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NameJesse Lim
JoinedJun 2009
LocationButterworth, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
OccupationAdmin Exe
ExperienceDog (2 Years)
Cat (2 Years)
Interested InRescuing Pets
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My name is Jesse. I have 3 male dogs and my sister has 9 (6 females & 3 males) . They are puppies of strays at Bukit Sentosa,Rawang, Selangor. My sister Jane brought them to Penang and they live happily with us in Butterworth, Penang since then. My sister always rescue puppies from that area and become a fosterer until we find them a suitable home. So far, we sucessfully found home for 40 over puppies. 20 in Penang and 20 over in Kuala Lumpur. We are doing our best to save and rehomed as many as possible. Please contact me at 012-4882310(Penang) or my sister Jane at 012-2282002(Selangor) if you are interested in adopting puppy.

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irena6300   Jun 19th 2009 at 6:20PM
i very curious bout this..if they dont likes dog and dont love my dogs they wont go and sayang it..and why they keep kepo in the mating?and keep teach me want to take few of the pups from the other owner..hais...and my dad only the irresponsible ppl..although to his child..means me and my siblings..my mum she scare dogs but she likes dogs..she always say maltese so cute..
Deki   Jun 26th 2009 at 10:25PM
Vivi & Jesse, u guys flatter me, thx anyway.

Shld suggest best pictures voting for ALL PETS here........ for those who put so much effort to put up pics for adoption, esp. raynkan's pics, personally feel dat its still the best of the best.
chino   Jun 27th 2009 at 4:48PM
hi Jesse tnks Q!!!just saw ur c0mment :)agreed to Deki as Ryankan picture makes mutts looks s0 nice and cute:)Godbless and nice to meet you Jesse
baca882004   Jun 30th 2009 at 9:56AM
Hei Jesse, sorry, been very busy lately. Not much time to go online. So, for the swimming pool, yes the bottom does "pecah" a bit. But it's a small, tear, and the water binds the plastic so the the water doesn't flow out so much. By the way, the plastic at the bottom is soft, not the hard brittle type.

And we don't keep the pool outside all the time. After playing, then we dry it and keep away.
Deki   Jun 30th 2009 at 3:02PM
I think I heard of dat b4, will cek the CD shp. Thx Jesse.
jesse   Jul 1st 2009 at 9:58AM
My friend's sister in Puchong adopted two male puppies from my sister on Wesak day(9/5/09). One of the male puppies was taken by her bro in law a week later..When my sis Jane called her again on Monday to check on her puppy status and to see if she can be of further assistance..she gave us a shocking news--the puppy dead last week..poison..
The said puppy was rott mix,short hair with long tail..he is the biggest and strongest among his sibling..he was first adopted by a friend of my Subang colleague but returned to us bec their beagle injured his back leg..my sis took care of him till he was fully recovered and then past to new owner..but his life was very short..4 mths plus..Initially the owner wanna adopt another rott puppy to accompany him but she dare not bring in any puppy at this moment after the incident
All 32 puppies adopted in Pg & KL are still alive and kicking except for this poor puppy..
Deki   Jul 1st 2009 at 11:21PM
Jesse, thx for rec the Japanese Movie, u luk great too!!!
chino   Jul 2nd 2009 at 12:08PM
嗯~有的:)如果理由合理咯~多数能的hehe~~~under table also kao timmmmmm
Deki   Jul 14th 2009 at 11:27PM
Jesse, u look really great !!!!! You need more than 3 body guard, hahaha....
irena6300   Jul 16th 2009 at 2:04PM
u got huskies?
jesse   Jul 16th 2009 at 2:48PM
A friend of my sister in KL imported a pair of Husky with AKC cert..They gave birth to 8 puppies 2 mths ago..They are not for sale..They have been keeping 2 puppies every time it gave birth..now have 8 huskies(6 adults & 2 puppies) at home..balance 3 pairs given to friends already ..I dare not adopt them..not qualified to be their owner even I'm crazy for them
irena6300   Jul 16th 2009 at 4:17PM
ooo...i help my friend looking for huskies...he has a golden and a spitz and a mongrel...
jesse   Jul 20th 2009 at 10:06AM
My sister just found out that there is a BYB at her area..Elder marama sheep dogs and Icelandic sheep dogs were abandoned by him..No wonder Max and Micah's mum (Stray at that area) look different from mongrel and some of their puppies are similar to these two type of sheep dogs..And he has a male Icelandic sheep dog that looks exactly like my cody except for shorter, very heavy fur and standing ear..he was very upset when he found out that my sister wanted him to bring back his elder female marama sheep dog that being abandoned months ago instead of buying puppies from him..
grasspg   Jul 20th 2009 at 2:22PM
I;m going to need help to foster about 5 pups possible?
irena6300   Jul 20th 2009 at 3:22PM
wah...tat byb really...cruel

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