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NameAnimal Lover
JoinedApr 2009
LocationIpoh, Perak, Malaysia
ExperienceDog (14 Years)
Dog (8 Years)
Dog (5 Years)
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An Animal Lover
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I am a animal lover.I have 3 dogs now.I pray to god that us human will love and not torture animal.
In pain n loneliness, they can only cry in silence,hoping someone would care enough to listen, If there a choice, they do not want to be stray.They stray cos of human IGNORANCE

Wanko's Pets

Wanko, 3 Mths
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kennyphon   May 12th 2009 at 2:26AM
Today i am so mad and angry not because of the rusty screw........actually because of someone said i am a LIAR at petfinder, Amyway i must take it easy if not i will gila with him again and again HA! Ha! Thank for you care i am sure very soon will recover.

I got 4 injections at Trang Thailand Hospital and never in my life received 4 shots at one time (not including the free rusty screw HA!)

Yes that the POLO CLUB i am taking about. I only found out lately there are BS and BSD fun training and i think is free too. YMCA is open training for all breed of dogs. I think better for me to choose POLO CLUB because mean for working dogs. IF you got time on sunday morning you may consider to go there for a look and see how how the fun training dog will benifits ur BSD in return.

By the way early puppy hardly bark at strangers they only love barking when boring, for extra food, for toys and if the master didnt see her for along time. Dont worry so much abt ur BSD now. About a year old later she will built up her nature protection. Let you dog be friendly with others and home surrounding before she reach mature then you will see a great different.

About The Dumping Stray DOGS issue at Pulau Ketam almost everybody on earth knows alreadylah even my US friends email me “what wrong with our Muslim country?”.

I told them actually many Asian countries faced the same problem how to overcome stray dogs matter. For instant like Singapore during the 50's mostly the island surrounded by jungle and there are a lots of strays dogs happy wondered around the villages and some lucky dogs even will keep inside the house by the local ppl.
During the painful time (Japanese intruded Malaya), all strays dogs are highly value as heroes to protect their villages.

Looked what happened to the stray or streets dogs after 40 over years. Indeed this days Singapore already becomes one of the well known Cleanness CITY in the world. Did anybody focus on that matter?
1) Where are the stray dogs gone?
2) Is it outbreak diseases make them gone?
3) Is it The Town Council Authority makes them gone?

Believed it or not majority stray dogs gone because of fast city development and they don't want these stray dogs to be freely wondering in clean city environment anymore.
Even today those who like to keep dog in HDB flat houses must apply dog permit 1st before they are allow to consider one. (Permit only to small breed toy dogs). And for those living on private landed properties they may allow for bigger dog breed like GSD.

About my BS still shy but improved a lot compare to last 2 weeks. She was so scared and refused to step into my car when I took her to YMCA for the 1st time. WOW! Sunday dogs meeting there really packs and seem like dogs don’t have much space to do training and also not very good for the dogs paws to do training on hot surface tar road. Then the following week when I open my car door my dog JUMP in without my command. SEE DOG AS SMART AND SHE KNOW I AM TAKING HER OUT TO PLAY HA! HA! This time I went to TAMBUN POLO CLUB where the field is so much greener and about 4 times the size of a standard football field. I think this place is the best to consider for training workout with my BS because time to time I can unleash her to run freely. This place is like heaven to her because the moment I unleash, she so happy and run likes SPEEDY GONZALES Ondalay Ondalay Ariba Ariba. Here is safe to unleash dog because not many pets around, perfectly soft carpet grass very good for their paws, less damaging hips joint and they even SIT faster or STAY DOWN longer on grass. I am pretty sure very soon I can take away her hidden shyness.
Well at the moment only 4 members included me, 2 GSD and 2 BS. If you interested to joint in, please call me so I can plan out where to meet up. Aiyah don’t worrylah even you bring 10 dogs here also FREElah but if you come here without your GSD…....then oh! Don’t mind to bungkus White coffee for us……….Ha! Ha! We also highly expecting the coffee you tapow is also FREE for us.
lynielime   Jun 4th 2009 at 9:09AM
hi wanko, sorry i'm not good at trapping dogs.. they always run away from me too..

you mentioned that the dog your friend wants to catch is afraid of humans but will eat the food left for her. as far as i know, your friend must keep doing this for as long as it takes until the dog begins to trust her. tell your friend to stay nearby while the dog is eating so the dog begins to associate her with food. as the dog gets more used to your friend's presence, your friend can slowly begin to move in closer everyday. it will take time but i really don't know any other quicker way..





