NameFareen Dzulkifli
JoinedOct 2009
LocationDamansara, Selangor, Malaysia
ExperienceRabbit (2 Years)
Cat (5 Years)
Hamster (1 Year)
Interested InAn Animal Lover
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I generally like animals but l find cats very fascinating. Most people accuse cats of being dumb as they are not as trainable as dogs are. But think about it, cats get you to do anything for them with little or no expectations of them! They practically have a mind of their own, refuse to be told to sit or beg or roll and still get away with it!! Now who says cats are dumb? LOL!

I find it hard to define my relationship with my cats. They're like the family I chose, or chose me :) They're like my kids who will never grow up and will always need me....

I love certain pedigrees like Ragdolls, Norwegian Forest Cats, Mainecoons, British Shorthairs, American Shorthairs,
and not to forget our Domestic Cats for their
individual physical characteristics and personalities.

I have so much room in my heart for these wonderful felines but unfortunately only a limited space in my home to ensure their well being and that they all get my undivided attention.

I've promised my hubby to only have a maximum of 5 cats in the house. And he's even sulking to that! LOL. At this point of time, I've reached my quota of 5 cats. Am I going to stop? I dun think so! Finally my hubby gave in and said 'as long as we don't have cats at every corner of the house!' hahahahha. I think I can manage that ;)

I would love to meet other likeminded people and also gain more knowledge about cats in general, different breeds as well
as be more informed of petsheltering/rescuing efforts.

Feel free to visit my pet profiles and say hi! :)

Fareen's Pets

Sophie, 13 Yrs
Owner's Pet

Optimus, 13 Yrs
Owner's Pet

Dexter, 15 Yrs
Owner's Pet

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sitykuching   Jan 17th 2010 at 6:22PM
hi fareen
could you plz sent to my mail your male kitten photo s? thanks
Fareen   Jan 17th 2010 at 8:10PM
hi negar, very sorry Felix was adopted a coupla days ago and I didn't have a chance to update his profile. Hope u find another friend for snowy :)
deanil   Jan 19th 2010 at 12:44AM
Fareen.. as usual ... check ur email.. i need ur brilliant ideas... :)
stussy   Jan 23rd 2010 at 8:37PM
sorry kt mudah mmg kena guna name tu. sbb sy ada ads lain dlm mudah nnt bila org search name tu semua ads i kuar. lgi satu sbrnya i nk bg balik cousin i.. then dia ckpdia suruh jual je 600. so i pun ikut je la..
Oshyn   Jan 25th 2010 at 1:00PM
kak fareen, rawfood kat tmn melawati 1 container byk mane? besar x? ader x jual yg kecik2?
Fareen   Jan 25th 2010 at 1:24PM
1 container ayam rm9. buffalo rm12. size dia mcm tpperware transparent tahpau nasi tu
Oshyn   Jan 25th 2010 at 1:33PM
owh, thanks!
hakeem   Jan 26th 2010 at 4:00PM
ms fareen.
the furminator u suggest tu mana nk beli...kat malaysia takda pun retail shop nyer..hehehe..murahnyer delivery baru rm6..
tapi kalo pakai tu, abis ler bulu2 anak2 nanti..DLH trus jadi DSH...hehehehe
Crool   Jan 26th 2010 at 8:57PM
kak fareen nama kedai yg jual rawfood kat tmn melawati tu ape ea?..kat sana jer ker ade jual rawfood?...
Fareen   Jan 26th 2010 at 9:00PM
mengada keem ni her miss miss :p Tgk website www.furminator.com Ada video lagi. hehehe jgn tekan kuat sgt, dlh jadi dsh ok lagi. kalau sphynx terus? hahaha. kalau nak beli, visit www.pamperedpoochesstore.com

Sorry deliver rm8. I suggest buy S size. I bought M terbesar pulak. Service company ni bagus and professional. Catbed dia pun sgt best :)
crool, so far kat situ je yg akak tau. Ada satu company lagi but thts dog rawfood. lain sikit.
Crool   Jan 26th 2010 at 9:32PM
kak fareen : Okay...tp nama shop tu ape ea? nanti sesat plak crool g sana mencari..hehe
Fareen   Jan 26th 2010 at 11:45PM
pet epicure. visit website dia Ada address www.petepicure.com
Mentionla ure my friend kot dia bagi diskaun :)
hakeem   Jan 27th 2010 at 7:05AM
thanks ms fareen.
lisachs   Jan 27th 2010 at 11:38AM
Hie Fareen, just wanna ask regarding Barf. Where did u get it or did u prepare the barf urself? Appreciate if u can tell me cos I think I wanna gv to my cats too...thanks.
Fareen   Jan 27th 2010 at 11:47AM
hi lisa, wud live to prepare barf myself but I have the lazy disease LOL so I get it from Pet Epicure in Tmn Melawati. You can visit their website www.petepicure.com and www.catnutrition.org for more info and benefits of barf.

I'm happy ure interested in barf:) do let me know if u need more info or help :)
lisachs   Jan 27th 2010 at 4:14PM
hie Fareen, thx for the info... hopefully I can find tat place in Tmn Melawati cos my sense of direction is very bad, hehe. Anyway, I think its very noble of u to share tis with everyone, well, keep up d good works and all d best..
Crool   Jan 27th 2010 at 4:57PM
Tq ..Kak Fareen..hehe
bgus nasihat kak fareen tue... bukan tu jer sometimes...kcg kita pun bley hlang dlm tempoh mating tu...crool ade kenal sorang ni....dia hantr g mating kcg betina dia kat wangsa maju.... bila dah habis tempoh mating dia g umah org yg provide mating service tue.... org tue ckp kcg betina dia lari dr umah..pastue xnak byr ganti rugi ....aduh... byk problem la klu hantr mating....
AshBoy   Feb 7th 2010 at 12:49PM
Hi Kak Fareen, tadi anto mail nak tgk pic egor kan...yg pic pofile Ash tu leh si Egor...ugly x ??? hehehehee

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