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NameJoe Fra
JoinedFeb 2009
LocationAmpang, Selangor, Malaysia
Interested InAn Animal Lover
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just a person who thinks animals deserve better

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daphne1985   Mar 10th 2009 at 12:57PM
Hi Funny man, it seen more funny on you..Wahahahaha

i noe u are represent the Segar to send such comment to me. Never ever try to threaten me! You all are Money maker that most ppl noe, have you ever consider about our pet before giving any treatment to our pet? What of ur 50% 50% chance of survive after parvovirus..I told u, u all are 0% treated puppy less than 2 month that having tis virus!!! U all are a big lier that all ppl should be aware of!!!U want me to tell all ppl how my experience in ur vet, Ya!! I will tell all, any action please take I nv worry of it!!! coz I having a big prove!! I have my legal right!!!

Why not u all telling me early that it is hard to recover my puppy with parvo and ask me to seek for others? Why want to make money from killing my puppy? Do u noe my puppy have found tis in early stages, which is only small diarrhea, and normal vomit only, yet he still energetic can run and jump..after send to ur stupid vet, my puppy getting worse and worse..Do u noe if i manage to safe him under early stage he is survive today.. but u all! what did you did on my puppy, my puppy is just less than two month, u all insert antibiotic inside his body, and feed him antibody!! Oh my god!!! after my research with professional vet what u did is just killing my puppy, u tot using tat to increase my puppy body immune? If u did it with the dog with age after 6 months ya u are right, it will help..but my puppy is just less than 3 months..Why such a normal knowledge u all as a vet dont noe bout it need me to ask help from Professional PHD from US, they told me tis is common knowledge..Dont forget I still have ur Antibody with me! the medicine that harmful to my pet..ok beside that, I called to ur vet few times everyday to check about my puppy condition, what did u tell me? I ask u all how is my puppy situation, izzit serious? u all said not and still ok..Fine after that I went to visit him, he look very ill, I started to worry and thinking to change a vet for him anyway need to understand his condition before changing a vet so I called and asked one of ur Dr, if my puppy diarrhea with blood and did he fever? But what did u all told me is my puppy just normal diarrhea with no blood and no fever.This is a good prove that u are big Lier!!! I went to ur vet immediately after work and I hold up my puppy immediately when see him, u noe what I found the blood coming out from his stool!! Also, high fever on him, Do u report tis to me early? And one day before I'm calling to ur vet to ask did he have change to survive? U all said yes, he did but what do u treat him, why he getting worst after ur treatment!!! If u told me early that u do not have a way to safe my puppy with such situation, fine, I will not blame u coz u try ur best..But u keep ask me to let him stay in with ur vet and keep saying got chance. If u all told me early and I change him earlier to better vet he still have good chance to survive...If I were changing a vet to him earlier and other vet told me no chance, I will still not blaming any of you!!! Do u noe how is my feeling have u try to understand me?

I send my puppy to ur vet, I put my hope there. But every time the question that I asked u all, I never satisfy u noe why coz most of ur young dr did not noe how to answer me, they are so tense when I asked them those important questions. In fact, they are lack of experience, I noe when I asked them question. Izzit a professional Vet should be?

I have your vet name card with me, you put all the so call teenager "Dr" name with DR XXXXXXXXXXXXX D.V.M, are they really a graduated Dr? Do u want me to ask government to investigate? are them licensee? or they are just a trainee? if they are not yet a Dr can you write down their name as DR? u should just put their name as Trainee if they did not obtain any license. Please, this is our government law!

One day If, I said If, one of your family members getting a serious disease and you are sending him to a hospital. After that you would like to noe more about his condition and the Dr look tension and dont now how to answer you, how you feel coz u are sending a life to them, do u noe?

lastly, tell you 1 thing I have a written paper from vet that puppy less than 2 month should not insert any antibiotic, and how harmful it will be. If you want to take any legal action against me, please I will do the same with you and your "good" reputation will grow in the whole Malaysia. Please come, I have waiting for you since the day. Please give me ur legal letter, you will receive it as well!
Hi my fren Jon, please do not threaten the petfinder member which using "court" or what, do u noe how many people actually posting those bad experience they had on you, please carefully read my Yuuki profile, which is not only Alex. Alex is only advise me about my puppy health concerns, what should you so worry and threaten ppl with that way. If you are right stand with ur right. All the members here experiencing bad rexperience with you and they are here to share out, what should u do with us? You look so nervous after we sharing out the truth of your vet izzit? Please slowly read Yuuki profile and the forum there, see how many ppl share out their bad record with ur vet!!

If you are doing a right thing to all of our pet, why should you worry about what we write?
Why so many people stand my side than your side?
After I share out my experience, those ppl that hv bad experience also noe that not only them the one that suffer such situation but is many of us, we are not here to just want ruin your company or business but we are here to tell the truth and our experience that we were face it before. Please go and read how many ppl suffer bad experience from your vet? Can you threaten all of them. Not only Alex! Do you want me to tell all of them about your attitude on us after all? Have you ever apologize on us? When you found your customer complaint about ur vet, izzit the way to treat us? Do u provide any explanation letter? Do you counselor us on our issue by phone call or letter? What kind of business are you all doing? Treat all the pet simply after that threaten the customer with legal issue? I work under big group of company, my company have our own lawyer, u want me to speak to my lawyer.
Hi Jon, Do u finish reading Yuuki profile? Do u noe how many ppl have bad experience with u and how many are writing the truth of ur vet? How many lawful action u are going to take my dear funny friend?
DrXandro   Mar 10th 2009 at 7:04PM
They have 3 veterinary centre under the same roof? The infamous Segar Veterinary Hospital, Hartamas Veterinary Centre & Ara Ampang Animal Centre.

Well.. I guess this little joker is from Ampang.

Jon, I guess the above sentence does not defame your establish in anyway, right? LOL! Joker creating more jokes.
altus1314   Mar 10th 2009 at 9:47PM
i am waiting for ur legal letter!!!I am ready fight with your company!As i know the vet under segar vet is not graduate vet course,this is out of malaysia law!If u willing to spend money i am happy to play with u.
So happy going to court!This is not the 1st time i go to court!

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