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NameGrASS Penang
JoinedOct 2008
LocationGeorgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
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We assist people by helping them put dogs/cats for adoption.

Still quite new with cats.Learning more about them.

As for fishes its the basic information.

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Em, 7 Yrs

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junlee   Dec 21st 2008 at 8:11PM
hi...actualy d list u gav me i saw thm n 12adopt thm whn i adopted AUDI.but i stil choose2adopt AUDI cos dats d last chance4him.JACK can jump very high,he likes2jump.KIWI n LENA i seem like didnt c thm.i would like2adopt MAX,WEN WEN,SHEENA,REVA,n CHARMIN.these r in my list12adopt.but my hubby dun like i spend...i really duno how2adopt,cos quite lot of mony giving away.he very funny1,he said,v adopted dat dogs means helping thm2release their burden,y stil must paid?n y thy 12put thm sleep oso dun12let ppl who12adopt4free?i think wat he said oso funny....i juz hope dat i can adopt thm soon..if not,oso hope dat sombody can adopt thm soon...these dog all i played wth thm.wen wen very well behave,max seem like very scare n sad..he is d 1st i12adopt not only make him hapy,n oso12make him good looking...n another1mongrel pupy not in list,i think oready adopted...i hope dat thy wil not put2sleep..if not i wil blame myself...eh,if thy oready12put thm 2sleep,wil thm giv FREE?hehehehhahahha....juz asking...
d fee is same even neuter o not neuter.mongrel n pedegree same charge...my AUDI no nueter RM150.if oready neuter 150 oso....female wil more ex....i know cos thy hav no sponser from goverment oso....but dats wat my hubby said....hahahah....
i miss her sooo much...even i never c her b4...if earlier,she is mine...i juz hope she is happy.... >_< if u got dog plz inform me..mayb my hubby wil 1....
yup..TQ!!!hope i can hear from u soon... >_<
vivi   Jan 4th 2009 at 7:46PM
I have read some of ur posting with sars.
i didn't mean anything bad but just to let u know sars and vinodman are only 13 year old.
Maybe u should have check with their parent before u let them adopt the kitties or puppies that are up for adoption. Just a precaution step. Maybe they really are very sincere to adopt it but their main $$ sources came from their parent so... i suggest u really need to check with their parent first. :)
Haha oklah. Just to let u know.
Happy new year.
jesse   Jul 22nd 2009 at 6:00PM
JScott..I can't foster any puppies at my house eventhough I would love to..my 3 male dogs are very jealous and rough..Max injured Micah(6 weeks old) on his 2nd day staying with me till sent to vet...my sister took him back to KL and returned to me when he was 9 weeks old..still get bully here and there..They won't let any dogs come close to me..
The 5 puppies ready for adoption ? If yes, I will check if my neighbour still wanna adopt a short coat male puppy as guard dog..Another friend of mine is looking for a pufy hair male puppy..I asked him to wait for next batch of our puppies if any..
Wow, so fast..glad to hear that..enjoy your weekend
Hi Jscott..my sister will be coming back tonight..call or sms me if you need to send any of your puppies to KL..don't have internet at home..
strawberry   Dec 29th 2009 at 2:08PM
hai, im jasmine do u have a dog for adoption at kuching, please....

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