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NameMidnight Maiden
JoinedMar 2010
LocationKuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
ExperienceCat (25 Years)
Hamster (4 Years)
Interested InRescuing Pets
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I grew up in a household full of cats, and am currently the proud owner of four gorgeously notty cats as well as an increasing number of foster cats & kittens.

I try to help rescue,foster and feed strays as much as I can.

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MidnightMaiden   Jun 4th 2010 at 3:33PM
Ina - ahahaha! Cumelnya!!! Kucing yg mana satu?
Si Cheeky tu pun suka sangat carrot..spirulina pun dia suka huhu..kalau nak mkn kena sorok2, kalau tak dia nask dtg curik huhu..

Btw ina nak gi Zurich nanti ea? Nak gi catnap lah anak Ina kat umah Wan hehehehe :)
miazara   Jun 4th 2010 at 3:44PM
kucing tu kat umah mama fina, takder ngan ina... veteran nyer kucing... carot timun suma dia sapu.. nak masak nengok dah ada kesan kekah... sapa lak punyer keja, masa tu tak tau... nengok mulut dia oren oren... soheh.. keja dia...
rumput pun dia makan, pernah ler bg daun sirih, pastu ngeliat ngeliat mulut... nenek kata pedas kucing tu.. bg air, bg air.. macam org lak

deq cheeky pun makan carot, wahhh kucing skang dah tau carot untuk mata lorrrr
Haaaannnnnaaaaaaaaaa i miss yu lah...

wehhh dah pindah ke belum nih??
MidnightMaiden   Jun 28th 2010 at 1:06PM
Fina!!!!! :) :) :) How are u, mis u too hihihi.

Brg2 dah pindah halfway tapi nanti the night before i start work baru gi tido sana kot.

Dah berjaya tangkap tak 2 kitten dlh tu? hehe
miazara   Jun 28th 2010 at 3:16PM
belummmm la... hampeh... i umpan bg anak kucen tu.. mak pak kucen yg dtg makan.... hanginnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

rindu u jugaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.... siap nti nak mai umah... visit...

nantok ni.. kurang tidor.. gooby kacau fina tido... fina tido dia dok korek mulut idung mata... tau tau ada bende bebulu lam mulut...
nak jer baling kucen sekor nehhhh
MidnightMaiden   Jun 28th 2010 at 5:28PM
Ahahahaha!!! Adoi la mcm2... Si cheeky pulak tak bis2 datang nak nyot2 kat telinga org.. Aduhai dah besar panjang pun nak nyot2 lagi..tak tau la nak buat camna!

Btw Fina, BB tu macam takde streamyx je? Tak nampak phone pole pun? huuuhuuu!!! Tak tau la kalau broadband lain signal ok tak kat situ. Nanti kena check. Pengsan wooo, takde internet
miazara   Jun 28th 2010 at 5:32PM
mak aih... ni hidup bergantung kat internet.. masalah besar nehhh....

alahai tu kena tanyer telekom.. rasa ader.. takkan takder kot.. streamyx ada kot... broadband tak tu mungkin
pantang lelap mata, dia mula la mengorek... tension... dua tigorang kat opis ni pun dok tegur apsal mata merah.. tak cukup tito ker.... org yg menegur tu pun nak kena baling gak....
MidnightMaiden   Jun 28th 2010 at 6:08PM
Haha tak la bergantung kat internet, tapi kalau takde net langsung tu parah le jugak

Hrmm dulu my sis duduk that area mmg takde streamyx (mmg phone pole pun takde kat area tu) But that was so many years ago..supposedly by now patut dah ada..tapi tak nampak la plak..huhu. Hrmm tu la, nanti check ngan telekom

Heh heh cian kena buli ngan gooby, mlm ni denda tido luar :) :)
miazara   Jun 29th 2010 at 8:10AM
weehhhh teruk nyer gitu, susah gak takder internet sebab kita dah biasa dgn that facility... nti dah move bg tau fina k....

semalam gooby bawak geng kacau fina... ya ammpuuunnn mata merah lagi tak cukup tido
syahzan   Aug 16th 2010 at 1:58AM
comel nyer kucing2!! :)
MidnightMaiden   Aug 17th 2010 at 10:32PM
TQ Syahzan :)
miazara   Aug 18th 2010 at 3:52PM

hye u... rindu kat u... camna posa? kucing posa tak.. well join ina kat fb tau..
MidnightMaiden   Aug 19th 2010 at 4:44PM
Hi Fina, puasa ok..anak2 bulan pose ni makin bulat..last week bawak Abang pergi yearly vaccine, vet ckp his weight is ok but from now on must monitor, make sure maintain je, takut kalau naik bole dpt diabetes hehehe

Btw whats your facebook dear?
azmyrax   Aug 24th 2010 at 9:29AM
Hello, i tapuas hati betul dengan owner Egeh. takut dia pon mistreat Egeh macam kes fluffy dulu
MidnightMaiden   Aug 25th 2010 at 10:17AM
Hi Azmyrax, sorry I just noticed your comment. I've a bad feeling about it too..why, after 2 years of being her loyal pet, does she dump Egeh at PAWS?? and why not give away her newer pets for adoption? All she put up for adoption are her older pets (Habis madu sepah dibuang??)

