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Lost in Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya
Adam, 8 Yrs

Reward: RM 300
Lost in Taman Ponderosa, Johor Bahru
Meow, 2 Yrs

Found in Petaling Jaya
Old English Sheepdog, 2 Yrs

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Latest Comments [more]
  1. What a cutie DoraAllan, on Luke Skywhisker

  2. How to col u Stephmohan, on Miming

  3. I like to adption this cat Stephmohan, on Miming

  4. Hi there, yes, Lunar is still up for ado.. AllergicRescuersKL, on Lunar

  5. Yes, there has been a few enquiries but .. wheili, on Baby Boo

Pet Profile
For Adoption
Posted: 2017-10-23
Updated: 2018-07-02

Gender:Female Rescuer:

Age:1 Year 8 Months
Breed:Mixed Breed
Color:Brown, White
Size at Maturity:Medium
Fur Length:Medium
Health Condition:Healthy
Amount:4 Pets
Location:Kajang, Selangor
Adoption Fee:Free

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Posted on 2017-12-15 12:42am:

Hi,may i know angel still available for adoption pls tq.

Posted on 2017-12-10 2:00pm:

Yes,pls watsapp me GangaDevi

Posted on 2017-12-09 1:07am:

Dear, do u still hv puppies to adopt. I need 2 make puppies n if possible black colour puppies. Pls let me know. Tq

Posted on 2017-11-21 4:42pm:

Hi Nat12 & Dave Yong,
Yes, both Kayla n Snow r still available. Pls contact

Posted on 2017-11-20 9:08am:

Hi is Kayla available pls

Posted on 2017-11-18 7:22pm:

Hi is Snow still available? Thanks

Posted on 2017-11-14 8:02pm:

Puppy still availbles?? Got female? I want 2 tails

Posted on 2017-11-11 3:43am:

Hey, are the puppies still available??

Posted on 2017-11-10 3:57pm:

To zoey9966

i think i hve explained to you via watsapp previously that the adoption fee is REFUNDED BACK to d adopter once the adopter has vaccinated and neutered the puppy. It is to safeguard the puppy not safeguard us or line our pockets. We do not gain anythg monetary, all we want is to find good forever homes for the pups. Yes, not all who has intention to adopt are bad people, but we hve met our share of bad, irresponsible adopters that abandoned, dumped, abused,neglected the pups when they no longer find the pups cute or whn the pup became sick or too big for them or got pregnant with puppies (wat wil happen to these puppies then?)
I do not generalise adopters, that is why thr is the screening and house visits. To me, it is like giving away my own kids.
Pls do not generalise rescuers too. Some rescuers set very strict terms n conditions bcos of too many prev bad experiences and it is heartbreaking to find out that they didnt end up in good homes.
Thank you.

Posted on 2017-11-10 4:30am:

To the owner of the puppies,

What makes you think by paying for the adoption fee the person will be able to care for the dogs better?

Free adoption or lowering your fee encourages people to adopt instead of buying.

Also for those rescuers that are highly self-absorbed asking tons of incredibly rude and insensitive questions then charging a high amount of adoption fees, I sincerely hope your method is helping your rescue puppies.

Also, people who has intention to adopt are not all bad people.

Be nice.

Posted on 2017-11-04 3:15pm:

Hi any of them available?

Posted on 2017-11-02 12:01pm:

Priadeepkaur, if you are unwilling or unable to pay the adoption fee, will you be able to care for them properly, including decent food, spay/neuter, vaccination and other veterinary care when they need it?Please consider the costs of keeping a dog.

Posted on 2017-11-01 12:27pm:

hi can you give the dongs for free

Posted on 2017-10-27 11:26pm:

Are they still available?

Posted on 2017-10-27 11:24pm:

Hi! Does Kyla still need a home?

Posted on 2017-10-26 4:12pm:

hey! im interested in adopting a female puppy. Are there any still available?

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