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NameJun Kit
JoinedNov 2008
LocationKULIM, Kedah, Malaysia
ExperienceDog (19 Years)
Cat (19 Years)
Fish (19 Years)
Interested InRescuing Pets
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An Animal Lover
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hav 3dogs now.

junlee's Pets

HERO, 11 Yrs
In Heaven

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arts2787   Jan 15th 2009 at 12:09AM
no la, i'm just had one. d only poodle i have.
daphne1985   Jan 15th 2009 at 10:27AM
I hv juz update yuuki pic, can hv a look now ad.
daphne1985   Jan 19th 2009 at 4:29PM
Thanks Jun for support me from Yuuki sick still now, although i'm sad bout my Yuuki but happy that hv a fren like u. I suspect my Yuuki did not get parvo is HGE coz i went read the forum there under (Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis in Dogs - Be aware of symptoms) which is exactly the same symptom that Yuuki have but Dr from Segar very untrustful, they might wrongly announce my puppy with parvo, coz i juz done vaccine and seldom bring him out from home, most of the time he is with me at house. Some more I go and read more about parvo the symptoms are different from my Yuuki. I'm so sad, they are using wrong medication to kill my Yuuki!!! you can go and read the forum under HGE, the person that wrote this forum name lynielime, her puppy got tis illnest and now get well already...I'm so poor, going to wrong vet..I HATE SEGAR!!!!i 'm thinking to sue them but do not noe how, if u noe plez let me noe..

daphne1985   Jan 19th 2009 at 4:46PM
I'm really upset coz trying my hard juz to rescue my yuuki but was fail...
daphne1985   Jan 21st 2009 at 4:37PM
Hi Jun! Are u a dog trainer? u provide training for pet? u r so awesome.. Keep ur work up oh..Gambateh
AmyNsy   Jan 23rd 2009 at 4:45AM
hi jun...long time din chat with u...really busy recently...just drop by to say Happy CHinese New year to u ^.^
kazukiying   Jan 28th 2009 at 10:48PM
hello godmother how my dog ???

vivi   Jan 29th 2009 at 12:01AM
Wat crazy dog?
y crazy ler?
happy chinese new year.
angpau angpau
vivi   Jan 29th 2009 at 10:48PM
hmm.... what kind of dog is she or he?
did ur doggie got abuse before?
know who is the previous owner?
daphne1985   Feb 4th 2009 at 11:49AM
Jun, Water so pity.. Please take care of him well, I believe if I see him I will cry, I hope I can be like u help him as muz as I can. Please bring him to the vet and see how is his health condition. Please do update bout his health condition, I wish to noe and will check my Veterinary book see what can we help him..

Hi, my bf have book a new Yuuki for me already will be deliver to KL on 14/02/2009 (Valentine's Day). For the moment, I'm sterilize my house so that the virus can inactive. This time I need much careful, Do you have any idea about the proper way and what should I do, if my ex-puppy got parvo and now I really worry about new puppy safety? I heard tat u said last time ur puppy get this parvo oso rite so after that what u did to prevent others pet from getting the same virus?
daphne1985   Feb 5th 2009 at 10:22AM
so Jealous u still can help people to temporary care their puppy, I hope I can as well..Haiz..Why u stay so far, if u are staying around KL area I sure go and visit ur house and give u some help..hehe
daphne1985   Feb 5th 2009 at 12:06PM
Hi jun, I have just create a new forum topic about (Parvovirus), I copy the information from my Veterinary Guild book name Natural Health for Dogs and Cats,which is a homeopathy treatment very effective for house use. Read it and U may save more dogs and puppies from getting the same virus.
daphne1985   Feb 5th 2009 at 12:07PM
daphne1985   Feb 5th 2009 at 2:22PM
Hi Jun, really wish to adopted Ashly (I m Back). Erm..hope can convince my housemate to accept her as well.
junlee   Feb 5th 2009 at 3:35PM
hope dat v can meet 1day!~
hope dat 1day v can work2gether2safe all d pity dogs....~
daphne1985   Feb 5th 2009 at 3:55PM
yaya..I wish too..I hope we can be neighbor leh..When u not around I help u to take care all your pets lo, then I oso will adopt those stray dogs and u can come and visit them as well..have fun with them..I wish lo..Maybe find a day visit ur pet at Kulim.. If u come Kl can call me oso.. I wont stay in Kl for long coz I dont like the life here I prefer village life..haha..kampung gal kua..If get marry I hope can stay in Penang or Butterworth lo.
daphne1985   Feb 5th 2009 at 4:04PM
I did bought some book like dog training, behavior, how to communicate well with ur pet, Natural health care bout pet. If we are neighbor maybe we can work together to train and rescue our pet or other pets that get any sickness or disease.

haha..maybe dreaming too much coz is hard to find a person like us. I really love animal like crazy, my friends always said me animal crazy person..
junlee   Feb 5th 2009 at 6:34PM
how bout v make a decicion...???if v hav chance n $$$,v go PENANG o BUTTERWORTH 2open a place2rescue d stray n animal yang didera???dis my dreams..my hubby oso said i "GILA"...hahaha...i oways put myself at last,i can die 4 my hubby,kids,family n dogs...hahaha..he say i GILA liao...
meilingwee   Feb 5th 2009 at 7:16PM
hey thanks for your comment!!!anyway i am quite busy these few months so i will surely put my dog's picture>.<
daphne1985   Feb 6th 2009 at 3:29PM
huh..Good Idea, sure can.. I wish it for long ad..I want to make big one almost like a factory and provide Veterinary service to those stray dog, but I will never put them to sleep if no one adopted them.. I will keep as our, maybe we can find more ppl to help us..Me and my brother oso love pet very much..he can help us oso..

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