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Litter Train Tips
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Step by step of technique to train the cat for their littering.

Submitted by Treedson on 2010-11-22

Tips for new cat litter tray training:
1. When you buy a cat litter tray, any size is fine, but make sure at least 5cm deep. (If can get a litter house will be great.) If possible get two tray (once one been washed and the other can be replaced)

2. Since it is new tray and made from plastic. Make a solution with few drops of blench and mix with lots of water and fill the tray with the mixed solution for one hour then wash it by rinse with water and let it dry naturally (reason to do this is to create imonia smell in the tray and plastic tend to keep smell very well, so the cat snife the imonia will make them to toilet in the tray)

3. help them by holding their front legs and teach them to scratch the litter sand when they felt the litter sand is pleased then they will do it on they own.

4. Observe the when they wee and poo in the tray, and give them some fuss after they done the toilettering, by stroking them said good girl / boy.

5. If happen you saw them planned to start wee on floor or anywhere quickly pick them up and put them in the litter tray, so they remembered you wanted them to toilet in the tray, and clean those affected area by odour free spray and disinfectant liquid.

6. If it happen when you not at home then you have to train them slowly. The way to do this is keep the tray close to them such as the place the sleep and play most of the time, and let the tray smell of their wee, then move it bit by bit until at the place you wanted the tray to be. In future they will find the tray by themselves.

7. After you successful move the tray out give the whole house's floor clean by using odour free spray, then follow by disinfectant liquid to mop the floor.

8. Keeping their litter tray clean is to encourage them toilet in the tray.

Cleaning liquids:
Odour free spray - use to get rid of any odour but it doesn't kill the bacteria
Disinfectant liquid - use to get rid of the bacteria that creating imonia smell, once the bacteria killed it won't have any smell, so the cat won't wee on that area anymore.

You are done!!!

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