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NameAnnie Chan
JoinedNov 2012
LocationIpoh, Perak, Malaysia
ExperienceDog (3 Years)
Cat (1 Year)
Reptile (5 Years)
Interested InRescuing Pets
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I started my rescuing journey since 2010...started with rescued a kitten which tried to cross the road...slowly rescue pups n rehome them. I got 4 rescued cats wth me and one dog(my own furkid)Due to not enough space in a small terrance house I m not allow to keep all the rescue animals.So I wish thru this path I can find more kind hearted people to give them a second chance to live by adopting them.Please support adopting but not buying.Since that you have the desire to keep a dog or cat why must it be a pedigree? Being stray is the toughest thing for them,some more they have to hide here n there from those heartless dog catcher and all the psycho animal abuser.If they make their day they can get something to eat otherwise most of them will be starve to death
Please neuter your pets,this is the only way to stop the problem in multiplying the numbers of stray.
Before u decided to get a pet please ask yourself a few questions.

1) will u commit with them for the rest of their life no matter they r sick or growing old ?

2)does your passion of keeping a pets will carry on for a long time till the last day of their life?

3)Can u bear on some of their so called bad habits like barking,pee n poo etc (in fact this can be trained by YOU if u r a responsible master, REMEMBER ! THere got no bad dogs but only bad master !

4)Are u willing to spare some time with them or just tie them outside your house for the rest of their life ?

5)The last one ! Will u treat them and love them as one of your family member rather then just a pet or animal
If most of them is a YES so congratulation you may have get one pet for yourself to spice up your life !!

Please support adopting because everyday I faced a lots of sickening n sad cases about the abandoned n strays on the street.Please help us to help them by spreading this message around your friends n family. Thank you.

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Jack, 8 Yrs
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NANA , 7 Yrs
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