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NameFareen Dzulkifli
JoinedOct 2009
LocationDamansara, Selangor, Malaysia
ExperienceRabbit (2 Years)
Cat (5 Years)
Hamster (1 Year)
Interested InAn Animal Lover
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I generally like animals but l find cats very fascinating. Most people accuse cats of being dumb as they are not as trainable as dogs are. But think about it, cats get you to do anything for them with little or no expectations of them! They practically have a mind of their own, refuse to be told to sit or beg or roll and still get away with it!! Now who says cats are dumb? LOL!

I find it hard to define my relationship with my cats. They're like the family I chose, or chose me :) They're like my kids who will never grow up and will always need me....

I love certain pedigrees like Ragdolls, Norwegian Forest Cats, Mainecoons, British Shorthairs, American Shorthairs,
and not to forget our Domestic Cats for their
individual physical characteristics and personalities.

I have so much room in my heart for these wonderful felines but unfortunately only a limited space in my home to ensure their well being and that they all get my undivided attention.

I've promised my hubby to only have a maximum of 5 cats in the house. And he's even sulking to that! LOL. At this point of time, I've reached my quota of 5 cats. Am I going to stop? I dun think so! Finally my hubby gave in and said 'as long as we don't have cats at every corner of the house!' hahahahha. I think I can manage that ;)

I would love to meet other likeminded people and also gain more knowledge about cats in general, different breeds as well
as be more informed of petsheltering/rescuing efforts.

Feel free to visit my pet profiles and say hi! :)

Fareen's Pets

Sophie, 14 Yrs
Owner's Pet

Optimus, 14 Yrs
Owner's Pet

Dexter, 16 Yrs
Owner's Pet

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silver358   Jun 14th 2010 at 9:53AM
Fareen   Jun 14th 2010 at 3:34PM
Silver: jgn kecik hati pulak. ni namanya sindir berbentuk nasihat :P Actially pads saya kucing baru yg awak nak beli xkisahlah pedigree ke tak, it x pe. sbb saya pun minat pedigree jugak. tapi sblum beli, kena pastikan kebajikan kucing sedia Ada tu terjamin. Awak yg x nak neuter mak dia, so maknanya, anak2 kucing tu nanti semua tanggungjawab awak. takkan sentiasa nak jual je? kalau tiap2 kali lahir cute x pe. if ada yg tak sesempurna dan secantik yg lain? unfair pada dorang...my cats x kisah pedigree or domestic saya layan sama je. takkan saya nak jual dorang just cause saya passionate abt MC? tapi x pelah, ni
pandangan saya je. nak jual atau tidak hak awak. Good luck :)
silver358   Jun 14th 2010 at 6:41PM
hehehe thx..its ok..sy jenis yg terima teguran.mmg for some ppl this is a bit sensitive issue but i know my mistake n mmg xjd pun nk jual..beside this is 1st time klu jual..btw thx coz advice me n really apprcte it..bout da pedigree sy akn kmpul dwet sndri n make sure kucing yg ad xkan terabai..i luv cat n xkan sy nk tgk dorang sumer terabai..sy br je adopt kucing yg xdijaga oleh owner de.sgt kurus.skang br la nk nmpk gemuk sket..tp for temporary jer sbb owner tu nk blk
macgyverjune   Jun 15th 2010 at 1:47AM
Isk!! Fareen.NFO siap terbang terbang & summersault ek?? heheheheh!! jgn mare. akak pun suka kucing perangai camtu.kita kat rmh terhibur menengok :)
AshBoy   Jun 15th 2010 at 10:17AM
errrrmmm NFO terbang & sumersault wakakkaakaka.
actually after witnessing sophie bagi ash belai and garukan badan dia last week...i percaya that anything is possible to happend kat umah kak fareen...hehehee :P

i wonder if Heidi will do gymnastic berirama...:P
Fareen   Jun 15th 2010 at 12:41PM
dahlah tu kak June x payah NFO, kucing akk yg berbelas tu pun sure terbang bagai haha.
Ash, Tht means u hv to come more often so they all let u rub them hehe. dexter will be an achievement :P
shahcats   Jun 15th 2010 at 12:43PM
nak gak terbang2 boleh x??
AshBoy   Jun 15th 2010 at 12:51PM
kak fareen...

YUKI= dah conquer
SOPHIE= dah conquer
OP= dah conquer

both heidi & dexter will be a huge accopmlishment :)
shah... ko nie semua pun nak !!! esh esh esh
Zeiniko   Jun 17th 2010 at 11:53PM
cute nye kucing2 akak! lagi2 yuki..geram ouh! ;)
Fareen   Jun 18th 2010 at 12:11AM
Ryoko: tq :)
Nadz   Jun 18th 2010 at 2:05PM
Hi, thanks a bunch for the website! It really helped me =) Have a nice day
paanjahat   Jun 18th 2010 at 2:58PM
byknyeee kucenn akak........
Fareen   Jun 18th 2010 at 4:25PM
Nadz: Np :) Hope u found what u were looking for.
Paan : tak byk, 5 je hehehe. tapi riuhlah jugak bila semua decide 2b notti together:) ur kinky sgt cantik :)
paanjahat   Jun 18th 2010 at 4:54PM
dia tak cantikk..dia ensemm jerk.hehe2
violetxoxo   Jul 13th 2010 at 10:20AM
c0melnye kucen2 fareen..
geram tgk..
Fareen   Jul 13th 2010 at 10:55PM
Violet : TQ very much :)
deanil   Jul 14th 2010 at 1:15AM
x sempat nak jumpa yuki
Hani14   Jul 17th 2010 at 11:07PM
salam fareen. akak ternpk iklan fareen nak jual cat tree kat mudah dgn harga rm550. cantik cat tree tu.. ni cat three yg ada kat rumah fareen tu kan? fareen buat kat mana? ada design lain tak?
misslily86   Dec 18th 2010 at 4:06AM
hai fareen..comel sgt ur cat..adroble..im still looking cat nak buat patner for my cat.kalo fareen ada info do msg me aite...new rasa cam nak hug je ur cat..geram sgt

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