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NameIrena Tan
JoinedApr 2009
LocationKlang, Selangor, Malaysia
ExperienceDog (5 Years)
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Rabbit (2 Years)
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an animal lover..

irena6300's Pets
Puppy 2, 10 Yrs
For Adoption

Lucky, 1 Yr
Owner's Pet

Guana, 14 Yrs
Owner's Pet

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XioN   May 17th 2009 at 3:16PM
are they pure breed toy poodle?? i want female..
and at least how much you selling??? do u have any pics of them?? sorry ask so much.. hehe
Deki   May 17th 2009 at 3:37PM
Irena, sry, din c ur comment earlier, u hv 10 dogs to rehome? I will b bz fr now on, may b u can get chino, daphne, vivi or sum other rescuer here 2 help, keep us posted if any progress
chino   May 17th 2009 at 4:52PM
Irena saw many comments so u r letting 0f to adopt 0 selling???no tail d0esnt mean unwanted my dear!!!will try to hlp c0z you also my Young Frns leyy!!
XioN   May 18th 2009 at 2:22PM
Oooo.. can get lower??? do u have any pictures of them??? i want to see.. :D
chino   May 18th 2009 at 6:00PM
Sweet irena one of my frn interest but in pure breed 0nly so ley u can email me with d0ggy attachment 0k????her budget very low 0ne..but female m0umantai!!!><
MinceToiletPaper   May 19th 2009 at 1:12AM
Destiny was adopted from the 3 QQ Pricesses.
Yup She just bully all the pets include dog and cats. always pounch on them in a playful manner. So now everyone start avoiding her and she is kinda heavy weight and when she jump on me too also can feel pain. Destiny starting to get hyper active already.
PuppyWanted   May 19th 2009 at 5:28PM
u got a lot of pups? how old ?
XioN   May 20th 2009 at 12:06AM
Ooo.. can u give me his details as in from where and contacts all.. thank you.. :D
ok.. thanks oo
Beleryns   May 21st 2009 at 6:15PM
erm.....what colour?
baca882004   May 22nd 2009 at 5:53PM
irena6300, on Guana, which you are giving up for adoption - 3 months is such a long time to fight over whether to keep a dog or not. I mean, if my daughter brought back a dog WITHOUT my permisson, I would give her 1 week to rehome. After 3 months, if my daughter is still able to feed, groom and clean her, I think I'll let her keep already. Anyways, just my opinion.

Also, if you still have 10 puppies, I suggest you find adopters soonest possible. You cannot play with them when they are cute and then give them up when they are older.

And I suggest you sort out these issues with your family. If really your mom do not allow you to keep puppies, please wait until you are older to take in new ones. That is the most responsible thing to do.
chino   May 22nd 2009 at 6:52PM
Dear Irena noT friend 0r not problem...even th0u you try hard its n0t u r suffering frm your family..Pls d0nt ever said your family cupid.They Love you ,pls d0nt ever said you Wanna put urslf up tp adoption :(Fr0m the begining you should not adopt puppy coz you 0wn D A GR.with the other adult dog!!Im sad but not provoke you..how com before u take Guana with Bell.your parents allow??and n0w not all0w as Baca Said???Frm i 1st kn0wn u ,u impress me..(thIs YOUNG GAL GOT SO STRONG WILL TO CARE FOR ANIMALS..i should pay my respect even she young)but recently you asking around many members to adopt ur puppy i just ignore,than again every cute puppy u sh0wn very interest !!???all is ur decisi0n..coz now you R Guana 0wner..All WE DO ..nobody will Know ..but Gods KNows.ALL THe BEST.:)
vivi   May 22nd 2009 at 9:25PM
irena dear,
please don't misunderstand chino's meaning.
It's not that she don wan to be friend with u,
but what she means is, before u try to make any decision, try to approach ur parent and ask for the opinion and suggestion.
and yes! it's not good to scold ur parent stupid.
it will only hurt urself back.
bcos u know they love u and u only said it now bcos u'r feeling angry with them.
But think think think....
we all claim we are animal lover but other than loves the animal we mut also loves our family.
it's all the round connection.

good luck irena for finding guana a new good home.
take care.
chino   May 23rd 2009 at 1:03AM
TKs ViVi yup thats what i mean...aiyooo When Irena Comment she Wanna put her up to adoption..i really felt hurt..4 Irena and Guana.!!!The World outside not that u think is beautiful ,ITs UGLY !!!!Dont ever leave ur family!!Bc0z of them u R safe and sound With0ut them really many things u cant imagine u need to been tru!!!Think Twice PlEase..Now at my age i also kena nag but thats our Mom...the 0nly thing i do is i nid to listen..TRu but will talk to her when she cool d0wn..EVERYBODY IN PF..ALL PARENTS WILL NAG OR SAYS NO TO US NO MATTER WHAT AGE WE ARE!!!!IF ANYBODY SAYS MY PARENT WONT DO THAT TO ME...IT WONT assist..KALAU ADA ORANG ITU PENIPU!!!!!I CAN SHORTHEN MY LIFE TO PROOF U!!!Again can YOu Disscuss with BELL????i THINK HE IS THE 0ne Who Adopted GUANa,ryt????if you really got problem email me..dont ever think your family not good!!!!Please !!
baca882004   May 23rd 2009 at 6:51AM
irena, just happened to go through Lucky's profile. Very cute dog. Seems like more attention has been put on him to create the profile, with wordings about his moods etc?

Whereas in Guana's case, I feel that those pictures are quickly taken and posted for the sake of adoption only.

If you want to increase Guana's chance of finding a good owner, please do the same so that people are more willing to adopt after seeing her various moods. Look at Bell's post on Guana, you can sense that Bell really loves her.
Good Morning Irena 8)
irena, yesterday must be very difficult for you. Please know what we gave a lot of comments because we care about Guana and you. If we don't care, we take "hirau" you already.

You know good friends, brothers, sisters also fight and argue right? That way, the bond will grow stronger.

So today is a new day. Be stronger, learn from your mistakes and be better. This is all part of growing up experience.
Deki   May 23rd 2009 at 9:01AM
Irena, Chino Jie Jie din mean dunwan 2 fren u, aiyoooooo, u noe chino & vivi jie jie always fren everybody wan (unless TK hahaha), everybody here try 2 advice & help u, dun worry, we try 2 help rehome Guana ok??

Don think ur family stupid, if they stupid how u now 15 years old dee? They r so smart to hv a pretty daughter like you, cheers!!!! U cute lady u noe.....but luks a bit tin la, eat more....
vivi   May 23rd 2009 at 12:11PM
hahah deki, if she eat more and turn out to be tehe opposite then jia la lorr.

jus kidding.
good luck irena.
Hope u will find guana soon.
irena6300   May 23rd 2009 at 2:31PM
huh...i m not keeping the 10 pups la...i m js helping them...they are stray dogs!!who mind to take them js go there and take!!its is not mine...and no owner..

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