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NameJun Kit
JoinedNov 2008
LocationKulim, Kedah, Malaysia
ExperienceDog (19 Years)
Cat (19 Years)
Fish (19 Years)
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hav 3dogs now.

junlee's Pets

HERO, 13 Yrs
In Heaven

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maggiekim   Nov 26th 2008 at 2:08PM
hi,i'm just helping a fren to rehome her pet-blossom.sori no pic.but maybe u can contact her owner-Jace.Thanx!!
lyecheah   Nov 27th 2008 at 2:32PM

know that your DIDI is pass away, I can feel how sad you are... because when I was young I also have a dog accompany me for many year and he pass away when I was 9 years old... that is the first time I know what is "dead"...

Now Romeo is missing, I'm very sad too but indeep of my heart still hope he can have a good life with someone care of him and wish I can met him again before his or mine life end...^^

AmyNsy   Nov 27th 2008 at 4:30PM
ya...tat is my dog's foot... i have a spitz now...is good that the GSD puppy is with u, i believe u able to give him a good home...^^
vivi   Nov 28th 2008 at 12:16AM
Jun, we should be happy that Bday found her home. Maybe she have found a very experience owner that are able to take good care of her. Sometimes it's not us to choose which and which doggie is for us, but it's the time, situation, experience, and jodoh that choose us. Rite?
Don worry, just pray for her to be happy and come on there are lots of other doggie that needs more help than Bday. Rite? Good Luck and keep up the good work.

Oh yeah do post up Hero pics. All of us r waiting for his profile here. Good Luck.
AmyNsy   Nov 28th 2008 at 2:19PM
yup...tat lengzai's foot...haha...btw i think u overlook my profile as lengzai's profile...lengzai is male...^.^
nope...in fact i'm accounting student...not creative person at all...if ur creative is refer to the pic...is just ngam ngam hor i able to take the pic...^.^
StephanieOoi   Nov 30th 2008 at 1:32PM
Thanks for your comment, junleewei!
janegoh   Nov 30th 2008 at 9:42PM
I am a part-time breeder, just to breed some dog to cover my expences, for fun...
Em, my chihuahua, no puppy le, i seldom let her pregnant....
if you got come KL, come to find me, K!
vivi   Dec 1st 2008 at 10:51AM
Got 2 of my own. Another 1 belongs to my sister.
jon502   Dec 1st 2008 at 2:27PM
i do sell rottweiler puppies and gsd puppies.. price negotiable... send me ur email and phone number.. i will send u the pups picture ur interested to buy.. if ur interested pls send me the information of pups colour.. male or female tat u need.. tq
AmyNsy   Dec 1st 2008 at 2:30PM
nope...i'm currently in KL...i take leng zai along with me...but anyway will back pg end of dec...at tat time will need to look for job d T.T
jon502   Dec 1st 2008 at 10:14PM
i try to send to u once i get the picture.. where are u from?
arts02   Dec 1st 2008 at 10:27PM
just 1 i had.why u looking for sickness dog...?
AmyNsy   Dec 2nd 2008 at 2:36PM
graduate on tis december...so need to find full time job d...haha...i'm lucky coz i got fren who have car can take my dog when holiday...tats y i able to bring him along ^.^

as for me i think give away the dog is much more better than jz leave them on the street (ofcoz provided there is valid n reasonable reason to give away la, not jz simply do it) i'm encouraging ppl to give away dog with any reason but we do nid to take into consideration tat the owner may really have their difficulty ^.^
janegoh   Dec 2nd 2008 at 8:28PM
i got 4 chihuahua, all stay in my room, can u imagine, my room is damm messy b'coz of that 4 chi....
I will let u kow once i got chi puppy, k!
AmyNsy   Dec 3rd 2008 at 2:34AM
ya...hope can work in penang as can stay with my family...no problem at all coz my housemate all like him very much...i mean i can bring lengzai along is bcoz i got transport unlike others can bring their pet along...^.^

i online in my hostel n my hometown will oso got internet...i wonder actually how many pets do u have? ^.^ coz seems like many... =.=
wow...so many dogs ya...but jz don blame urself for tat decision coz as u said, if they stay with u at that moment, u wont be able to take good care of them...luckily all of them have a good home now which is the most important things... ^.^

so how is Hero now? everything fine? surely he has bring u a lot of fun rite...haha...hey, can him mixed with other dogs? coz my dog seems like cannot mixed well with others? wonder how can he knows frenz....=.=
nice word to describe tis little fellow 'anak tunggal'...he will also sit behind the door (my hostel is condominium) and tis is told by my h/mate...he eat everything even is chili (i gave him jz to let him know not everything can eat...who knows he still able to makan =.= )...
jon502   Dec 3rd 2008 at 7:13PM
heyhey.. nice to meet u!:P
give me some time.. i help u find 1 niec rott pups...!!:P
okie okie.. !!

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