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I am a animal lover.I have 3 dogs now.I pray to god that us human will love and not torture animal.
In pain n loneliness, they can only cry in silence,hoping someone would care enough to listen, If there a choice, they do not want to be stray.They stray cos of human IGNORANCE

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kennyphon   Apr 29th 2009 at 11:32AM
Peacock is a very beautiful bird but not easy to kept it as a pets. Yes Tambun area got alot of common Owl at night. Since you like GS is good to train her when still young stage. Few day ago I brought a 5 months old BS (Belgian Shepherd). She is very shy and scared with my adult Rottweilers so is my job to fix them together. All i can do know is play more longer hours with her to buildup her confident with me and my nasty dogs. Ha! Ha!
You are right brown, smaller size (very much look a like local PARIA dogs except full dark muzzel, partly tan on face, legs and back) Reason hard to find Belgian Malinios because not many home like it looked after all only the police or the army around the world value it so much like buddy in their daily job as well as your GS too.
Compare to this 2 breed BS and GS both are smart dog. According to the world dog servey BS can work longer hours at any given time, less major health problems and perform some special task that mostly GS fail to do it. To me all these are not so important as long the dog is a good family pet will do....ha ha ha.
You make me confused abit, you said "a big dog enter ur jiran house" so what dog breed is that in black? Do you mean a local big mongrel dog?
Dog muzzles come in many sizes must measure the dog head and muzzle. If to small can kill the dog because cannot lick water or make the dog uneasy.
I can help your jiran on this matter as long the dog is in Ipoh but i have to measure the dog 1st.
I am going to Thailand on this sunday for 1 week to do some swiftlet birdhouse inspection and only can return ur comment/ question when i return.
Hi, Good news u buy a mouth muzzle for ur jiran. Now his dog can walk abit freely outside the house.

I came back from Thailand yesterday. What a bad day for me step on a rusty screw make me so pain and tired on my injured foot. Because I looked in the sky for birds flying and didn't watch thing on the ground ha ha.

Aiyah my worker told me that my BS refused to eat for few days when i was not around. Anyhow this morning she was so happy when saw me return and her tail swing like a full speed car whiper ha ha.

Most likely by next week I am bringing my BS to Polo Club Tambun for the 1st time, where she can play and learn dog tricks with others BS and GSD there. I guess must be fun for her.

How is your GSD? Still pee when shy?

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