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NameFatimah Eve Marcelle Abd.
JoinedOct 2010
LocationPulau Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
Interested InRescuing Pets
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We are currently fostering kitties and only can adopt small furries for now. (GP and Rabbit only)
If you don't have time or due to other reasons please give me a buzz. We can help you take care of them. We are experience in handling small furries especially my husband.
If you are willing to hand it over to us until Langkawi, we will give you something in return for your sincerity and effort to have an animal lover to look after your pets.
Adopted pets should be free of fungus , ear mites and fleas. My pets at home are very clean even if most of them are strays.
Please let me know if they are not de-worm yet or other details esp. your pet's likes or dislikes.
We don't have any kids of our own but we have our furry kids which we cherish a lot.

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Share your comments here6 Comments
vixenlady   Oct 26th 2010 at 9:57PM
eve, since u live in langkawi i would like to ask about petshop and vet around langkawi island.
did u know where i can find it?
i will transfer to langkawi end of nov,
i neva been there,i'd google but i cant find one :( and i still worried about kitten foods and vet.
marcelleve   Oct 29th 2010 at 2:22AM
@ vixenlady
Have animal Langkawi sanctuary where they offer services and food for pet cat or dogs. 5 mins only from Pantai Tengah. They have a restaurant called Bon Ton Restaurant. The owner is adopting cats and dogs that are abused or neglected. (http://www.langkawilassie.org.my/aboutus.html)
I am looking there to get an adopted cat but they only do few months or a year for sponsorship.
There will be a animal clinic coming soon in Kuah town.
Since you are new in this island, I can be your friend to show you around and hang out. It's not same as city - not easy to make friends around here. I don't blame them hehe. They are busy or lack of sleep. Mostly, they working shifts.
Have grocery shops selling pet food and accessories I know the Kedawang grocery and Bingo at Kuah. Kuah has almost everything but not all of them. Food is not a problem unless your pet is choosy. I found mostly , Whiskas, brand and sometimes snack biscuits are not available, for dogs - Alpo , for fishes - ALOT. anyway there is available pt food and etc online , free delivery at: http://www.langkawilassie.org.my/aboutus.html
Hope this helps!
Drop me a message if you are here or you can come and visit me at my perfume shop in Holiday Villa Main Lobby.
Best Regards,
oops...wrong link. for pet shopping online
their petsplace facebook:
sta1297   Dec 19th 2010 at 8:35PM
hi..i see the comment u write...is it really u can send the gamat for free??cuz i don know wat gamat i can use for it eye..
marcelleve   Dec 20th 2010 at 3:25PM
Yes, sure no problem, I can send it it to you for free and if there is no gamat, you can buy Betadine in Watson's. But you are a student, anyway tak payah bazir dik.. I send you tomorrow. Please send your address, Here's my email:

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