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I usually tell people that I could tell them everything of what really is nothing, and nothing of what really is everything. Because like Georg Orwell said "the political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance to solidity to pure wind". This is however, about something that is very close to my heart.

I've an overwhelming compassion for animals, and I could only prove it with my devotion towards them. I have never bought any of my cats, except for one, who was given to me to cheer me up after my cat of 11 years died of CRF (chronic renal failure). I also had an iguana, who escaped after 1 and a half, and am responsible for the koi pond and freshwater aquarium at home.

I live a household of animal lovers. But the pets are and have always been my responsibility. When it comes to caring for animals, I always follow my gut and take everything to heart. By the age of 11, I been around for their labour (in my room), hand fed kittens who can barely feed themselves- that means being aware around the clock to babysit, the litter cleaning, poops on carpet, under the bed, on the patio, etc. Its safe to say that I am reliable and have been for most of my life, which has caused uncalled for actions from neighbours who once left a box of 3 kittens infront of my house, in the rain. By the time I realized, only one was saved but died peacefully later that night in my hands.

I love animals. Not to the extend of being a crazy cat lady one day. I remember my childhood well, I was a spoilt brat. But I look back and think about the way children were brought up to believe in fairytales, good wins over evil, and that animals have feelings like people too. That's the one part of me that I won't outgrow, it keeps me grounded as the innocence, naivety and the travail of our childhood is simply liberating. I remember when I was about 10 years old, I had to choose between all my cats; the ones who stays and those who are to be given away. I noted that day in my diary, and until this very day, I wonder about them and hope that they won't think I love them any less because they were already at home with me and I choose them to be given away. Very discreetly and deep down, I still am angry at my mother for that (but hey, these are my mental issues that I have to deal with).

My mom warned me a few times before about fostering and taking in random strays, that I should have self control and how I shouldn't feel that I have to bring them home. I never saw what the big deal was because I still fulfilled the end of my bargain. We agreed that she provides as long as I am responsible. I hardly ask for the maid to help except for feeding them. There was a time when we had 18 cats when I was younger and they were all ours. Because of my mom's little warning, I started to sneak around and hide the new ones for at least a week, then I'd appeal to her greater compassion infront of house guests.

I've never cared about how other people understood me about my feelings and whatever you call it for animals. I don't expect people to understand. There's something about them that awakens me, enlightens me in such a way I can't put into words. I take pleasure in taking care and looking out for them, I don't even want credit, I do it, just because.

The de-facto is, these creatures don't know how to hate. Humans are the perfected beings by God, and while most of us are busy with abuse, power struggle, greed, sloth, jealousy & being narcissistic, talking about our so called God forsaken lives; the ones who can't be vocal are those who's been taking in every public and worldwide bullet for us. This is the power of man, the suffering of animals and the call to mercy; the rest are left defenseless and powerless.

And to be frank, I believe that no one knows love until they have loved and compassion for animals. Because animals don't have human traits and tendencies, they love unconditionally, thoroughly. And they will never understand cruelty, bitterness and hate that are humans, they just get scared and only God knows how they feel all this while. It's heartbreaking that it's them, the animals and even the environment that we humans have left behind. No one should get left behind.

Purcey's illness and passing shed new, brighter lights about my perception on this country's animal welfare and lack of compassion, knowledge, information and awareness. I will and I am going to witness change, make change and be part of the change. It's not my goal for the change, I won't aim because hitting it would imply its done.

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jetcat6691   Mar 26th 2009 at 11:29AM
Mulianya hati u. semoga tuhan panjangkan umur dan murahkan rezaki u. amin
Hashimi   Jun 22nd 2009 at 3:44PM
baloo was so cute.....wanna giv me?

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