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NameSarah Melanie Terry
JoinedJan 2009
LocationSelangor, Selangor, Malaysia
ExperienceCat (20 Years)
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I love all of them...

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Acqua   Jan 14th 2010 at 12:26PM
kak sarah kalau untuk guine pigs fleas prob can we still use frontline tu?
SarahMelanie   Jan 15th 2010 at 7:19AM
Aznor kak sarah tak tau la sal that type of fleas..but selalu budak2 tu kene kutu yang mcm kutu manusia tu..yg bejalan punya.and lagi satu flea yang kat dalam telinga tu.

Untuk flea yg dalam telinga tu leh guna frontline combo spot (c jojo nyar profile kak sarah ade upload). drop 4 titik..comform mati. Combo spot ni untuk kutu yg jalan tu pun bole.but not safe for baby cat below 1 month coz it is too strong.

Frontline spray tu bole guna for baby 2 days and above.

Anyway aznor what is this guine pigs fleas?
Acqua   Jan 17th 2010 at 9:44PM
i dont know either..
but they were moving..
white colour..
SarahMelanie   Jan 18th 2010 at 7:00AM
White color? I think it is something else la aznor..never deal with that kind of fleas before. maybe u can go to the vet to check what is the best medicine for that.. Good luck.
Dear all,

Just want to say thanks for all adopter that taking care of my babies. Im leaving on 26hb but still contactable via email or sms...i really hope that new family can upload the latest photo of my babies. Even i dont sms the new family anymore i really appreciate if u can just update me about my babies. Even they r adopted already..they r still my baby.tq.
yana0601   Jan 19th 2010 at 1:58PM
hi sarah..so ur final decision?..hehehe..so sorry..juz wanna ask.tq
SarahMelanie   Jan 20th 2010 at 6:53AM
Hi Yana..Sarah actually worried Jojo is not happy at his new home..Now he is stable and independent..if really passion about cat i think u can adopt him. Give me a call to further discuss about Jojo.. Thank you.
I want to keep Jojo coz he is so lovely..the issue now he and Kinai keep on fighting. So i have keep Kinai inside the room. I dont want to keep Kinai inside the room coz he is not happy. only when iam around Kinai will be out to roamg the living room. If i keep Jojo inside the room, worse..he will start to meow 24 hours. I only hope that Kinai can go along with Jojo..soon or later..
Fareen   Jan 20th 2010 at 4:32PM
hi Sarah, just my opinion ya. Stimes in order to make sure our babies are happy we have to make difficult sacrifices. u clearly live all ur babies :) in this case Jojo pun sayang Kinai pun sayang. But if they have not gotten along for sometime, they may not get along at all. How long has it been?

Perhaps for the cats sake, one of them has to go to another home to ensure their happiness. Gaduh2 ni stressful for the cats...but u just have to make sure they go to a very good home. Sbb Jojo pun baru recover kan.

So u decide which one is the best lah ya...
SarahMelanie   Jan 20th 2010 at 5:05PM
Hi Fareen..i love them both. Seeing Jojo sleep peacefully in the living room is a relief...But Jojo have to go coz he didnt get along with both Kana and Kinai.Kinai and Jojo start to fight when they return Jojo last month. maybe they didnt know each other anymore. Jojo and Kanajawa also fight but sometimes only.Even when they return Bumble B i have to keep Bumble B in the other room coz he fight with Kinai,Kana and Jojo. Bumble b start to meow2 inside his room and everytime i went back home i have to cuddle him first to comfort him. After a week luckily Bumble new family took him back. They all r stranger to each other after adopted.

Home is no more peacefull if they start to fighting (chair r upside down, their bowl and cookies is everywhere,Kinai pee around to mark his territory when Jojo around bla bla :)). Lilo and B white also make sound run here and there if this 3 guys fighting.

Worse suppose to spay c Lilo ni hari tu..but during adoption period busy to intertained visitor and bring her for vac before spay,cannot make it..dah terberanak lagi. 5 babies (Hasil dari Lilo+Jojo). They all very adorable also...Sarah always love babies. But that will be the last generation of my babies. Coz after join Pets finder, Sarah really know the important of spayg a cat.With so many stray cats on the street why i should breed them.Learned about vac and start go to the vet also.In our village no body know what is spay or vac or vet.

The last generation tu i named them Lulu,Cleopatra,Tom, Jerry and Shyshadow. Cleopatra color like Mojoe. Shyshadow like stormy (color like russian blue),Lulu like optimus prime color. Tom and Jerry is white and grey in color.All long hair except for Lulu.
Fareen   Jan 20th 2010 at 6:07PM
laaa Ada new babies rupanya.....how old are they now? hmmm kena start adoption process again. sempat ke before u leave? tapi babies u mesti comel :)

tulah, nanti spay dorang ye. nampaknya active si jojo and lilo ni hehehe.
SarahMelanie   Jan 21st 2010 at 6:37AM
tak sampai seminggu lagi Fareen.. :). Babies tu maybe Sarah release pada orang Sarah kenal and penah datang visit baby2 Sarah. For the time being my hubby will take care of them..by the time Sarah balik, mesti semua dah besar2 n nakal2..Then baru fikir nak release pada sapa..
Shyshadow pass away last night and just found she is dead this morning. The sudden dead of her was shocking me coz last night she was just so active and full with milk. started to question Kinai and Bumble White who stay in the same room..sape punya keje? maybe Bumble white play with her last night i really dont know. so i keep Bumble white and Kinai outside.Her body still hot mean she was just dead.really sad..
Soft reminder to all new mom and dad who adopted my baby..Please do spay and vaccine them.NO cage unless it is necessary.
anNeLove   Feb 23rd 2010 at 9:01AM
hye k.sarah...do u still have any kitten in white color?
SarahMelanie   Feb 25th 2010 at 9:16AM
Hi shikin, akak takde yg pure white color but white + black or white +brown and white+grey ade.but 80% white
anNeLove   Feb 25th 2010 at 2:10PM
yeke kak..hurm..zpelah kak.mak saye yang minta cr kucing yg color puteh semate2.
demand ckit my mom ni..heheh
MiraJasmen   Mar 8th 2010 at 3:29PM
waah...shumew cute!
ashkarma   Apr 14th 2010 at 8:52PM

gr8 werk sarah-
this wt i luv.. petfinder.

ayuni   Dec 18th 2011 at 3:06PM
can i have one of them?

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