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NameMichael Lim
JoinedMay 2009
LocationWp, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
OccupationAdmin - Grey Group
ExperienceCat (5 Years)
Fish (3 Years)
Dog (2 Years)
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I love animals

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michaellim37   Sep 8th 2009 at 1:26PM
mu dear cylos, of coz every1 know the MKA is only recognise by M'sia Kennel Association that its pure breed, bloodline, born in M'sia. wats i concern is, if a tea-cup poodle u can sell in 2mth old? how much u know abt poodle? Do more research b4 u selling any tea-cup poodles (as u sd)


(The Teacup being the smallest. It is very small, usually about 2 to 4 pounds, with 3 pounds being the average. To determine the size range of my babies I use my parents' lineage and past experience with their previous babies. The general rule I use is to take babies weight at 12 weeks and double it. However I have seen a puppy stop growing at 3 months and I have seen them also just spring up like a weed. That is why knowing the lineage of the parents and their ancestors is important. I have been breeding poodles for over 30 years)

From this statement, tea-cup poodle only can be judge after 3mth old. if u selling a 2mth old tea-cup poodle, by or how u judge it?

i understand that tea-cup poodle onli can sell after 3 mth old bcoz of the size. that y tea-cup is selling much more expensive than oth. if u r breeder or trader, will u dun 1 earn more $ but rather than selling tea-cup poodle at $828?


(PRICING: A common question is how much are teacup poodle puppies? And why are teacup poodle puppies so expensive? Usually, the tinier the teacup poodle puppy, the more money that they cost.The reason that breeders charge so much for teacup puppies, is that true teacups are very hard to get! It is rare to even get more than one in a litter, Also, most breeders put a lot of TLC in raising these tiny teacup poodle puppies 24/7. How much is your time worth?? Teacup poodle puppies also require extra care, and most can't go to a new home until they are at least 12 weeks old. And, in the case of extremely tiny teacup poodles, (we have had some the size of hamsters at 8 weeks old), sometimes they are not ready to go until they are 4 mos or more. So be very leary of people selling "teacup poodle puppies" out the door at 6 to 8 weeks old!)

i no doubt ur puppies health problems, even is home breed, farm breed or thailand dogs. wats i want share is u need to honest to ur customers. if its thai dog just tell them the truth. they trust in u, so dun lie to them.

y i can sd this is thailand dogs,

(1) u doing breeding ur own? No

(2) u earn a farm? Duno

(3) u take from breeder? Duno/ or mayb YES

how many dogs a home breeder or farm breeder can supply to u? every week also got puppies? woh.. this must b a very big breeder. y they supply to u but not to petshops? how much they can earn from u? $600 per puppy? then y dun they supply to petshops, can get $800 per puppy?

u seen new in this field but u can get so cheap dogs. oth than thailand dogs i cant find any support ur dog is local breed.

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