I'm really worried about Egeh - from being a housecat to being a stray, caged in PAWS with so many other cats huhu kesian sangat2..

I work in Rawang, if not can swing by PAWS to check up on her ke :( What can we do ye?
azmyrax   Aug 25th 2010 at 10:47AM
the thing is, ramai je berebut2 nak Egeh tu, tapi dia lagi sanggup pergi hanta kat PAWS. That's just nonsense! Dia takut ke pf member yang adopt Egeh tengok macam mana dia mistreat Egeh and again jadi macam kes Fluffy dulu? Jadi, sebab tu dia hanta kat PAWS. Hish!
MidnightMaiden   Aug 25th 2010 at 10:57AM
Itu la yang buat i pelik sangat, it's so senseless!! Either that or dia memang nak lepas tangan je and get rid of Egeh as soon as possible.. she does not want to take the risk of waiting for a long time to find Egeh a new owner (e.g when potential adopter decide tak nak ambik egeh at the last minute etc,she has to find new adopter all over again) so she's just too malas to deal with it.

Can u imagine!!! Sending a beloved household pet to PAWS!! Felt like crying when I read it. geram sangat!
rossa   Aug 29th 2010 at 2:23AM
Hye.. i just found out and really really shocked with ur comment bout me...I have posted my comments bout this in my profile. Well if u wanna know bout something just drop me email or what..appreciate that tak payah kutuk2 camni..

******u can refer my comments that I posted in my profile as per below*****
All this while I'm just a silent reader bout comments regards of this issue-me sending Egeh to PAWS. As for me... pp can think whatever they want as their choice of opinions... but I have my reason too. Of course it was not a brilliant idea and worst decision that I ever made!!! I am crying damn hard when a time they put her into the cage and non stop crying all the way back home..for whole day I can't stop thinking bout her and flashed back all memories when she was a little kitten. Seriously it is not an easy for me.
FYI (azmyrax) She is healthy but have minor injury - she has scratched under her neck which can be heal -normally I apply skin medicine cream or sometime minyak Gamat.
Like I post before.. that many pp want 2 adopt her but I have major prob to arrange appointment when & where to meet due to hectic schedule (i'm working shift which include weekends- my working time is not fixed). So when I rvd good respond that many pp interested so why not I send her to PAWS so anybody who genuinely want to adopt her just can go there. Beside I put some surrender fee and donation to PAWS..so adopter can also give donation fee to PAWS which can help the organization too. I'm thinking that she will probably be there bout a night till someone come to adopt her.
I have replied some of email rvd to visit PAWS but till now none of them respond-imagine if I personally meet them to give Egeh.. are they really gonna turn up or not??- sooo I am really skeptical bout all these -plus trust issue.
****And most importantly, before I have decided to join this Petfinder, I already gave some of my cats to all friends and relatives but most of them are kittens and aged 1 year. Egeh is 2years plus and she is adult cat-most of pp want young cats. With my condition now -living alone,money , time and health prob and soon after Raya...I will be leaving to Dubai- I need to surrender her immediately. All these are not because I suka2 to send my cat to PAWS, senseless, mistreat her or what!!!!.I am not really wanna
MidnightMaiden   Aug 29th 2010 at 9:12PM
Hi ScepticEve, if I wanted to merely kutuk i would have done it behind your back. What I really want is for you to be aware of the issues that i'm trying to raise, that's why I'm posting openly in Egeh's profile, in the hopes that you'll have a chance to read it.

Just to let you know, Azmyra has visited Egeh at PAWS. Just to let you know egeh is not doing so well - runny diarrhea, she doesn't seem able to use the litterbox & has got diarrhea running down her legs. The vet will be in on Monday to check up on her. They're not very sure if she's strong enough to make it....but we're hoping for the best. We will go visit her on Tuesday again.

FYI PAWS doesn't release new cats after 'bout a nite' - probably a good idea for u to check with PAWS official beforehand if you're not sure. Today they said she'll probably be up for adoption in another 2 weeks or so.

ScepticEve, to be honest with you, the most important thing for me is the well being of the cats. Everything else is secondary. If u had had problems and needed to let go of her immediately, there are many many many many temporary fosterers on PF that could lend a hand asap.

Now lets all pray & hope that Egeh is strong enough to make it.

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