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NameFia Hafiz Fuad
JoinedFeb 2011
LocationRawang, Selangor, Malaysia
OccupationConferences Producer
ExperienceCat (5 Years)
Fish (2 Years)
Rabbit (4 Years)
Interested InRescuing Pets
Providing Foster Home
Adopting Pets
An Animal Lover
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I'm just like yourself - I love pets especially cats and rabbits not because they are cute but because of their personality. Adorable! Geram!

I'm used to owned numerous of cats, rabbits and koi's at home back then, but as I am now moving out from my parents house and started to be more independent (ehem...) I am only brought 4 of my lovely jewels along with me.

We are here to share on our experiences with our beloved ones and extend our happiness and toughtful for them, I mean community.

P/S : For BlackBerry users, you can add me at 21939B18. Thank you.

Your Meow,

FiaHafizFuad's Pets

Miki, 13 Yrs
Owner's Pet

Pires, 13 Yrs
Owner's Pet

Rossa, 13 Yrs
Owner's Pet

Share your comments here3 Comments
rabiah81   Feb 4th 2011 at 3:26PM
HY fiahafizfuad. i am currently looking for a cat to adopt. if u hv any pls let me know.. rabiah.
FiaHafizFuad   Feb 18th 2011 at 9:37AM
Hi Rabiah, Sorry for the late reply.. Yes, I do have 2 domestic male cats up for adoption... Interested?
marissa528   Feb 20th 2011 at 5:24PM
Hai FiaHafiz(sorry tak tau nak panggil apa.. huhu). Sorry for the late reply.. you ada kucing yang tgh bunting eh? Wah, tahniah! clap..clap.. ok, answer for your question,

1- macam mana nak tau kucing dah nak beranak?
Selalu kucing nak beranak akan sebuk cari tempat untuk beranak. you just pay a lil more attention to them. focus tempat dia nak beranak. lagi nak beranak, dia akan lebih kerap lepak kat tempat tu...

2- Masalah earmite
Kucing payah nak bersihkan telinga betul2 sebab u know difficult for them to reach haha. you tgk dalam telinga kalau hitam, mean mmg ada earmite. telinga normal untuk kucing akan nampak 'waxy'. how to prevent earmite? Kalau boleh elakkan kucing roam outsite house. how to cure? Kat pet shop ada jual ear cleaner & earmite liquid. Cuci telinga kucing dengan ear cleaner dulu kemudian taruk earmite liquid dan biar utk 2 hari camtu. dont be surprise, kalau masalah earmite teruk, nanti akan keluar lagi hitam2 (banyak!) lepas taruk liquid tu. kalau tak sure bleh bawak pegi vet dulu, minta advice how to treat earmite kucing ni.

3-Luka kat leher tapi kering nampak cam merebak.
Kalau luka biasa selalu tak merebak. dia kering and just that. tapi kalau merebak tu dengarnya macam fungus/kurapkucing. kalau fungus, u kena act cepat. paling mudah bawak pegi vet and minta advice. kalau you tau camne nak handle, memadai u mandikan kucing u dengan fungal shampoo dan lepas mandi, apply tempat yang nampak cam luka & merebak tu dengan fungal creme. insyallah 2-3 kali dia ok. and put extra cautious untuk kucing lain & u sendiri. fungus mmg cepat merebak.

hehe.. panjang pulak. kalau tak paham nanti buzz saya, ok?

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