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NameNaz Aslam
JoinedJun 2010
LocationBandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia
ExperienceCat (1 Year)
Hamster (3 Years)
Reptile (1 Year)
Interested InAn Animal Lover
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An arrogant and serious person if judge by people who doesn't know me. Once you get to know me, I'm a fun and an outgoing girl. A good listener too.

Experience with pets I've had before:

Dog (Ranger)
A stray dog, when I was around 10 years old, I feed him everyday, and he stays outside my gate. He protects my house and he followed me cycle around the neighbourhood every evening, so I consider him as my pet, because I cried like mad when I couldn't find him one evening, and my neighbour told me that somebody came and shot him and take him away. =(

Hamster (I couldn't recall their names, A LOT)
My mom bought me a pair of hamster to get over my mourning of the lost of Ranger. Since then, I've been keeping them but they keep dying before they have babies, until my mom's friend gave a pair of dwarf hamster which is very fierce and bite, eventually they breed till I don't know how many generations till I enter Secondary school and stay in a hostel. My mom ask me to let go, coz she's working and she doesn't have time to take care of them.

Rabbit (Cisco)
I get a rabbit when I was in Form 3, and she likes to play chase wif me around my lawn. I let her run around the house when I'm studying for PMR, the best thing is, whenever I fall asleep, she'll jump on my back, pheww, I'm shock, haha but I guess she wake me up and ask me to study properly. However, I gave her to my close neighbour because her rabbit which she had wif her for 12 years died, and she is sad. One by one the other rabbits are dying too. Funny thing is, whenever she left her gate open, Cisco would not run elsewhere, she will be in my house lawn. =) and yeah, she just passed away last year 2009. May you rest in peace my dear. =(

After I gave my rabbit to my neighbour, I get an Iguana as a pet. Yeah, I know I love reptiles too, snake is the only animal my Mom won't let me have. =P Unfortunately, the iguana is 7 months old already and is very hard to tame. It becomes worst when I was offered to Sekolah Berasrama Penoh. My mom won't touch him at all, and I can only come home once a month. In the end he became very wild and I have to sell it back to a petshop.

Cat (Kiki)
As I remembered, I've had this cat when I was really small, I can't really recall any memories with him/her.

Cat (Ciky)
I don't have a pet until I was in Uni, and me and my roommate rescue a poor kitten in front of our hostel. Turns out he knows how to use the toilet. He even bite our toe to wake us up, so we'd open the door and he can go to the toilet and poo pee. So we decide to keep him. We took turns bringing him home to our hometown whenever it's holiday. As he grows up, oh well, a Male cat gotta do what a Male cat gotta do, and he only comes to visit us once in while only. =( We had to let him go then, coz he doesn't wanna stay in a house anymore.

Guinea Pig (Tik)
I don't really remember which one comes first, tik or ciky, but Tik was bought by me and my roommate too when we were in Uni. I bring him home during the semester holiday and I don't know what went wrong because I woke up the other day seeing him frozen in the cage. =( Poor him. It's my first time having a guinea pig. My dad really like his sound.

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