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NameJanice Foo
JoinedFeb 2013
LocationPetaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
ExperienceCat (13 Years)
Dog (8 Years)
Hamster (14 Years)
Interested InRescuing Pets
An Animal Lover
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I am not going to rescue/adopt any more pets
It is so disheartening to be accused like I'm a monster when I've given so much TLC to a pet that was unwanted by its owner that it was attempted to be given away 5times. And she apparently only had it for 1week. Even the photo she given was not accurate but I still took it in. I even travelled 1hour just to meet her husband and I was her last potential adopter cuz another person didn't showed up at last minute. And she said I'm not genuine to adopt, if I am I would nvr had gone to a place far away just to get a normal pet. I can afford to get a pedigree pet but I'm the type of person who rather adopt or rescue. So I dont buy pets. And she gv me a pet that had abit of fleas which passed on to my own pet which I had to deflea. But her pet was young so I could not gv extensive deflea as it looked very uncomfortable whenever I tried.

Really regret giving it back to its owner or it would still be alive today. I thought she had a change of heart.. Virus contracted at her own vet clinic but she blame me that I put in a shelter?! I paid for boarding at a sanctuary so that the pet could enjoy VIP treatment as a paid guest and visited him everyday but according to her I'm so cruel (the place was definitely clean of virus, if not the other 7kittens there would no longer be around... And they are all are around and so healthy!)

This lady is definitely a trouble maker as I question her back that I nvr abuse/neglect/ and all my places are clean so why are you calling me cruel and she said she don't want to talk about it. So why are you calling and screaming at me if your only motive is to 100% put the blame on me on a pet that you took back very healthy and only became ill 2days later after you took him to your clinic which probably had cases of feline parvo virus? I just don't want to fight with a crazed person as I feel sad for the pet, even the photo taken of the pet before returning to her clearly shows a very healthy pet.

So therefore no more rescue or adopt or anything bcuz I feel like I'm a monster for returning a healthy pet to a non-reformed owner and hearing it died in the hands of its owner whom is so intent to 360degree turned everything she said.

I will be closing my petsfinder account soon as rescuing and rehome was the only reason I opened an account. And I have no more reason to continue my efforts in here. I will try to help volunteer organizations for animals instead as they can see me for what kind of person I am and I don't want to gv another opportunity to someone who hides behind a computer screen and only calls to scream & blame but would not hear any reasoning.

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