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NameEileen Ng
JoinedAug 2008
LocationPetaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
OccupationJournalist / Associated Press
ExperienceDog (20 Years)
Fish (1 Year)
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Interested InAn Animal Lover
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I am a dog lover, now seeking to rehome some puppies and dogs.

Eileen08's Pets
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Mocha J, 3 Yrs
For Adoption

Belina, 6 Mths
For Adoption

Bai-ley, 6 Mths
For Adoption

Luck-ie, 3 Mths
For Adoption

Snowiee, 2 Yrs
For Adoption

Hazel Dede, 5 Yrs
For Adoption

Denver, 5 Yrs
For Adoption

Bec-ky, 1 Yr
For Adoption

Mi-Mi, 3 Mths
For Adoption

Pasha, 8 Mths
For Adoption

Sox, 1 Yr
For Adoption

Zai Zai, 1 Yr
For Adoption

Ruby & Sky, 1 Yr
For Adoption

Harry, 4 Mths
For Adoption

VV, 7 Mths
For Adoption

Lu Lu, 7 Mths
For Adoption

AhBoy, 4 Yrs
For Adoption

Pluuto, 6 Mths
For Adoption

Puma, 6 Mths
For Adoption

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Page: 1 2 3    44 Comments
Ivy2008   Nov 21st 2008 at 2:47PM
Hai , Eileen. Thanks for reply.
Actually i'm stay at a house with some family member. I have time to take care of puppy if not i won't adopt a puppy at here. I really like to have a dog at my house stay with me.We all had discuss to have a dog and hope to hav fun with the puppy. Now i had ready all the things for puppy like dog food,toy,cage and dog wear. Just waiting for the puppy come to my house. I also had adopt puppy from some people but they haven reply to me. But i just need a puppy for my house. When i see Mickey i really like it, he just like my dream dog , very cute.
Actually i'm so vagary y u hav many dog for adoption? Hope so u can save they life to get a new owner.
jhpl   Apr 30th 2009 at 12:28AM
hi Eillen. I am intersted to provide kimi and benji a home. Could I set up an appointment with you and both of them before we go any further to discuss more about them?
sallykwanlh   May 19th 2009 at 3:02PM
Thanks Eileen, I will do so arrangement. Actually our whole family not even not Bibi is pregnant, we only notices after if born the baby dog out.
TtTover   Sep 8th 2009 at 6:59PM
Thanks Eileen.., wil look forward to neuter them..
WaiSam   Nov 12th 2009 at 12:44AM
Thanks for your advice Eileen =)
Jessica4   Dec 7th 2009 at 11:02PM
I want to adopt Willow, What conditions do Adoption´╝č
Is Jacob male or female?
jennifer84   Apr 15th 2010 at 2:52PM
hai, eileen i've decided to keep toby forever.... :) can u please put his profile under adopted?
toby is doing really great here, just that his skin still don't have any good improvement...
:(.... but it's all good...:)
shimar   Aug 28th 2010 at 12:39PM
May God bless you for caring for our furry friends *hugs*
nancytan   Dec 8th 2010 at 7:44PM
Dear Eileen,

Is Coco still available to be adopt? I would like to adopt her.I would like to adopt Johnny as well, its better to have a pair of Dogs. Kindly email me at
hahagirl87   Jan 9th 2011 at 12:40AM
Hi, dear Eileen.
Is there any miniture dog open for adoption? I would like to adopt one as my baby...
I'm currently staying in KL, because of I'm staying in apartment, and the space is limited, so I will prefer a miniture...
I will appreciate if you email me the information about it.
sumathi   Jan 13th 2011 at 9:53PM
Hi, Eileen. May god bless you. I am truly impressed with you love n care towards all this animals. I wish everyone would have hearts like yours and this world would not have any stray dogs. Good lucky and hands of to you.
Michael72   Mar 14th 2011 at 11:18PM
Hi, Eileen. Would like to thank you for getting my two cats a new home. Am very impressed with the work you do here. Keep up the good work.

Your neighbour,

Eileen08   Mar 15th 2011 at 1:57PM
Hey Mike, glad to help and hope someday you can chip in too:)
pugsnmutts   Jun 21st 2011 at 3:37PM
thanks for the note Eileen. the person did not call me abt Bobby after all.
weidemjayden   Jun 30th 2011 at 2:30PM
hey eileen u might not know who i am but iknow u do u have a golden retriever for adoption my friend wuold like one,give u a tip who i am ,shaggy,ginger.
GracieAngelina   Jul 8th 2011 at 6:45PM
hey, I live at Kuching, Sarawak. and I want a doggy. how? I interested a doggy, called "Bono". can u help me?
ashwiini1   Jan 28th 2012 at 1:12PM
hi,eileen i'm intrested to adopt kimi.the terrier mix.could u pls tell me more abt him and i would also like to know where u live cause i would like to come and see him .and maybe i could adopt him .
andyhor   Jul 20th 2012 at 9:43AM
Hi Eileen,

Yes i would prefer a pedigree if possible. Also it happens that my 7 year old daughter loves the Beagle & Husky after seeing them at the Pet Expo in Mid Valley recently!!!!


Is your Husky still available????
Eileen08   Jul 20th 2012 at 1:45PM
Andy, have you had dogs before? Is your wife a dog lover too? At 7, yr daughter is too young to be responsible for a dog. Dogs are not toys that you can keep away after yr kid is done playing with them. Also do you know husky is a high-maintenance dog?

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