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NameTricia -
JoinedAug 2008
LocationKuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
ExperienceDog (25 Years)
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I am a working mother of two kids. Well, 4 kids actually, if you count the four legged ones. I have 2 dogs at home, Sally (rescued terrier mix) and Cody (Golden Retriever).

I also Co-Owned another two dogs who is staying at Grandma's house, Bubbles (rescued mongrel) and Brandy (labrador retriever).

[Update May '09] As of May, Brandy, Cody & Bubbbles are staying together at Grandma's house. They've bonded so well it's difficult to separate them. Still undecided whether to bring Brandy or Cody home with me, because they seems so happy there. Also lah, Grandma & Grandpa also don't know which one to let go as they've grown so attached to them.

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Brandy, 15 Yrs
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junlee   Dec 4th 2008 at 1:30PM
wow...great!bout ur coment on candy..u know more bout dis..hehehe....but wory if thy really suceed2get her back...candy wil b abandoned again....thn how?ai.....
chino   May 23rd 2009 at 12:09PM
Dear Baca..Tks 4 ur encourage,Really Worry this Irena being seduce by people:(just read Guana ad now the d0g hilang !!!!try call her handpnon but no answer!!what can we do???P/s:)TKS Baca..GODBLESSS Your FaMILy AND YOUR DOGGY..SAw YOUR PROFILE..U R REaLLY F0rmidable leyy..c0mpare to you im just peanut!!!:)will make sure evey single of my day is meaningful!!!
irena6300   May 23rd 2009 at 2:28PM
i mnot dun wan take guana photo...js guana dun let me take..now may be she is in other owner liao...hope she can find new owner!!!T.T
Sashy   Jun 9th 2009 at 7:16PM
Ya can tie :) But i dont like the 'coconut tree' look haha. And my dog will use her paw and push it off or make it lopsided. Its funny while it lasts though!
Right now I just keep the fur between her eyes short, and brush everything else back :) But Bugs likes to use her paw and brush all her hair in front of her face, she looks like The Beatles, with hair all over, then I brush her again and she does it again so I leave her looking silly.
My grooming experience involves wrestling the dog still, grabbing bunches of fur, and chopping it off :/
PuppyWanted   Jun 10th 2009 at 11:18AM
how do u feed few dogs at once? u feed them all at the same time ? Will they eat very fast until no chewing as they scare their frens will come and grab their food? for those who finish their food fast, will they go to the other dogs' bowl and eat their food ? how do u train this ? pls let me know. Thank you !
irena6300   Jun 21st 2009 at 11:07AM
may be u dunno my background.i cant say anything bout my family,but is a truth,so messy.
from i small it already so messy although there is no any pets.may be u can come to live my house for few day.u will feel tired.very tired.my aunt,a gambler,my uncle,two wife.is it messy?yeah,messy
jesse   Jun 25th 2009 at 3:04PM
Dear Baca,I see your Brandy was in the pool from one of the photos..I wanted to buy one for my dogs but Pet Shop owner advised me not to because their nail will tear it..How long your pool can last?
Thanks baca
PuppyWanted   Jul 3rd 2009 at 12:37PM
I'm currently helping my friend to foster a 3-month old puppy. This puppy is so naughty. He bark (not whine) non stop for soo long when i cage him. If I let him out then he'll dunno play or fight with Diamond. Both of them will jump and bite each other. After a while, this little pup go to bite my plants. I whack him using the plant that he bit but he continue biting the plant after a while. I gave him bones to chew and after a while he bored of the bones and continue to bite other things. I caught him and slap his mouth and legs but he make loud whine sound and struggle a lot until I let go. When i tied him, then he will start barking already. I beaten him sambil saying "NO" but he seems not to remember (he doesn't do it at the moment i say "NO" and in less than 10 sec he continue again). pls let me know what shud I do.
I have been fostering the pup for a few weeks already. I feel like i'm bonded with the little pup hehe. I think i gonna tell my fren that i jst gonna take the pup with me. But, he's quite naughty. He always barks when he's in cage. He's left in the cage in the car porch. Sometimes, he will not bark. When he knows there's someone in the house, he'll barks hoping someone will release him out from cage. He will start barking early in the morning and sometime night. when he sees people in the house with door opened, he starts barking and once close the door, he continue barking. when he sees ppl standing near and looking at him, then he stops. How can i train him? I can't release him to run everywhere in the car porch for now as he'll bite and ruin all my plants and everything... i once read a book that to stop a pup from barking is to go near and make him bark then use food to stop him from barking.. but once i walk near him, he would already stop barking. How do i train him stop barking
URGENT : The local authority for my house is DBKL and I live in intermediate terrace house. I've 2 local mongrels currently. I got a notice from DBKL asking me to reduce the number from 2 to 1. I think it's the neightbour that went to DBKL to complain. I went to DBKL and they said intermediate terrace in KL can only keep 1 dog. Please advise me on what should I do to keep my 2 lovely dogs. I can't afford to let one of them go. Please ... Please .... Please !!!

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