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NameVivi Chang
JoinedOct 2008
LocationKota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
ExperienceDog (5 Years)
Dog (4 Years)
Interested InAn Animal Lover
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i love my dogs. God bless them.

It's been 2 months since i left my hometown.
I miss both my dogs so much. Hope my sis will take really good care of them.

vivi's Pets
Rocky, 5 Yrs
In Heaven

Nana, 4 Yrs
In Heaven

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AndyKoh   Oct 26th 2008 at 12:22AM
Hi Vivi, yes it'd definitely be best if she can bring the dog over to Sabah. I am not very sure about the procedures, I suggest that you contact the Sabah Veterinary Services at http://www.sabah.gov.my/hwan/index3.htm to find out more information about the importing and quarantine processes.

You can also sign up separately to our PetFinder forums and make a post about this issue, some of our members that have experience in this might be able to better advise you.
vivi   Oct 26th 2008 at 5:00PM
Thnx andy.
junlee   Nov 28th 2008 at 11:33AM
i wil capture d pic later,cos it now seem like quite thin.i1him2bcom more handsome n capture him in d good look.heheh...
ok,i wil try2put his pic...cos i m stupid in computer.hehehe..but he oready fat a little bit,dis2days he eat a lot of food...juz now whn i bring him out,he CABUT my grass n 12eat.i think he is quite hungry.
vivi,i oready saw bobo.its so cute.d thng i wory is,he fight...as u know,my hero larger thn him,i wory bobo wil oso face d same problem....n my husband sugest me beter let other ppl dat didnt hav dog adopt him... :(
hope dat he wil get a new owner soon.tq 4 let me know...tq!
how many dogs do u hav now?
so nana n rocky r ur pets?thn how bout d pic in ur profile?is rocky?seem like dats diffrent dog... :)
vivi   Dec 1st 2008 at 4:45PM
I shave all his fur. His fur just started to grow back.
junlee   Dec 2nd 2008 at 1:34PM
i c....d pic wth tounge coming out so cute!u let her sleep where?in ur room?cos d pic seem like capture in room... :)
vivi   Dec 2nd 2008 at 6:09PM
Yeap. Rocky sleep with me at nite. Biasa sudah. If he's not in my room at nite, i can't sleep.
junlee   Dec 2nd 2008 at 7:03PM
wow...so good!i 12let my dog sleep in my room oso cant,my husband didnt let.he said let d dog sleep in house is good oready,atleast not outside d house.actualy he oso a dog lover,juz only treat dog like dog,not like human.but somtimes he wil buy some clothes4 my dog.thn how bout nana?i thnk she sleep in ur house ler?cos she so big...rocky so bahagia.wow,i juz saw his pic.last time really so pity...fur tergugur.now under ur treatment n care,realy handsome oready.....
vivi   Dec 2nd 2008 at 8:56PM
My father won't let Nana into the house bcos Nana's duty is to guard the house, so i have to let her sleep outside. Last time my family let her roam freely around the house but then she's so naughty and full of curiosity. She poke her nose into everthing and make my house all messy. So my father have to put her in a cage just next to my sister's dog. Specially made for them.Hehehe. So everytime have to let her out for a while after i got back from work. So kasihan. Nana n Rocky gets along very well and never fight. U should have see them when they r together. So CUTE!!!! They play chase together and like to lick and sniff each other. And both of them like to mark their own territory. Nana learn that from Rocky of course. Hehehehe.
junlee   Dec 3rd 2008 at 9:32AM
hahaha...seem like very fun stay in ur house wth dat 2dogs....so cemburu....hahahah...i thnk there must b very fun wth thm...hahaha.....
y u give away ur cat?thy canot mix2gether ler?
vivi   Dec 3rd 2008 at 3:34PM
wat cat? U mean ah miaow ah? Nolah she's the stray that live around my neighbourhood. Tat day i think she fights until almost die then she hid under my car. Then usually when i start the car engine all the cats will go away but then tat day i din check bcos kejar masa so i just reverse. Ah miaow hid just behind my tyre. So tat's y i din notice her. Then when i reverse, i feel like a bump and i saw ah miaow. So i quick quick send her to the vetlah. The vet say it's hard for her to make it bcos lots of sign. Sign of luka after fighting, sign of organ bleeding, and she is a virus carrier. The vet say it's common that a stray carry viruses.So kasihan. Ah miaow din even make a sound when i pick her up. She just stare at u with her pitiful eye. Then the vet say she's very weak and it's best for me to bring her home and she how is she. But chances for her to live are low. But nasib one of my fren is a cat lover. She allow ah miaow to stay for a while at her house. Nasib oh. But then a miracle does happen. Ah miaow threw up blood and then she can start move a bit. And then 2molo, she poo. That's a good sign. :) after 1 more day, she's completely heal. She can move around. She call for my friend and show her way of thank you and then leave. But then sometimes ah miaow still will visit her.
junlee   Dec 3rd 2008 at 4:23PM
wow...GOD really love her....thn she didnt visit u?hehehehe...juz visit ur friend?izit far away?
vivi   Dec 3rd 2008 at 5:51PM
Maybe she hate me for accidently crushing her. :~ not very farlah. Bout if fast 8 minutes to her home but have to past a highway and lot of traffic lights. Very dangerous.
junlee   Dec 4th 2008 at 1:06AM
soooo amazing dat even u crush her by car,she can stil alive...wats a miracle....did u c her again?hows she now?
vivi   Dec 4th 2008 at 8:46AM
Ouch. Everytime when mention crush i feel so how to say...erm.... But yes it's really a miracle. I din get to c her. But my friend say tat b4 ah miaow will come back and visit her but din see her recently. Maybe she went back to her old neighbourhod already. Well i'm very glad she's ok now and i'm very glad when i brought her to the vet, the young vet understand that she is a stray and help all she can. I am really lucky that Ah miaow make it, if not i'll feel miserable for the rest of my life.
junlee   Dec 4th 2008 at 10:02AM
yup...if she die under ur tayar..u realy wil fel scare n heartbroken....now rocky has fur oready ah?

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