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NameElisabeth Martin
JoinedSep 2009
LocationShah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
ExperienceDog (34 Years)
Cat (35 Years)
Reptile (8 Years)
Interested InAn Animal Lover
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I am an American temporarily living in Malaysia with my husband who works in Shah Alam. I have had pets all my life and rescue any animal I find in need. I love animals and my heart is broken by the way many are abandoned and mistreated by people. I believe animals are a gift from God and that we should love and take care of them and enjoy the great blessings they can bring to our lives. I also believe that it is our obligation to spay and neuter our pets - letting them run around and multiply is very irresponsible. Creating more homeless pets is only adding to an already huge problem. We rescued a dog that was hit by a car and have rescued so many cats that I can't count them any more (I think 14). We are moving back to the US in May and are looking for homes for several cats, as we can only fly 4 back to the States with us. Please help...we are running out of time!

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ManekiNeko   Nov 25th 2009 at 5:50PM
Hi, Elisabeth, and thank you for your comments! I also agree that the short/kinky cats' tails are wonderful. I ask this simply out of curiosity: Have you investigated the possibility of bringing Zacheus with you to the US? I have no plans to leave Malaysia, but I often wonder about how difficult it would be to bring my own kinky-tailed Maneki with me should I ever move on. (Can't imagine life without that cat, really...) :-)
elliem   Nov 26th 2009 at 2:30PM
Hi and thanks for responding. I had hoped you were interested in adopting!! I'm sure someone is out there that will respond, soon.....??? We brought our two cats from the US with us and will be taking them back when we leave. Taking Zacheus with us is not an option. My husband does not approve of the animals I now have, but at least he pays for my love of rescuing them. I couldn't possibly keep all the cats I rescue. My intention is to rescue them and find them good homes. Otherwise, I would not be able to rescue them at all. Our home in the US is on the edge of town and there are around 10-12 feral cats in the neighborhood that we feed. When I found out we were moving out of the country, I could not bare to stop feeding them when they rely on us for food. So my husband set up feeder outside that auto-dispenses food 3 times a day. We pay someone RM 350 every month to come by and refill the feeder and give them fresh water each week. When I was home in July, I trapped 8 of the cats and had them spayed and neutered and vaccinated at a cost of over RM 2,000. (This was in addition to the many cats we’ve fixed up to that point.) We also feed many street cats in our neighborhood in Malaysia. So, as you can see, though my husband doesn't approve of my cats, because we move around and travel a lot and they are great expense, he is still gracious enough to pay for me to help animals. It's more than I can ask. Though I love Zacheus, I have to act with my head and my heart. The only way I can help animals, is to continue to rescue them and find homes for them. Thank you for your concern. Many people abandon their pets when they have to move. In the US, it is a $2,000 (that’s RM 6,800!) fine for abandoning your pet, but some people still do it. However, the plight of animals in the US is miniscule compared to the situation I see here in Malaysia. Take care :-)
saidimuhd   Oct 27th 2010 at 11:07PM
Hii Elisabeth , saidi here :)

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