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Name~ashikin @nurkasih~
JoinedApr 2009
LocationTjg Tokong, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
ExperienceCat (7 Years)
Rabbit (0 Year)
Interested InRescuing Pets
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An Animal Lover
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will do occasional rescuing now and then.

nurkasih's Pets
Truffle, 6 Yrs
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Muffin, 10 Yrs
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~~Bob, 15 Yrs
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Cotton, 9 Yrs
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~Oren, 20 Yrs
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nurkasih   May 8th 2009 at 6:59PM
~~depends..define that 'i love pet' thingy.. and selling them with a DAMN high price? Owh yeah..you are don't love the human money.. Cheers for the 'pets' anyway..they got your love...

Me? Kacau? Suit yourself..heheh I really glad you guna perkataan 'kacau' becoz it seems like what I say is rite yeah...now I am going to spill out the beans..To educating the public, to love your pets and dun let the $$ minded screwed you.. For me, loving pet should comes from the heart..and mind you, the REAL people who care for their pets will SCREEN you before they let you adopt their pets...either RESCUED or to SELL...

Guys,If you wanna choose a cat..make sure the cat is SUITABLE to the price ya..

RM 800 to RM1k ke atas

Very very PURE breeds with certs from both parents or from the EXOTIC breeds..AS your friendly breeder about this kind and they are a lot of EXOTIC breeders in Malaysia..Google..One of the example is the Bengal type which is very very rare..or the Sphynx type..or the Scottish fold..google..

RM600 to RM800

- This type of cat usually the type yang both parents are VERY pure breed...Maybe one of the parents with certs..Go and see the cat..if they put up more than RM600, ask whether one of them has the Cert to show they are recognized and really the pure one.. And mostly, the cert parents cat will be Neuter or Spayed..as they dun want you to get the gene (indirectly).. And maybe, this cat has SPECIAL features like..the fur is VERY SNOW white, or the eyes are of different color...most of these cats will be kinda close to the description of the pure breed certified characteristics of is kind...Google on the net

RM350 to RM500
-Usually this type..for Persians.for examples, they absolutely with flat face...Note..FLAT face... Pointed face shouldn't exceed RM400, unless with a special future like I explain to you.. This type.we dunno whether the parents are really pure breeds..or claim to be without any Cert from both sides...

RM0 to RM299
-This type of cat usually either SICK, mix breed, with pointed nose..selalunya mix dengan kucing biasa... THe price vary according to the breeds..whether the breeds are easy to find..Note..It's considered as MIX or Domestic LOng Hair, Domestic Short Hair or Domestic Medium Hair...These kind can be considered as NORMAL..so dun get screwed up..

~~just dun get screwed..
fieza   May 8th 2009 at 7:43PM
good evening miss NURKASIH, seems like you know more about cats, i may suggest you to show the kitten with the price that you mentioned above..do just talk here, always comment on other people prove nothing dear..if you can get a pure breed kitten WITH CERT with just rm800-rm1000, just show it..i want to see, i dont talk rubbish..i understand why azlan mad at you, he's telling the true..
ohoo, you claimed that you can get a pure bengal with rm1k?i wonder which bengal that u r talking about, can you gave me any contact no the breeder that can offer me with those price?especially those cats with CERT..do you know the cat breeder at kota kemuning by the name of Mr Ismail?you should check his cat prices, you will be shock then only you know that the price that you mentioned is OUTDATED..
nurkasih   May 8th 2009 at 8:48PM
me? outdated heh?..hehe maybe.. but its all up to the customer..owhh yeah, i forgot...u all are in kay ell ..huhuhu.. Rubbish?..If I talk rubbish then why do u really care and have the time to read my profile..u are mad heh?..owhh may i know why?..nahh...dun answer me..i know why..nevermind..go and sell ur cats.. I wont say anything tho..but I will read the readers and the customers read tho.. And yeah, I dunno him..becuze I am in Georgetown , Penang Island for godness sake..seem like our breeders have differences in pricing tho...no wonder I get the emails coming from Kl..chaiyok kay ell..~~tata PET 'LOVER'..-end- (^^)
hafiz7460   May 8th 2009 at 10:17PM
hello nurkasih..first of all,wanna say dat ur comment dat u wrote to me..look like somthin we all malay said PHD.."perasaan hasad dengki"..u wrote dat u can get pure bengal with dat price..ok..no prob..but is it from a person u know?..or somebody u didnt know at all?..i read ur profile and ur blog..actually i'm wondering..do u really know "flat face" is?..

i quote this fom ur blog..

"Yerp finally the second baby arrived..heheh My mum fell in love with it anyway, silently asking me to take the cat.. This time around, good pedigree cat ~Half Birman half Persian... Flat face, bluey eyes..can't wait to fetch him tomorrow..And name?..it's Bob~~~ "

this kitten is never flat face..u should search google urself 1st what is the term of "flat face"..

