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NameMJ Lee
JoinedOct 2008
LocationCheras, Selangor, Malaysia
OccupationFreelance Stylist
ExperienceCat (20 Years)
Dog (10 Years)
Hamster (4 Years)
Interested InRescuing Pets
Providing Foster Home
Adopting Pets
An Animal Lover
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I am a cat lover. I Loves all types of cat and also lately I have rescued a 6 months old cat down at my apartment and adopted her as my pet.She is called Coco! She is very cute and very manja manja loves to be pampered and make purring sound when we strokes her...hehe she brings back happiness and slow down my stress level....at the same times~~~

Before Coco, I hv a cat called Snowy,she is a babe to me when growing up times, but she ran away when I shifted to another house, and lefted me.

Then there was another cat that we found at my apartment at KL, found her when she was tiny little fella, we call her Gundi...she was notty and funny...but since she doesnt go out, once we shifted to another place in Klang, where she got lost and never found...I will upload Snowy Photo and Gundi Photo soon...RIP

maryleejane's Pets

Coco, 16 Yrs
Owner's Pet

Mitch, 35 Yrs
Owner's Pet

Gundi, 15 Yrs
In Heaven

Snowy, 19 Yrs
In Heaven

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abzalia   Nov 21st 2008 at 4:13PM
i geram tgk Snowy..putih jek...hehehe...but sorry 4 det, k...nnt u akan dapat pengganti dia...God willing.
Jane..mungkin nih boleh membantu u utk handle ChiChi k..

Kalau Berd dalam cage memang payah lama sikit untuk yang lain untuk menerimanya. Kucing masa kenal mengenal akan hidu menghidu behind masing-masing. Tapi untuk kucing dewasa memang ambik masa yang lama untuk menyesuaikan diri. Kalau dia bebas bergaul, lagi cepat masa penyesuaian tapi kena supervise takut berkelahi pulak nanti.

Cuba buat cam nih, tukar litterbox Berd ngan litterbox yang diguna kucing lain atau tukarkan littersand saja. Ini akan membiasakan Berd dan kucing lain dengan bau masing-masing.
yup,btol cakap bareen..
zee pun try macamni kalau bawak masuk kucing baru dalam family..
kita biasa kan dorg dengan bau masing2..
macam bagi dorg kongsi toys sume..
insya'Allah lama2 terbuka la hati masing untuk menerima....cewah
ape2 mungkin u bleh tgk kat sini k http://forums.petfinder.my/showthread.php?p=#post
maryleejane   Nov 27th 2008 at 8:04PM
Thanks lia, tgh tgk mereka nie...on progress hopefully....dah x gaduh cuma grrrr sikit jer coco kuat cemburu....
abzalia   Dec 2nd 2008 at 3:52PM
ok ler klu cam tuh..mungkin skang nih dia ada rasa lagi nk menggatal tgk anak dara depan mata kot..tuh yg x sedar diri dah kene "zasssss"...wakakakak...niwei, take a gud care of him okayyy..

new baby dah makin nakal dah skrg nih...dah pandai lempang2 & main2 ngn mum dia....berjalan pun dah pandai skit2 dah.. semlm pg kelam kabut + panik carik baby tuh...xde kat tmpt dia..dah ler kelam kabut nk g keje...rupa2nya mum dia sorok bawah kabinet kat dapur...

ari nih plak kelam kabut gk tgk dia xde...kali nih dia sorok bawah drawer kat dapur plakk..hhhuhh...! buat panik jek...!

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