Judy   Jun 13th 2009 at 12:08PM
I'm actually searching for the Ipoh..s not many
in petfinder.I'm Ipoh too,i saw your comment regarding the paralyse dog.!! Very True irresponsible human have cause animals suFFering!!I wonder why the enforcement don't do anything about it;-[
Got your reply,Thanks!I think i happen to saw it in TV in my mom"s place but not so sure about the whole
story.What really happen??Ya;-[you are right not many petlovers in Ipoh.I'm in Pasir Puteh.
GOODNess!! theres no one in that Island?? You mean only the dogs? Ok when free i will go into the website you gave me,and i will get the story there.Thanks..keep in touch sometimes..and nice to know the few Ipoh...s like you;-]
lynielime   Jun 26th 2009 at 8:37AM
hi wanko, i'm not sure..
your GSD's operation sounds like a major procedure. i've only ever had to bring my pets to the vet for relatively simpler things.. let me ask around about good veterinary surgeons.
Judy   Jul 20th 2009 at 2:18PM
:)) I'll try ask around.if you are in my profile,you see one with "Yuki"something.She stay in Taiping she's actually looking for pups.You can try contact her thru petfinder.Oh,yes,i need help,you think you be temporary fosterer or maybe someone you know like "us"petlover;I just need someone to take care my dogs for 4 days...i'l wait for your reply Thanks a lot:))
WoW!! Really a hand full of pups:))!! Now we have to start asking people..hehehe!! Does the owner want to keep one or two for themself? Oh,as you saw i have a shi tzu and a poodle they are just medium size.They have to be indoor or at the back also can.the shi tzu is one kind of dog can easily get Lost if it ran out of the house:-( the day will be next thurs.pls let me know,but don't feel oblige you if can't handle i understand.if it is OK we have to meet together with the pets.:))
yuki735   Jul 21st 2009 at 5:57PM
hey.. yea.,.. but are you from taiping... because we cant go out to get the pups... thanks for letting me knoe..
Judy   Jul 22nd 2009 at 9:47AM
dear wanko,really Thank Q so much for explaining to me about the cage i really Laugh!! when you said if they can jump 5 feet high!!giggles:))wow i didn't know you had a chi wa-wa bcoz i only saw 1 dog in your profile.Is that the GSD?Why you term it GSD? I really not familiar of this term.Well,i think your cage will be fine for the poodle and shi tzu!Candy Maybe.. not so friendly,the poodle is OK because his intelligent alert him of what he should do.OK i try to call you tonight and we can talk about the visiting:))Thanks again!
haha!! I got it now its a German Shepherd.Now i know the term.Aiya,i am getting MCC now:-)Ok we talk later
vivi   Jul 23rd 2009 at 11:33AM
oh what a irresponsible breeder.
how come gsd are the one commonly diagnose with hip or hind leg problem?
Judy   Jul 27th 2009 at 11:20AM
!!:)) I've put Wanko's picture in my profile already one under ChunChun and the other one under ge-Girl(Candy)another proflie.You can see clicking on it:))You know what? i have email the SPCA Melaka and ask about the Chiwawa.They haven't reply me yet.
Glad that you like it:))Aiyo!! this Paul is not from Ipoh.I thought he's a Ipoh person../haha!!if you go back to the Chiwawa profile his comment is there "seehow,,something".So i sms him Giggling:))Well,actually,i'm very back dated to modern tech like handphone and computer.But as i got my hands on it learning from friends,i get quite good at it!:))You know what i think someone in melaka is going to adopt the Chiwawa.Actually i got a surprise to tell you but i think now its Not so much a surprise kana:[ Tell you again when we meet.I think the Chiwawa is going to get a Good owner:))
hi! How have you been doing with 2nd opinion(Doc)??I don't know if you happen to read this.I plan to visit you,Wanko and ciV with my daughter coming Saturday afternoon.Is it OK with you?You sms me ok.We chat somemore.
yuki735   Aug 13th 2009 at 12:05AM
hey.. thats nice.. cute little pups... :P
BerniceW   Aug 14th 2009 at 7:48PM
Thx for your concern on the "injured pregnant dog"
Judy   Apr 13th 2010 at 2:02PM
:(( Aiyo!! Ya la How come Sandy also has a proflie in Petfinder??! Don't worry,people will sure look into one profile and contact them.Peggy or siew Kit will decide who to give la.:)) Toby is really Cute la
SandyChan   Jun 11th 2010 at 1:58PM
I have deleted Toby's profile since you have created one. I do hope someone kind will adopt him and offer him all the love he deserves. We have to choose very carefully this time.

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