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NameChew Chen Foong
JoinedMay 2008
LocationPetaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
ExperienceDog (10 Years)
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I love animals, especially dogs. I have two dogs of my own and is feeding some stray dogs near my home.

My dream is to create a Animal Kingdom for all unwanted animals. Hope that this dream will came true one day through me or another.

I shall pray hard for all unwanted animals to be able to find a good loving family and home.

Irresponsible owners, people who abuse animals will receive their due punishment one day, sooner or later.

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Jenny, 13 Yrs
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Missy, 15 Yrs
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Jonny, 15 Yrs
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Baby, 17 Yrs
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Oddy, 12 Yrs
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AndyKoh   Jun 12th 2008 at 3:35PM
Hi Chew, I am not sure of a dog-catching service to bring them to the vets.. but you can try contacting Cerz, maybe her team can help you with catching the strays.

Here's her info:
Hi Chew,

Some of the pets are automatically filtered by our system for review depending on various criteria, to prevent spam posts. I've already approved your post and rejected the duplicate one.
ChewChew1987   Oct 18th 2008 at 9:28PM
Thanks alot.
AndyKoh   Nov 17th 2008 at 12:27AM
Hi Chew, thanks for your feedback. It would be a bit stringent to impose medical record requirements on animals for adoption.

What I would be looking into is to provide better guidelines and tips to both rescuers and adopters so that they are more well-informed of the process and understands the moral guidelines and implications of the adoption process.

Maybe you can ask the owner to take the dog to another vet to get a second opinion.
ChewChew1987   Jan 18th 2009 at 9:49PM
Dear All, whose ever visit Yuuki profile please coppy my story and paste to your email then forward to all your friends and advise them not to send their puppy or kitten to "Segar Veterinary Hospital" location in Cheras Kl near Leisure mall, corner lot. If you are sending your pet to them, you are sending a free white mice for their new experiments coz those so call Dr are just a student without any qualify certificate yet! If you do not trusted please do some research on their vet. I have experience it, I can understand also please do not send your pet for their pet hotel coz I have seem it, they bring my yuuki to down stair the pet hotel to clear his blood out even they ask me to hold yuuki and wait down stair cashier which a lot people walk with their little innocent puppies that do not noe my Yuuki having a "Parvovirus". They did not take any resposibility in care about your pet if your pet is sick you are making money to them and providing animal for their student new experiments. All the students are so call Dr there, they are younge teenage with the age of (18 - 26)

They even have given a wrong treatment for my Yuuki, after Yuuki past away I has send his body for examine, he is death not only on parvovirus is because wrong medicine have given to make the virus grow actively and damage his heart. Yuuki is die of shot. My cousin is a Dr from Veterinary at England. When they help me to check on Yuuki is too late already but they given me medical report that Yuuki body has been given too many wrong medication and injection.

According to Dr. Richard H. Pitcairn, DVM, PHD ans Susan Hubble Pitcairn from America.
Parvovirus (Canine Distemper)is able to recover with proper treatment, distemper is not too severe, and you can generally expect recovery in a few days to a week. According to him, A dog sick with distemper can profitably fast for seven days provided it is an adult or normal weight and general condition. However, few will need to fast this long. Make sure you have fresh, pure water available at all times. Vitamin C is an important aid. many Distemper cases recover without ill effect by using vitamin c along with fasting. Dose as follows: 250milligrams every two hours for puppies and small dogs, 500 milligrams every two hours for medium dogs, 1,000 milligrams every 3 hrs for large and giant dogs. Don't continue the dosing through the night, because rest is also important. Once the acute fever have passed, double the in-terval between dose. Continue untill recover is complete. Special eye care may be necessary, because the lids can get severely inflamed. bath the eye in a saline solution. Then, put a drop of sweet almond oil or olive oil. This is the most effective remedy for the early stages. Dr. Richard H. Pitcairn have seen it produce recoveries in just a day or two and this is the most effective remedy. The dog needing this will have been ill just a short time.

However, according to my observation on Segar treatment for Yuuki, they did not fast Yuuki yet given yuuki canne food which is very dangerous to cause Yuuki diarhhe and vomit more. If they are a professional Dr why they did not noe about this? This is because they do not noe the remedy for recover from Parvovirus but they still want making money and have new puppy for their animal testing again. When their test is fail and causing your puppy problem they will not admit the false they just said which is because you puppy degree of immunity is too weak and unable to fight with the virus. I was so trust them without knowing all these until I realize it is too late already. Yuuki now is only can be my beautuful memory.

To all animal lover if you love animal and pets and do not want them to suffering the same ending like me please coppy my story and my comment of Yuuki to your email and forward it to all your friends advise them to be careful on selecting a veterinary. I'm not the only person suffering these others like DrXandro as well have the same experience as me.

Yuuki's Owner

daphne1985   Jan 19th 2009 at 12:26PM
Thanks Chew for helping me post the message.
Hi Chew!
I have read some story on some pet owner that their pet got serious parvovirus and many to rescued it by Brickfields Veterinary Medical Centre, When their puppy diarrhea out lots of blood, the Dr quickly transfer new blood to their body and provide some medication, they have a lot of advance technology to rescue puppy with such a dangerous virus. But when i receive this info is too late ad yuuki already leave me.

Brickfields Veterinary Medical Center
No.114 Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

Provide Emergency Service

so in future if you know someone puppy have same virus as me u may advise.


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