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NameEnnis Lai
JoinedApr 2009
LocationSri Bintang - Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Occupationinteiror design
ExperienceDog (4 Years)
Fish (8 Years)
Rabbit (6 Years)
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FEIwannaFLY's Pets

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FEIwannaFLY   Sep 16th 2009 at 8:36AM
Rusty- Ya i know yr Queenie not a pure breed...
but she cute and beauty,I believe she will born many cute cute baby...
Yes U should have a Blue eye male husky..
brown eye oso can but just 20% will get blue eye pups loh...
so that i oso finding a blue eye female husky for mate with my Lycan..hehe
Rusty   Sep 16th 2009 at 10:02AM
FWF - i cant have so many dogs in my hse.. Juz a terrace hse.. Can bring in one more large dog only or 2 medium-small dogs..

U want a blue eyes female Husky with MKA cert n microchipped at price below 2k, i think it is bit hard to find.. U got ur Lycan at a very rare good bargain.. Chances to get another one at dat price is slim.. ;)
FEIwannaFLY   Sep 16th 2009 at 12:17PM
Rusty- Ya I know very hard to find the price below 2k with MKA cert...
Last time i bought Lycan RM1000 only actually,with MKA cert n microchipped..is my best best friend selling to me...Lycan are good quality puppy.
Now I planing have a blue eye female husky with red color coat price below 3k..what i need is top quality pups...so that's oso hard to find...
So if u wanna bring in one more large dog,
u will bring in a Husky ?
Rusty   Sep 16th 2009 at 12:27PM
Yes.. Shud be a blue eyes copper red Husky.. hahaha...
I know where to get a Copper Red Husky.. Parent r Copper Red.. so some of the pups to be born will be copper red too.. Eyes color not sure yet.. I have confident dat this breeder selling good quality pup (big bone)... :)

Pup come with MKA cert n Microchip... Price is reasonable.. :)
FEIwannaFLY   Sep 16th 2009 at 12:49PM
O that's good news for me !! thank U
May I know the location of the breeder ?
i will call u afternoon..
my phone number
my email address
sorry amanda, im not interested for small breed dog..anyway thank !
melony   Oct 16th 2009 at 9:59PM
hi, im the pitt bull terrier owner.
ok...deal..is my mistake that i put too high. actually with or without money to me also is ok one, what i wish is just find a good owner to him.
please let me know if u really interested. thank you very much.
ezracassandra   Nov 2nd 2009 at 8:55AM

I just recently got myself a Husky and you seemed like the kind of person who can help me with this.

1)My 2 months Husky keeps on crying at night especially when I put him in his crate.Not sure if there is anything I can do about it to stop..or will it ever stop?? Kinda sad to hear him crying but was told to ignore it or you will end up having him 'manja' and nvr learn to stop crying.Does having toys work? Thought of giving him my bedroom slippers becoz he seemed to enjoy it but usually under my supervision coz afraid he have stuffs in his tummy!

2)How many times actually do you feed a 2 months old puppy? The shop owner said 2 times a day. Feed him 7 am and 7 pm? I often feel tempted to feed him more but was told that he can probably have tummy ache or 'cirit-like' poo.Does it harm to feed him more?

3)I am working so really had to leave him at home but I tend to make it up to him by bringing it out to walk.

4)You have ideas on how to toilet trained a Husky?

5)Was thinking of looking for a female Husky..maybe so he wouldn't feel lonely. Not sure it works or not!!

FEIwannaFLY   Nov 2nd 2009 at 2:14PM
Hi ezracassandra,

1)2month old husky baby will cry when u leave it alone at night,what u can do is sleep with yr husky baby,or keep him inside yr house, dun leave him alone outside.coz he still a baby..

2) 2month old puppy feed 4 time per-day!!The shop owner are not professional !! (7:30am,12:30pm,5:30pm and 10:30pm)pls remember.
when the puppy 4 month old u can feed 3 time per-day. 10month u can feed him 2 time per-day.

3)Ya every one need to work and leave there pet in house,make sure u dun cage it, let him walk and run.

4)toilet train- U bring him to the carpet every time after he wake up.Or u use the carpet/cloth to wipe him pee and let it absorb it(it will be very smelly after that),Don't wash the carpet,otherwise the smell will be gone.place the dirty carpet close to the toilet.Next time when he pee at the wrong spot,don't scold him,bring him to the carpet again.Let him smell him pee on the carpet.Try this method for few weeks (at least).

5)Sure if u find a female husky he will not feel lonely...this is true !
ezracassandra   Nov 3rd 2009 at 11:38AM

1.Last night he cannot stop crying from 10pm-6am.The neighbours must be pretty pissed!He is sleeping inside the house only in his crate because he tends to pee n poo everywhere without giving signs!he even pees when he is running and walking!How long do I have to sleep with him nearby? I am jus afraid that he will not get used to the idea on not having me around if he keeps seeing me. Looks like have to sleep in living room then.. Do you think he will stop crying if i continue ignoring him when he cries for a week? Was yours like this before?

