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Tuesday, 30th Sep 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

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23 Aug ’08 - 35 people. 1 coach. The same passion. Okay, maybe not all of us shared the same passion then as there were a handful who were a tad fearful of dogs. But that aside, we all boarded the coach with the same readiness and the same enthusiasm. Where were we headed? Noah’s Ark- the animal sanctuary we heard so much about. What were we in for? An experience that we were not going to forget for a long, long time; an experience that we wouldn’t have chance to enjoy back home; an experience worth waking up early for on a Saturday morning.

I’d like to start with “On a bright, sunny Saturday morning...” but the sky was unfortunately anything but clear. But were our spirits dampened? Not at all!

Mud + 700 excited dogs = Muddy PAWs :P

We were greeted by 3 beautiful dogs and our feet sunk into the wet soil when we alighted from our coach. Damn, the combination of mud and 700 excited dogs... almost lethal. Okay, I exaggerate haha. It certainly did not take us long before we began to ignore the muddy paw prints that the excited dogs left on our clothes as many of them jumped on us, all hungry for attention and tender loving care which we became increasingly generous with as they became our new-found friends.

Hmmm, white and mud certainly don't go together...

So many dogs but I only have one free hand to pat you guys!

It was pretty amazing how these dogs got acquainted with us so easily and within such a short span of time- cuddling up to us, looking up at us with eyes so eager and expectant, eyes that seemed to speak to us. Seeing some of them which were half-blind, or without a leg made us cringe with sympathy, but they were nonetheless as active and happy as the rest of their doggy friends, if not happier and more energetic. It was a lovely & beautiful sight.

So happy together...

To say that the animals were adorable would be more than an understatement. We couldn’t help but wonder aloud how owners could possibly bear to abandon their pets. Owning a pet- just a novelty or a responsibility? Certainly the latter- in fact, it’s a lifetime responsibility. The visit to Noah’s Ark was a great reminder to us to love our pets more, to shower them with TLC just like we would to anyone who means something to us.


Cosying up to the cats in the cattery

Of course, not to forget the cat-lovers were raring to visit the cattery! They spent a long time in there, with the little manja balls of fur that were either perched on the latches and railings, or reclined in their little corners. They purred indolently and cocked their heads in delight as we stroked them. Honestly, it was pretty heart-warming to see that side of everyone, especially the boys, who shrugged off their macho-ness and displayed a beautiful soft side as they cooed and stroked the many cats.

Here kitty kitty kitty....

That afternoon passed in the blink of an eye. Before long, it was time for us to leave. That afternoon could have been spent in front of the telly, or at the movies... But 35 of us chose to spend it at Noah’s Ark in Pekan Nanas. Did we regret? Not at all. Worthwhile? Certainly. Will we visit again? Most definitely.

- article contributed by Michelle Loh, SMU PAW

Here’s what some of us have to say:

“I’ve never seen so many dogs in my life!”- Jed

“An overwhelming experience, together 700 dogs and 400 cats.”- Wallace

“I will encourage people who love animals to go for a trip like that, because it’s an eye-opening experience!”- Huiqi

“I hope to see a Noah’s Ark in Singapore someday.” – Leandra

“It was an overwhelming experience to see so many animals at one go and at close proximity. I felt swarmed by them initially, but after a while, we got friendly and hit it off pretty well. I would love to visit Noah’s Ark again!”- Ben

“It was an experience I’ll never forget- one that I will tell friends and family about. It made me love animals even more and it is inspiring what Raymond (the founder) is willing to do because of his love for them. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to visit. All of us will be thrilled to head down again!”- Michelle

Someday we'll all be back to visit again - SMU PAW family

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