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NameEzra Cassandra
JoinedNov 2009
LocationSubang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Interested InAn Animal Lover
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I love dogs and cats.

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FEIwannaFLY   Nov 2nd 2009 at 3:14PM
Hi ezracassandra,

1)2month old husky baby will cry when u leave it alone at night,what u can do is sleep with yr husky baby,or keep him inside yr house, dun leave him alone outside.coz he still a baby..

2) 2month old puppy feed 4 time per-day!!The shop owner are not professional !! (7:30am,12:30pm,5:30pm and 10:30pm)pls remember.
when the puppy 4 month old u can feed 3 time per-day. 10month u can feed him 2 time per-day.

3)Ya every one need to work and leave there pet in house,make sure u dun cage it, let him walk and run.

4)toilet train- U bring him to the carpet every time after he wake up.Or u use the carpet/cloth to wipe him pee and let it absorb it(it will be very smelly after that),Don't wash the carpet,otherwise the smell will be gone.place the dirty carpet close to the toilet.Next time when he pee at the wrong spot,don't scold him,bring him to the carpet again.Let him smell him pee on the carpet.Try this method for few weeks (at least).

5)Sure if u find a female husky he will not feel lonely...this is true !
1)sure he still crying coz u crate him, I know he will pee n poo everywhere. But no choice, u need to clean up everyday. Last time my husky baby oso like that,I let him walk and run inside my house,pee n poo my house everywhere..and i need to clean up every morning and night, no choice coz i love him...how long u keep this husky baby d?? May be after 1 week he will stop to cry,may be la, some puppy cry 3 or 4 day will stop to cry.

2)when my husky still a baby i let him stay inside my house,coz i oso worry someone steal my dog. Now i let him stay outside my house,but make sure it's safe.aways lock yr outside door..even u go out a while 10min.

3)Toilet tran with newspaper oso can.use towel are good idea too..

4)Actually if u getting a female husky to keep him company,he will not cry anymore,but i cant said 100% 2 husky puppies will not cry 2geter. I encouraged u observation 1 week, if still crying u can consider buy a female husky.

5)I dun have sale any puppy,sorry about that.
im oso looking a female husky with blue eye for my male husky now.. :-)

6)U life in apartments or..? if u keep him inside house i think yr neighbours cant hear la,a bit loh...

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