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Thursday, 19th Aug 2010, by Zeus Communications

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Little Joe has been staying at the Vets for the past 15 days. This is the longest we have ever warded a rescued stray. His bill too, has come up to a rather substantial amount. We thank everyone who has contributed to his bill, visited him and cooked nutritious food for him –Little Joe says Thank You!

Little Joe and his doleful eyes

We have tried our best to help find him a home but sadly, there has been no takers, so Friday our volunteers will discharge Little Joe from the Vet and he will go back to live in his factory.

In all his two weeks at the Vets, Joe has put on only one whole kilo, despite having four meals a day. Dr Ang has voiced her concern that Little Joe might not survive when he goes back to the factory because not only is he submissive, he may not get an opportunity to eat if there are other bigger dogs around. He is also a picky eater. He nibbles his food and usually eats only half of what is given, unlike most strays who will gobble their food like there’s no tomorrow. The Drs have tried all brands of canned food to entice him to eat, but to no avail. Finally Dr Ang tried buying him the lowest, cheapest brand of canned food and Little Joe ate! Isn’t that sad that he only appreciates cheap, low quality canned food? We then found out that it’s the same brand as what we have been feeding him at his factory. Poor little Joe was only used to what we fed him. Dr Ang then mixed in some cat canned food to make his food smell better and Little Joe enjoyed it – and the reason? He lives with 13 cats in his factory and the security guard leaves food for the cats, he must have been eating that too.

Cats at Little Joe's factory

Cats going for sterilization

Over this period of two weeks with Little Joe at the Vet, we have been going back to his factory to update the security guard about Joe, as well as sterilize the cats in his compound. A kind sponsor, Ms Moo, has paid for all the cats there to be vaccinated and sterilized. To date, we have sterilized nine cats and there are just four more to go. These four are too young to be sterilized, so we’ll follow up in a month or two.

Before and now

Volunteers will visit Little Joe on alternate days to ensure he is well, eating and taking his medication. He really needs to put on weight – his bones still protrude from his skinny frame. His blood count is still below the normal range, thus we need to visit him regularly to ensure he takes his medication. We will also provide the security uncle with two cartons of Little Joe’s favourite canned food and some cat canned food, and hope he eats.

Sometimes in what we do, its not easy letting go. We know what our objectives are; to help, to heal or sterilize; but sometimes, its not easy. Little Joe is extremely sweet and tiny and we do worry about him. Some dogs, like Dawn or Tiger, we know they will survive, but with Little Joe, we’re worried.

If you know of anyone keen to adopt him, please do let us know. We will be glad to rush down to the factory, pick him up and send him to you.

Always happy to see us

Thank you everyone for being so supportive of our work. Without your support, we would not have been able to give Little Joe the blood transfusion he needed, nor the love and affection he experienced, for the first time in his life.

Little Joe's Medical Bill

Little Joe has an outstanding bill amount of $400
Little Joe's bill has been settled in full. Thank you Pauline & Yi Tian for contributing the difference. (22 Aug 2010)

To read about Little Joe's rescue, please click Twist of Fate
For Little Joe's 2nd Update at the Vet, pls click Updates on Little Joe

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