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Adopter, Animal Lover

NameEdward Chong
JoinedNov 2010
LocationKlang, Selangor, Malaysia
ExperienceDog (14 Years)
Fish (10 Years)
Interested InAdopting Pets
An Animal Lover
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i's jz a simple guy who found luv 4 dog after needin 2 help my best fren out when his 1mth pup (GSD mixed) coz he was informed of his transfer 2 penang from his current base then in klang (yup there is where i'm - still) after jz havin d pup 4 a mth.

wouldn't say i'm experienced (but learnin) compared 2 all of u here though i had baboi (tats his name given by my buddy's wife in tagalog) 4 gud 14yrs. baboi hav left us now due 2 old age & s well s associated sickness such s rheumatism, poor sights & hearin. it wasn't easy seein him & live thru d days wit him towards d end coz he was sufferin 2 much. my heart sting so badly when i hav 2 pull myself together doin wat i recalled from d movie "Marley & Me" - askin baboi if tis is it & shall i put him 2 sleep 2 end his sufferin like Owen WIlson askin his retriever in d movie. guess wat, baboi tried puttin up a strong front 4 me by tryin 2 get up (kinda like sayin, "look i'm alrite"). like said he tried a few times and faillin every attempt til i said 2 him, "its ok lets c how u do in a few days time wit a pat on his head" (coz at some point he seems ok then got worst a day o 2 after). anyway tat day came & my parents told me 2 spare him by endin his sufferin coz it was reli 2 much 4 all of us.

baboi is gone now but never 4gotten coz wat he gav me 4 d last 14yrs is priceless. will remember him deeply coz he was indeed my first pet apart from fishes i hav thruout my life (ornament fishes).

so now i'm lookin 4 another dog 2 adopt 2 cultivate luv 4 animals (in tis case dog) 2 my 1yr old sone ethan & at d same time save another poor soul out there simply bcoz dog is indeed a man's best fren jz like d sayin & true 2 every word & meanin of it proven by baboi... edward

edwardtmchong's Pets

Baboi, 24 Yrs
In Heaven


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