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NameAngie Lee
JoinedOct 2009
LocationWilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
ExperienceDog (10 Years)
Fish (2 Years)
Bird (1 Year)
Interested InAn Animal Lover
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Sashy   Oct 13th 2009 at 11:33PM

This guy brought an irresponsible pet seller to court, they said it was tribunal court. My law is bad so I can't be sure which court level it is, or whether its the same as consumers court.
angielee   Oct 15th 2009 at 1:30AM
yes i will gather all victim together and do a report.
well this is irresponsible seller and even threathen to beat me. I will go for consumer right to complaine him. hope all the victim also can go complaine him as well. I wish no one should buy any dog from this guy..
anticruelty   Oct 16th 2009 at 2:04AM
nonit...u go...consumer complaint...juz need pay rm20 nonit personer lawyer...
angielee   Oct 17th 2009 at 12:41AM
thanks for your advice anticruelty. Actually im thinking to gather a group of people/victim to complaine this fellor..i hope no one and animal can be his victim next time. If he cannot provide a good pls dont sell. If cannnot refund pls dont stated refund there...If he wanna do business like gangster pls close the shop....u make all dog seller ashame..dont know how come you can sleep at night
limshenghong   Nov 26th 2009 at 4:56AM
can you please show us the evidence? Interested buyer here
angielee   Nov 30th 2009 at 2:31AM
i have all the receipt and also the medical report from my vet dr. well i wont simple accuse people without proff.this seller have a lots of bad comment but he have deleted some listing that y u cant see it here..i swear to the god i did not lie..
putritaqwiim   Dec 1st 2009 at 10:21PM
if the seller willing to kill the puppies for leaving his life, i wonder where did he get the puppies parents for breeding??...he willing to kill n what bout stilling.. lots of cases of poodle missing...i advise that we should check on this case too ...
angielee   Dec 11th 2009 at 7:08PM
hey ravin do u think i am stupid to advertice my contact number here ??well to me u are just like a rascal and gangster i dont want any harrasment from u. do u ever remmeber that u been threatened me in phone??anyway this is just my personal problem with the seller....for me he is damm irresponsibility and he had deleted many bad comment from others member to him in another post..if u not scare y not u just keep the post and lets everyone judge on u..well all buyer u can judge yourself whteher u wanna buy or dont wan buy from him..i just tell my personal story up.my dog die within 3 days after my purchase..i swear to god i am one of the victim..buyer pls judge yourself and i not commenting bad about him just my view about him
first of all i have the letter and medical report from doctor..anyway as i not publish here does not mean the things never happen...so far i all the way i just heard all bad comment about u. i wanna make the thing clear that i dont want this guy harrast the doctor and as this ravin is a very very rude guy..for others memeber feel free to email me if u need the prove from me but not u ravin
putritaqwiim   Dec 29th 2009 at 8:03AM
tq 4 backing me up..i already knw how he is just the way he replyd.. anyway,i bout my poodle 9month ago only rm 500 frm 1 of the breeder near subang airport or a.k.a kampung melayu subang if u want to get new 1 n afraid of the past nightmare... sadly some1 stoled him 1 month ago together with another 2month puppy...
FreddyChin   Jan 23rd 2010 at 1:13AM
Sheena is liar
n dont buy Sheena dog,have parvo virus or no vaccinated,if not belive please check the Sheena profile,my dog buy there also die of parvovirus.than cant refund $,under warantty change another 1,also heavy sick! maybe lately will die >_<

remember the fatty india women shop address:

42,jln temengung 1, sentosa pertana 41200 klang
(behind police station)

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