2. Okay then. Will feed him more. I am using the scoop that the shop suggested.

3. You let your husky walk and run in the house or outside your house when you are out? Not sure if safe to leave him outside the house. House is gated..but...you never know.Who knows got dog thief......

4.Dis pup..never sleeps I think. So I don't know when he wakes up. The carpet idea sounds okay. Use towel okay? I have heard of wee pads...don't know if this works or not..or if it even fits his size. A friend suggested to put him in toilet with newspaper..until he get used to it.Tried that, he tried to gnaw on the toilet door!I put him outside..he tried to eat the grill!!

5.One thing that gets me thinking is...if getting a female husky to keep him company..will I have 2 crying huskies?????? Or will they keep each other busy that they will not cry anymore....

6. Do you have any female husky-2 months old..greyish blue eyes?

7. I am going to deliver my first baby in the next 3 months and this is something like looking after baby!!! Only this cries disturbs the neighbours...i wonder if terrace house, neighbours can hear.......????

Thanks a lot!
FEIwannaFLY   Nov 3rd 2009 at 2:52PM
1)sure he still crying coz u crate him, I know he will pee n poo everywhere. But no choice, u need to clean up everyday. Last time my husky baby oso like that,I let him walk and run inside my house,pee n poo my house everywhere..and i need to clean up every morning and night, no choice coz i love him...how long u keep this husky baby d?? May be after 1 week he will stop to cry,may be la, some puppy cry 3 or 4 day will stop to cry.

2)when my husky still a baby i let him stay inside my house,coz i oso worry someone steal my dog. Now i let him stay outside my house,but make sure it's safe.aways lock yr outside door..even u go out a while 10min.

3)Toilet tran with newspaper oso can.use towel are good idea too..

4)Actually if u getting a female husky to keep him company,he will not cry anymore,but i cant said 100% 2 husky puppies will not cry 2geter. I encouraged u observation 1 week, if still crying u can consider buy a female husky.

5)I dun have sale any puppy,sorry about that.
im oso looking a female husky with blue eye for my male husky now.. :-)

6)U life in apartments or..? if u keep him inside house i think yr neighbours cant hear la,a bit loh...
ezracassandra   Nov 3rd 2009 at 8:54PM
1. Haha! I just got Husky last Sunday.Got it the moment I saw her but NEVER thought that they would cry. Long time ago used to have ALOT of dogs before (the bitch mum always heated up!) but they stay outside so not problem. Never cry (probably becoz they hv each other).This is the first time I crate Husky inside our house!

Btw, do you on the aircond on or just the fan?He seemed to be rather peaceful when in the car and on the metal table (in the animal clinic and was cold). Sleeping I think. I am not sure if this can stop his howling. If this does, then very high maintenance ah this pup??!! Will try tonight and see what happens. Still not sure whether to crate or not. I usually on the fan and open the sliding door...but guess it is too hot for him.

2. I placed his old poo on the newspaper in the bathroom..and also sprayed something that smelled like urine on the newspaper. He actually circled it and sniffed and did his business. The only problem is for him to know the location of the toilet..and also to know what he should do if he wants to potty! Instead of waiting for me to bring him to the toilet. Because what I did was just bring him there and wait for him. If not, he will just do it anywhere!any idea on this or i should just bring him there till he is used to the 'business location'? But yar, thanks ..gud idea la you gave.

Is yours potty trained already? Want to check success rate on how fast can get them to potty trained without having to have me clean up his mess!

3. Too bad vet say don't bring him walk yet since the 1st vaccination was a bit doubtful. and microchip is yet to be done since 'abis stok (???)..and not sure the DOB. Need to know those stuffs before get the nx 1.Fraid he gets infected or whatever..

6. I live in single terrace house...really hope la I can sleep tonite. I can sleep if I open the crate and sleep outside I guess... At what age did you let your husky stay outside the house? No crying yah?..another new environment from inside your house?

and..even having Husky for 2 days, I think he is actualy quite smart only very stubborn. Just 1-2 days I teach 'Sit', he already can understand abit I think. Becoz I only feed him little by little (until his potion finish)if he sits down.So now I say 'Sit', he sits and wait for his food.

But I still cannot tell him to go to his crate. I think he knows but he just looks and pretended to not hear and start being playful as if trying to act cute, hoping I can forget about me asking him to go in.

Next, would be potty training lah..thats the critical part..sigh. Hopefully can get this done soon...even my baby start kicking in my tummy also I didn't realize because too busy with pup!
mikecharlie   Mar 15th 2011 at 8:22AM
let me know if u have any husky puppy ok...
FEIwannaFLY   Mar 16th 2011 at 9:56AM
mikecharlie : Yes new born husky puppies available for booking.
Pls call
Ennis :
Wayne : 069
reidso   Oct 29th 2012 at 2:40AM
hello, i am looking for Husky puppies...let me know if available

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