartworm dog, Herculis, has recovered. We also subsidised his treatment at UPM.

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Medical Subsidy For Walter The Cat (Dani Irwan’s)
19th Jun 2012, by AnimalCare

We have subsidised RM41 for the treatment and medication of Walter the Cat, a street cat looked after by Dani Irwan. This bill is for RM82. There is another bill of RM8.50 which is for Hill’s AD which we cannot subsidise. From: Dani Irwan <daniirwan@gmail.com> Date: Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 10:51 PM Subject: Re: AnimalCare Contact: Help/advice/opinion needed on rescued stray kitten To: Chan Kah Yein <chankahyein@gmail.com> Hello Dr. Chan. I’m writing to you regarding treatm...

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Spaying Subsidy For One Female Calico Cat (Khadijah Shaari’s)
19th Jun 2012, by AnimalCare

Previously, when I was staying in SS19, I proposed the One-Street CNRM to the Residents’ Association, but they had more pressing matters to attend to at that time. However, one lady, Khadijah Shaari, a retiree, a qigong instructor and a cat-lover herself, was interested. Finally, some months back, the idea went out to some of her neighbours, and a lady by the name of Maureen re-proposed the idea to the Residents’ Association. Now, Khadijah, Lynda and Maureen are taking it up and star...

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Updates On 19th Jun 2012
19th Jun 2012, by Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES)

With more than 70 animals to be cared for each month, your help is needed more than ever. Sponsor the animal of your choice and give him/her a 2nd chance at life! New updates and details for the Animal Benefactor Programme here: http://www.acres.org.sg/support/sponsor.html

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Updates On 19th Jun 2012
19th Jun 2012, by SPCA Singapore

The SPCA was notified by the police on the night of 14 June that a terrapin had been thrown or fallen from Block 212 Jurong East St. 21. The animal died shortly after. If you have any information in this case, please call 62875355 ext. 9 (24 hours). All callers’ details will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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More Dogs/Pups Adopted!
19th Jun 2012, by Second Chance

For the past 2 weeks, many people came forward to give a home to our dogs. These were the people who prefer to adopt than to buy, responding to the call of  "Adoption is the best option, adopt a Malaysian dog today!"We would like to say a big "Thank You" to them for giving love and care to our sheltered dogs! It just proves that many people are more open in their attitude towards Malaysian dogs now. One of the gentleman even commented that "It is SO wrong to buy when there ar...

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Animal Welfare Bill 2012 (proposed) –
19th Jun 2012, by SPCA Selangor

Want to improve the state of animal welfare in Malaysia? Please go to research.dvs.gov.my/survey/index.php?sid=56159 and voice your opinion of the Animal Act 2012 draft (will be online for 14 days only)! this is how you can help, by benefiting animals and pet owners in Malaysia!

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Updates On 19th Jun 2012
19th Jun 2012, by SPCA Singapore

You are invited to the launch party for MONGREL - THE PHOTO EXHIBITION on 4 July 2012, 7:30pm, at Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film at 56A Arab Street. The prints are also for sale and will go towards benefiting many shelters and animal welfare groups in Singapore, including SPCA. One of the photographers, Teo Keng Beng, has pledged to forward all the proceeds from the sale of his photos to SPCA.

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Thank You Very Much, Connie And Missy!
19th Jun 2012, by AnimalCare

Connie James knew I was trying to get an acupuncture slot for Bobby, but Dr Susanna is already full on the days that I asked for this week. So, Connie, on her own, talked to Missy, her dog who goes for regular acupuncture sessions and Missy very graciously gave up her slot for Bobby this week. Thank you very much, Connie and Missy!  We are really grateful. Hi Dr Susanna, Missy scheduled for an appointment this Wednesday, 20/06/2012 at 3pm. If possible, Missy would like to open her slot for Dr...

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Cher, Kitten For Adoption (Sumitra Siew’s)
19th Jun 2012, by AnimalCare

From: SUMITRA SIEW <sumitrasiew@yahoo.com> Date: Sat, Jun 16, 2012 at 11:26 AM Subject: Latest picture of Cher Hi, This is the latest picture of Cher ( Kuma’s sister). Doesn’t she look pretty and cute? She is now 3.5 months old. She is up for adoption.Please ask your friends if they want a cute little kitten like her. So adorable and manja. Have a nice day. Sumitra  


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