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NameZaimie Anuar
JoinedNov 2013
LocationSetiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
ExperienceCat (1 Year)
Interested InAn Animal Lover
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I never had a pet before but after I met my love partner who adopted such a lovely cat named Jacob, I fell in love at the first sight to this gorgeous creation. Before that Cat is not my thing and I don't really like them or even think to adopt one. But Jacob was the first cat that made me feel comfortable and loved when he was around me. I can feel as equal as my partner's pained and sadness when Jacob died. We felt lost in this family and just left two of us. As a pet lover for many years my partner has decided to adopt another kitten and the main reason is to have another great companion other than human relationship and defiantly not to replace the late Jacob because he is irreplaceable. We went to see our future companion and wanna feel if there is strong chemistry between 3 of us. There were 3 adorable full white Persian kittens and 2 of them came straight to each of us and immediately we can feel a strong connection and chemistry against each of them. At last we have decided to adopt 2 of them and since we are currently not moving in together yet so each of us will adopt 1 kitten to bring to their new home. I adopted a female kitten which we called her Bella and my partner took a male and we named him Archie. Since that my experience with pet begun. We adopted them on 31st Aug 2013 meaning that I only have 2 months plus experience with cat. I'm lucky because my partner has few years experienced with cat before n I learnt a lot. So far I guess I'm doing great even Bella such a play fool and active kitten but adorable. She's independent and like to be pampered when she wants to. Usually over the weekend Bella will meet Archie either at my place or my partners'. That's some intro about me related to pet. What a intro huhu .... Hope any pet lovers out there can guaide me by giving the relevant info or guaidance.

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