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zoey9966 Joined: 2017-01-02

Name:Zoey W6
Location:Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Interested In:Adopting Pets

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About Myself

I've had 5 dogs my entire life. 3 of which were siblings and we had had them for 10 years. Sadly, two of them passed away from old age. Since then, my family and I are looking for a puppy.

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Bunny, 10 Mths
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Posted on 2017-11-23 5:07pm:

To zoey9966

I m sorry that u hve bad experiences with rescuers. Again,let me stress that not all rescuers are the same. Frankly, i dont make money out of the adoption bcos d money is REFUNDED BACK to the adopter once they vaccinated and neutered the pups. So far, there have not been a problem rehoming the pups even with the imposed adoption fees as the adopters know that it is refundable and genuine adopters n dog lovers do not mind d adoption fees. I am not sure which bad experience with which rescuer had ticked u off so badly that u made it a personal agenda to blast it on my page, but again, let me repeat, as i have told u via watsapp before that, if u r x ok with d terms n conditions n d adoption fees (which is REFUNDABLE), but u r keen to adopt (which i applaud u for it), i have suggested to u dat SPCA and PAWS also have many puppies that are waiting for forever homes and genuine dog lovers like you to adopt them. SPCA n PAWS also impose an adoption fee to keep their shelter going but it is not refundable. But u can adopt a pup dat has been vaccinated and neutered (d pup wil most likely be more than 4-6mths old to have been neutered) if u feel it will be more worth the adoption fee imposed and would have covered the vaccination n neutering cost.
Rescuers do not force the terms n conditions on adopters nor d adoption fees. Ultimately we do find good homes for the pups even if it takes a long time but at least we knw that they r in good hands.

Have a nice day & God bless..

Posted on 2017-11-13 1:20am:

I adopt with the intention to adopt. I see the point of having screening process but what I do not agree is when money is involved unless it is to cover the medical fees for the particular puppy only with valid proof of invoice from the vet.

Once money is involved, I'm sorry but all I could see is that all these "rescuers" are nothing but just milking money out from these poor puppies. I would not tolerate such nonsense since I personally know how hard it is to find a forever home for a puppy let alone a mongrel pup.

since nobody has complained about the negative experience with the "rescuers", I hope my message here is loud and clear especially to those that are so insensitive during the screening process.

Dogs have feelings human have feelings too.

Be nice and be kind. Keep an open heart. That way I hope your puppy has a better chance with a good family.

Posted on 2017-11-10 3:59pm:

To zoey9966

i think i hve explained to you via watsapp previously that the adoption fee is REFUNDED BACK to d adopter once the adopter has vaccinated and neutered the puppy. It is to safeguard the puppy not safeguard us or line our pockets. We do not gain anythg monetary, all we want is to find good forever homes for the pups. Yes, not all who has intention to adopt are bad people, but we hve met our share of bad, irresponsible adopters that abandoned, dumped, abused,neglected the pups when they no longer find the pups cute or whn the pup became sick or too big for them or got pregnant with puppies (wat wil happen to these puppies then?)
I do not generalise adopters, that is why thr is the screening and house visits. To me, it is like giving away my own kids.
Pls do not generalise rescuers too. Some rescuers set very strict terms n conditions bcos of too many prev bad experiences and it is heartbreaking to find out that they didnt end up in good homes.
Thank you.

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