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Sunday, 21st Sep 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

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It started out as a gloomy morning, with major downpours throughout Singapore. My heart sank as I looked out the window at 9am. I kept praying that it would not put a damper on the one thing I had been looking forward to all week – my trip to Noah's Ark.

Thankfully by 11am, the sky gradually cleared. Not long after, people began arriving in groups from 1.15pm onwards and without much of a hassle, we set off at 2pm for Noah's Ark. This was the first time we had 3 buses going to Noah's Ark and it felt good to know so many people were keen to visit our dogs, cats and horses and to understand the work we do.

For future reference, this photo shows the meeting place for all future tours. Boon Lay MRT station passenger stand is the pick-up area. On the day itself, we had quite a few queries on where the meeting point was. The next time you visit, do remember to look out for this place!

The meeting point near Boon Lay MRT station

It was a smooth journey to Noah's Ark. The program for the afternoon was free and easy. The 110 or so visitors wandered throughout the 10 acres Sanctuary, taking their time to visit the different areas. From the main housing area to the stables, to the other dog compound before ending with the cattery. Some visitors came ready with treats and these were handed over to the volunteers as feeding the dogs is not encouraged. First-timers to the Sanctuary are strongly discouraged from feeding the dogs as the dogs are highly excitable and may bite your fingers in their haste to grab the treat.

Just a few of the 700 resident dogs...

The cats were not forgotten. Some of our visitors sat inside the cattery, hugging and stroking the numerous cats. It was interesting to see the cats walking daintily over to the visitors and purring for attention, rubbing against their legs and bodies, wanting to be carried next.

It's nice to lie in someone's loving arms..

Meow, my turn to be picked up!

Last but not least, the horses had their fill of carrots and apples. They must have thought Christmas came early.

Janet feeding an apple to a very happy horse, check out both of their wide smiles!

Visitors milling around the stables, stroking and feeding the 4 horses

Guess who else was at Noah's Ark? Little Andreana and her two elder siblings, Andrea and Andre. Andreana, our little volunteer was actively trying hard to help Noah's Ark raise funds for our Project Industrial Dogs. Helping her was her newfound friend, Emily.
Both Andreana and Emily, went around with donation cans and heavy apples and carrots in tow, politely asking visitors for donations whilst selling some carrots and apples for the horses. Who could resist her? Thank you to all the generous people who found the little girls irresistible and put in coins and notes!

Would you buy some carrots and apples from Andreana please?

Little Emily doing her part for the animals too!

Below are some photos of our visitors and residents having a wonderful time together!

Thumbs up for Noah's Ark! - says a lady in a pink top. Ms Pink Lady, please drop us an email to identify yourself! Thank you (:

Pamela, Claudine & friends

Alice & family having a good time making friends with the dogs

Yvonne gamely smiling for the camera whilst patting the dogs

Another pair of happy visitors with Cross-B, a mixed Beagle

Our 3 lovely volunteers helping with the sale of merchandise (from L to R) : Hwee Pheng, Fong Yee & Esther

Thank you for supporting Noah's Ark by purchasing our t-shirts and calendars! If you didn't have enough cash or plan to order more calendars at just $10 each, please visit this link: http://noahsarkcares.blogspot.com/search/label/NA%20Calender%202009 .Not to forget some visitors who also decided to sponsor a dog or a cat. On behalf of the animals, your kind generousity is greatly appreciated.

Later that evening, we proceeded to enjoy a yummy seafood dinner at a nearby restaurant. Everyone was tired, dirty and absolutely famished. Every morsel of food was lapped up and smiling faces told me they were extremely satisfied. It was an eventful day.

Boarding the bus back to Singapore, everyone's tired bodies sank into the comfort of the bus seats. I stood along with Lynda, Fiona, Ruth and Raymund and waved goodbye to the kind visitors we had that day. That Saturday was a good day. The dogs had fun socializing with the visitors, the cats were cuddled and the horses were fed with many carrots and apples. We too, were glad to have been blessed with good weather and fortunate to have had so many friends and supporters visit our humble abode.

From all of us at Noah's Ark, we certainly hope you had a jolly good time. If it was your first time, I hope that you would not forget such an experience. If it was your second time and you brought friends along, thank you very much for your thoughtfulness! We hope that your friends will in turn bring along more friends. Through this, we hope to share and educate more people on the work of animal welfare societies such as us.

It's so hard to say goodbye...

Thank you once again, and we hope that you'll continue to read this blog faithfully. Hope to see you at the tour next year!

Incidentally, we have an AVA road show coming up on the Nov 7 ,8 and 9 at the Singapore Expo and a Doggie Tea Party in December. Be sure to stay tuned to this page so you won’t ever miss out on our fun events. Be sure to tell all your friends about it – hope to see you there!

Article and pictures contributed by the one and only Wombat of Noah's Ark.

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