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hey my name's Fid and i've been a cat lover since i was a kid. my house has been surrounded by cats all the times. but the thing is, those cats that surround my house are not a super friendly cat. lol. well, my dad love to give them food anyways. even though they're hard to touch, my dad doesn't care and still give them food until now. my dad will buy cats food and give them to those unfriendly cat. as for me, i love cats. i am crazy over heterochromia cats, which borne with two different eyes colors. ugh!how i wish i could have them and pamper them. well, maybe ONE. at least.. heh.

so i had a story about a cat that i loved most. unfortunately, the cat had been in heaven now. and the saddest thing is she wasn't supposed to die in such way-a tragic accident on a rainy day.

it all started back when i was 15, i had this cat. the name's, COPOT. hah. yeaa..it was a weird name but it just popped up in my head at that time. actually, it was based on my mom's favorite song. i kinda don't remember what song it was but it's my mom's favorite. Copot is a super cool cat you're ever meet! unlike any other cats, they maybe shy or unfriendly with strangers, but Copot, she loved to be pampered and brushed. she loved to cuddle. call her name, she just ran to you. gosh!how i miss her...

the amazing thing is, she came from out of nowhere. i was walking with my sister back from 'mengaji quran'. and there she was, following us. i thought 'oh, maybe she just hungry'. i just ignored it but she followed us until we reached home. so, i asked mom to keep her. mom gave permission, so there she was living with us startign from that day..

it was started on this morning, it was raining heavily and i was prepared to go to school. i was playing with Copot as usual. nothing's weird or awkward on that rainy morning. after finished breakfast and prepare to school, i walked to the car and get ready to school. my mom always drive me and my siblings to school. that morning, when mom reversed the car, suddenly we were shocked by a scratch under the car. we were stunned and like wondering what caused that sound. my mom reversed the car until we saw a cat lying on the ground, deceased. it just barely moved. i was speechless and my mom shouting because that thing just happened unexpected. i cried and i'm asking my mom didn't she saw Copot just ran under the car... yeah, it was intense. on that whole day, i was in a bad mood and we all mourned for Copot.

it was emotionally devastated that she died in such way but what can we all do. it wasn't a purpose action. it's not my mom's fault anyways. we all hadn't noticed that Copot had ran under the car. maybe she went there to follow us to school or she just wanted to be warm or something. i'm gonna miss her till my last breath. she's the best-est ever cat i ever had.

RIP Copot
we all love you.

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d0odlez89   Jun 1st 2011 at 12:44PM
so sad to hear about ur copot.. hope u can get a new cat as pengganti...

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