and 1 more,before u give comment..make sure u have a proof..bukan ape.."untuk buktikan kebenaran"..ckap saje x guna..for example u paste d link dat u said u can get ur "pure bengal"..or u can give d contact no in "public"..baru la "pet lover" kn.
syamry   May 8th 2009 at 10:25PM
Ish.. Kucing u tu mcm gambar tipu jer..Ish.. gambar sapalah yang u ciplak.. sian kat org yg u curik gambar tu..BTW, i dapat tahu ada org komen yang ur cats banyak kene penyakit and u slalu suntik ubat bagi cepat besar.. IS THIS WHT U SAID ABOUT JAGA HAK PENGGUNA... you are more RUBBISH..!!!! And kucing yang jual banyak yang mati lepas u jual 3 bulan.. ada plak yang kene penyakit... what is this?!! u think i dont know you.. wait till i upload ur photo!! Jaga sikit amal baik kucing ni.. nanti orang suntik u plak.. padan muka...
fieza   May 8th 2009 at 10:32PM
so thats why u have to think first before u talk, because PENANG n KL is not the same..if u noticed la..hoho
faraadwa sell her cats for rm250,based on ur profile:This type of cat usually either SICK, mix breed, with pointed nose..haha, very funny..somemore you give thumbs up..haha, very2 funny..
hafiz7460   May 8th 2009 at 10:49PM
for me person like u only wanna act like a guard on this petfinder..always condemn other people but at d same times u are more cruel..
azlan   May 8th 2009 at 11:13PM
Aiyo... I tot juz I feel this "NURKASIH" always talking about rubbish... But.. Now i was know a lot of ppl also dislike her... Haha... :) And she also terus change her picture, takut nanti kat luar c her... haha... :) And still wanna change a CAT picture! haha... :) Prove like very love CAT!!! haha... OUTDATED... Padan muka U...
*And pls dun always leave a rubbish comment at my site!! I not free like u!!!
Dun always pretend like know more about CAT!!! NurKasih!!! And if u are not wanna buy pls dun leave a comment!!!
hafiz7460   May 9th 2009 at 11:48AM
btul tu..always interupting people with ur silly comment..kalau nk tolong bukan dgn cara bg comment yg mnyakitkn hati..nk jatuhkan org lain bukan dgn cara mcm ni..i'll be watching u..maybe if someday u selling ur kittens or cats with high price,i'll be d 1st person to comment u..ur nickname doesnt match at all with ur personality.
nurkasih   May 9th 2009 at 1:50PM
~~you must be kidding me..This is linked to my blog page for godness sake..The page that I vist almost everyday and the page that link to the page containing stories of my life...(^^)..Owhh yeah, thanks for monitoring me...so I will be a goooddd girl... For your info guys, I dun sell my 'love'.If you realized, I gave away my bunnies for free and as I stated in my profile longggg before... My furchild is pregnant..and I have no plans to give them away a.k.a sell them.. (^^) Thanks for 'ramaikan' my page and 'concern' about me..concern about my picture..(^^) thanks guy..
hafiz7460   May 10th 2009 at 12:26AM
ur blog proof nothing..except u telling dat ur auntie is a breeder..dat explain a lot why u can get cheaper prices than others..good if u know..u should really be a good girl..dont juz keep giving an annoying comment to other people..the seller has their own reason why they put those prices..like u wrote in ur blog,u actually amazed of how expensive to make sure ur cat healthy (dats only for 1 cat)..so,think for other seller dat have many cats..especially pure flat persian..pure flat face persian do need extra care n much more expensive..so,u dont need to put "fixed price" like u explained in ur profile..
fieza   May 10th 2009 at 11:36AM
u r really annoying, just because people cant see u doesnt mean that u can write anything that u want..this site meant for animal lover, eventhough they put the price higher it doesnt proof that they r money-oriented person..u r really CLOSED-MINDED person, maybe because u always get connected with people outside with ur PC only..this type of people will love to disturbing others people life with their rude attitude and irritating words..enjoy with ur actions huh?? poor girl, seriously u got this mental prob..better seek for psiko theraphy soon, or else it will get worse..take my advice,no worries my advice is FOC..
nurkasih   May 11th 2009 at 8:52AM
~~thanks for reading tho~~advice?..u advice me? u gotta be kidding me.. by the way, both of u are a cute couple nway...standing up for each other..~~
~~It's funny tho..for me to actually layan this couple wanting to sell their persian at RM1k..and they get pissed off..and debating with me over unconcluded issue..after the last 2 messages, I kept on wondering why am I bother to actually write up for these 3 peoples who..(sigh! can't even debate well...) duhh...saying I am psycho meaning you are telling me...you have nothing to say...And yeah...finally you understand yerp..my auntie yes is a breeder..and you find out about that after reading my blog..I was like..wow...you really have so much time to spare on me.. Thanks nway..hehe and petfinder has 448 fosterers...3 disagree with me...make it just 0.6%..3 actually lowering down their prices to half...and 2 actually sold out their kitty after I recommend them..so lets say...3 (but I'll regard it as 2 party coz 2 of them is a couple, 1 individual )against and another 5 benefit from it...
So..u do the math readers..~~chow
~~letak jugaklah gambar lovey dovey~~hek hek hek..kami pun ada couple jugak..duhh..cam bebudak pulak aku nieh..iskh ishk..hehehe
~~Aww.i just baca one of the comments..( see I am not particular going to every word pun...terbaca..hehe ) kucing i kucing tipu?..hek hek? aaaa..( thinking..pastue buat muka terkejut..hek..aik...speechless...) I dunno what to say coz that comment is the most illogical ones tho... I curi gambar orang?...Why should I do dat?..Dats my dear bob..hahahaha yeah lah...Errr...still my head is spinning around...erm erm...
hafiz7460   May 11th 2009 at 6:04PM
u asking me to defend my price..so i already defend myself..tp bila dh defend,ckp np la g lyn org mcm ni kn..haha..so funny la u..if u dont want to lyn this type of debate..DONT START!..im not bothering u,then u should not bothering me too..dont simply put comment "1k bleh beli pure bengal"..i'm selling my persian,not bengal..so if u want bengal..u can go on..org pn dh letak price is negotiable la..aduhai..1 more thing,dis debate seems like can teach u how to calculate very well..haha..anyway,thnks 4 saying dat we r cute couple..

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