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Kid: Can I have this puppy? Parent: No.
Kid: Why? Parent: It's too expensive.
Kid: And if I pay for it? Parent: No.
Kid: Why? Parent: Because it's a mongrel.
Kid: What's a mongrel? Parent: A dog that's worth nothing.
Kid: So, why can't I have it? Parent: Because we're better than that.

WHAM! Reality smacks you in the face.

I have an interesting question now:

I am half Chinese, half Australian. Does that mean I am not allowed to be loved and have a life either because I'm not a purebred, I'm a mongrel? Am I worth nothing?

Fighting this fight against those who think they are 'better than that' seems like a lost cause. Everyday frustrations become irrelevant when you look at someone judging an animal, something who doesn't have a voice to fight for itself. Worse more, that person allows him-/herself to rule over a life.

How is life's worth measured? How can it be measured by someone who lives barely even a hundred years?

Personally, I find those who cannot even treat someone who relies on you for food, whether dog, cat, hamster or even a maid, in a humane and honorable manner are simply to be called 'cock-sucker'. Pardon the crude expression please. These people think only to please those who MIGHT one day, some day give them a promotion or a pay raise, they pay attention to people who are 'above' them hoping to get a share of the pie. Have they ever thought of the puppy that waits for them day and night to come home, yelps for them when they're not around and no matter how much they kick and hurt it will always, forever be loyal to them...? Sigh... Like I said, it seems like a lost cause at times.

I have got quite a number of fur-kids myself. All adopted from various scenarios. My latest addition is a cat which I found on lower ground in Sunway Pyramid. I find it absolutely appalling how it got there (inside the shopping complex, not car park!!). Worse even, I was watching at least 300 people walk pass and instead of lifting a finger to help, they stared, pointed their fingers and said, "Eeeee, that kitten's eye is hurt!". Yes, the eye was hurt so badly that it was completely swollen over and the eye lids were flipped inside-out. Still, aren't we always taught to help those who are in need, whether man or animal?
I have four dogs at home. For me to take that kitten back was virtually signing the poor guys' death sentence. I knew that. But what I also know was that if I hadn't walked into the nearest shop I saw, asked for a box and went back to pick the little bugger up, he would have died eventually, being unfed, scrawny and succumbing to the lack of a mother's care.
When I took him to my vet, she told me to be very careful with him (turned out to be a boy). Mr. White (his temporary name) was given a set of antibiotics, antiseptic wipes, injections and pills to make him fight his eye infection. His needed to be fed regularly and seriously fattening food, but portioned accordingly as not to overfeed him. By the sounds of it, things weren't going to be as easy as 'bring him to the vet and then find a new family'.
My husband wasn't too happy at all. Being a dog-lover and not much of a cat person, he had a natural repulsion of cats. He never had the best encounters with them... At first, I was frantically looking for a new home for Mr. White. I called various different people, asked colleagues, friends, family and virtually anybody who crossed my path.
In the meantime, my sister took on the responsibility to nurture his badly infected eye back to health. She was a fantastic helping hand since I didn't have time during the day at all. After about 3 days of keeping Mr. White and no new home in sight, we decided to give it a shot of introducing the puppies to him. Initially, my eldest girl went slightly psycho as her encounters with a cat have always been from afar. However, she wasn't angry or stressed about the situation, more curious as to what this new four-legged friend in the house is. My youngest girl and boy instead, immediately took up the role of mother and father. They started cleaning him, licking him here and there, protecting him from anyone and everything while he was eating. It was truly a sight for sore eyes.
When my husband saw the magic that happened there and then, we fell in love with the situation and as though love was visible, he opened up his heart like a flower when touched by sunlight.
If a cat and dog can be together like that, wine and dine next to each other, care and protect one another, why is it so hard for humans to understand these basic instincts of nature? Needless to say, from that day forth the kitten stayed. We named him Pancake. Yes, we are passionate food lovers. You can check him out on my Facebook album.


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