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NameTan C K
JoinedAug 2009
LocationPuchong, Selangor, Malaysia
ExperienceDog (2 Years)
Interested InAn Animal Lover
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heart-broken buyer

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andylee   Sep 8th 2009 at 1:59AM
Hi Mr Tan,

Don't know why you bought from this Ravin even after reading my comments as well as other people's. Do you know that this guy threaten to break my face if I were to post some more in Petfinder? My RM300 is gone as I asked for a replacement poodle or refund as the so-called maltese he sold me comes with skin disease. If I got chance to let you listen or record the phone conversation, this guy was laughing & talking with a very evil tone. Behaved like Pandamaran gangster too. Before this, he was like always try to avoid calls & both the couples give contrasting stories on the new poodle stock.

Lately, I heard from a friend who stays near his house that this Ravin was beaten up at his shop by some people. Could have been sent by some very angry customers. Served him right as he's done a lot of sin & very arrogant person too. Imagine how many people were cheated by him. Hope he realises what he has done & repent. God will not bless people who kept telling lies & with bad intention.

A lesson learnt for you, never buy cheap dogs & also check comment postings before you make the move to buy. Dog lovers will never comment bad things unless bad things happened.

You're talking nonsense. Take people's money & not returned, yet wanna threaten people. Will RM300 make you rich? Wanna earn dirty money. What nonsense! Medical report was scanned & sent to you via email. If I've got a chance, I'll publish it here the medical report. And you said it's not valid & challenged the Doctor. Who are you to challenge the doctor & what qualification do you have? For you info, the pup u sold me was vaccinated in Mayo Clinic, Subang Jaya but Segar Vet was the one who treat my pup before she died.

About my friend's comments, that's what I heard from him only when I visited him last month. Whether it's true or not, I'm not interested to know. If you're being beaten up, then serve you right. You deserved that as you've cheated many puppy buyers including me. Moreover you even threaten to beat me up when I called you last time to get my money back. And the EVILLISH tone from the conversation is even more annoying. There's only God & yourself shall know what happened to you.

There's no such thing of cheap shot, dog lovers won't comment bad if the dogs are okay. It can't be that they all make mistakes. You're making way too many excuses.

So it's now for the dog buyers to believe the Pandamaran-like gangster with bad track record or an educated devout Christian! Dog lovers do love their pets & do not lie about them.
kof78   Sep 11th 2009 at 10:54PM
no need to argue with this kind of rude person. from the way he replied to the customers, you can tell his character. he even called me up and used the very rude words toward me. and threaten to lodge police report and sue me - i am waiting for it, please go ahead, i will be very happy to confront with you in court. for all others, the advice is given, if you still wanna risk your money to get a sick dog, it is up to you....
actually i already wanted to let this unhappy event go, but it is this shameful ravin to provoke my anger again. here i provided you all the evidences:



the medical card has no "Date of Birth", and the vet's signature even dun hv contact no. it hinds the card is most probably fake where the puppy has never been given any vaccination....


i purposedly visit the vet again to request for the official letter for the medical treatment that had been done on this poor puppy...


the receipt. see i bought the dog on 13-Aug, and the puppy passed away on 21-Aug (about 2 weeks time). in between, i had visited the vet clinic many times due to the puppy was seriously sick from the very first day i got her from this shameful ravin.

lastly, do feel free to call up the Dr. Wong as stated in the letter if you hv any query. and for this mr. ravin, you are welcomed to call Dr. Wong as well if you still hv any concern about ur sick dog. i will not appeal to you to get any replacement as i dun wanna go thru the pain again. and i strongly believe you will not refund me even single cent, there's no point for me to waste my time on you. i will take this as a lesson learnt and warn others about ur shameful biz in making the shame money by abusing the animal. hope ur sin money will bring u happiness....

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