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NameJun Kit
JoinedNov 2008
LocationKULIM, Kedah, Malaysia
ExperienceDog (19 Years)
Cat (19 Years)
Fish (19 Years)
Interested InRescuing Pets
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hav 3dogs now.

junlee's Pets

HERO, 11 Yrs
In Heaven

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daphne1985   Feb 6th 2009 at 3:33PM
Do u noe yesterday I juz told my bf about this plan leh. I ask him earn more more money after we rich i want him spend money for me buy a place to breed stray dog and rescue dog. He said ok no problem...Need saving ad o
daphne1985   Feb 6th 2009 at 4:09PM
I hope can help those stray dog to prevent them from getting Kill by the Dog Killer. Do u noe, that is one case happen in my hometown, got one time the government pay the private dog killer to shoot all the dog and pay them 1 dog RM7, so they have to accumulate all dogs death body to get the claim frm government. And u noe they even shoot one of the owner Dalmatian, that owner very angry and scolded them, they said even though the dog hv license and have owner but if we as a owner let him out without walk them out also have to kill this is set by our government. So they kill until no stray dog they will kill our pet if they seem it. Very very cruel..
jusky   Feb 8th 2009 at 3:17PM
easier to manage...

kazukiying   Feb 8th 2009 at 6:06PM
h3y JUN you got anather dog ?????
kazukiying   Feb 9th 2009 at 6:13PM
woh . do you know some one who dont want MALE POM or want to sell it in cheap price ?? and the MALE POM still can have babby ???????????????????
vivi   Feb 9th 2009 at 8:02PM
so how is hero now?
daphne1985   Feb 10th 2009 at 9:48AM
Jun, hope Hero will fine and can get well soon, please check vet immediately, have u bring Water to vet for body check up before that if he got any virus?
junlee   Feb 10th 2009 at 5:17PM
HERO got fever only,but scare wil kena virus...so i hav2take good care of him...hope he wil b fine..he juz took 2 vaccine only~
kazukiying   Feb 10th 2009 at 6:03PM
thx ~~~~~~~~ hope can fine one as soon as posible so that my CINDY will not be alone
daphne1985   Feb 10th 2009 at 6:22PM
good to hear tat..Gambateh o..
daphne1985   Feb 11th 2009 at 5:46PM
Hi, Murphy not yet reach my house, tis is only d picture
vivi   Feb 11th 2009 at 9:07PM
when u bring Hero to the vet, did the doc run the worm test on Hero?
They directly put med on Hero?
Shouldn't they run the worm test to c whether it's positive or negative first?
junlee   Feb 11th 2009 at 11:46PM
i duno..my hubby brought him there...vet juz checking d mounth n suhu...asking dis n dat lo~
daphne1985   Feb 12th 2009 at 10:43AM
Jun, last week after work i saw one kitten fall down inside a big dig (longkang Besar), the kitten keep meow and meow, me and my colleague who very love cats to save this little kitten, the kitten is very cute, with Black and White color and blue eyes. But is very fierce, when i hold it, he bite me. I dont care lo so i still hold him up and went to seven eleven to ask for small box then put it inside the box, after that, I went to 1 mamak stall ask the crew there to help me adopt this kitten since i saw they hv few cats there, the mamak guy very nice and said ok, so i past it to them. I cant bring this kitten back coz i'm using Star LRT back my place, they do not allow pet to go in the train so no choice have to find someone adopt it.
daphne1985   Feb 12th 2009 at 6:28PM
Tat kitten tat we safe very cute, Tuxedo color, Black and White with blue eyes. I hope I can adopted it, but we cant bring it with LRT. I hope tat Mamak guy really take care it well lo, I scare they just throw it away.
daphne1985   Feb 13th 2009 at 2:17PM
Jun, very happy, Murphy is coming tomorrow..U couldn't imagine how excited I'm..Arrr.......1 more day only, he will be KL here at around 2:30pm..

I'm so happy to give the best to him tat's why i do not want to adopt that kitten coz i afraid he will got virus coz he is coming frm street, i afraid my careless will coz Murphy again so for safe purpose I look for ppl adopting him..
jusky   Feb 16th 2009 at 2:47PM
Hey there, nice to get back with you.

Would you be by any chance interested in mating you adorable pet with mine?

Please do reply and contact me for further discussion?

It would really be appreciated. Thanks very much.

daphne1985   Feb 16th 2009 at 4:17PM
Jun, Murphy very obedient not as hyperactive as Yuuki, Yuuki is too active..hehe, but I love both of them oso. Murphy is cute and very fluffy the fur, he look a bit untidy coz haven't do any hair cut, breeder advised me to send him to pet salon only after full vaccination done for safe purpose, so no choice o..I'm so love him until i go to work oso count down when I will finish work. hahaha

But I still a bit worry, I worry to lose him again like Yuuki..after a bad experience I have the bad impression on my mind..
jusky   Feb 17th 2009 at 5:22PM
too far?
jusky   Feb 22nd 2009 at 6:37PM
oh, right, sorry:)

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